CU At The Game Podcast – CU at the Crossroads: Media Revenue Contracts and Future Conference Membership at Stake

It’s been almost a full year since USC and UCLA shocked their Pac-12 brethren with the announcement that they would be leaving the conference for the Big Ten in 2024. Which means it’s also been almost a full year that Pac-12 fans have been waiting for the conference to decide on expansion, and to sign new media contracts.

The long wait may soon be over, as it is being reported that one hurdle – equal revenue sharing while making allowances for post-season success – has been cleared. I am joined for this episode by Neil Langland, and we discuss the status of the Pac-12 media contract negotiations.

We then turn our attention to the current buzz about Colorado leaving the Pac-12 and rejoining the Big 12. We go through the pros and cons of leaving and staying, and what it would take for it to make sense for the Buffs to rejoin their former conference.

So … Could disappointing Pac-12 media contracts force CU’s hand? Could grant of rights negotiations still prove to be the sticking point which splinters the conference? Is expansion into southern California and Texas a panacea which could keep the Pac-12 from falling further behind other Power Five conferences in revenue distributions?

… Let’s find out …

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  1. Anything they do at this point is temporary at best. Oregon and Washington are not going to watch the BIG chase other teams with big money. The only way it works is if they get preferential treatment and we know how that worked with Tx.

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