CU at the Game Podcast – The Hiring of Deion Sanders: CU in “Prime Time”

So, how is your December going so far?

In a bold move that the Buff Nation has been longing for, the University of Colorado has hired Deion Sanders to be its 28th head football coach. After a wait of several months, and a stressful final week as we waited for the anticipated announcement, Colorado fans have been given an early Christmas present, with Coach Prime coming to Boulder.

I am joined for this podcast by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we will go through one of the biggest off-season weeks in CU football history. We’ll start with the agonizing wait for the official announcement, with the fears that somehow, someway, the deal for Sanders would fall through. We’ll then talk about our reactions to the hire, and our thoughts on what Coach Sanders had to say to his team at Jackson State, to his new team in Boulder. We’ll finish with a look at national press reaction to the hire, and take a look at the details of Coach Prime’s contract.

So … Is this a pivotal moment in Colorado history, one which we will be celebrating for years to come? … Will Sanders use CU as a stepping stone, moving on before the Buffs can reestablish themselves as a competitive program? … Will Coach Prime’s personality prove to be an uncomfortable fit for Boulder, or will he become one of the most popular coaches to ever lead a team onto Folsom Field? …

… Let’s find out …

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  1. Wow! Just wow! I remember a month or so back posting on this board when Sanders was first floated as a candidate that there might be a good match. I didn’t think any other established p5 team would take the risk, CU had nothing to lose, and Sanders needed to get his son into to Power 5. After seeing the last 5 days I am amazed another program did not take a risk on him. I am sure he told them about his plans, I am sure he sold himself, and the fact that no one else took him up on that offer is mind boggling to me. Auburn, I get that one. But Georgia Tech or Cincinnati? Both of those should have offered. To be perfectly frank, I have to wonder if it is the color of his skin…..because the 1 risk I had was that Sanders has not had success or experience coaching at the power 5 level. But look what he has done to mitigate that. He is bringing in a DC from THE PROGRAM who has very good experience not only at the P5 level but success in the DC role at the power 5 level. His OC, while he does not have a tremendous amount of experience at the power 5 level runs a widely recognized offense. I don’t think the atrocious defensive scheme we had this year will appear next. I don’t think our OC does not have a way to use the talent he has to score points?

    It’s a new day, year, decade……. I was on that 247’s 250 page topic all last week, as we got closer and closer to it actually happening it just ratcheted up the pressure and my onl6 outlet was to keep posting inane comments….. I was excited just to have Sanders here even if he brought 90% of a SWAC coaching staff with him. But then he went out and got these coaches interested. It’s a game changer. We know he will bring in talent. I am excited to see what Lewis can do with the talent we will have. I am confident Kelly is going to be able to use the talent he is given to completely revamp a defense.

    My expectations are now stupidly high. We all know I am one of the optimists on this board (Still owe Stuart some beers or other refreshments for the lost bet). But I suspect that by spring we are go8ng to have a ton of new talent already in house and by fall we are going to look fundamentally different. We could vault ourselves into the USC, Washington, Oregon, Utah conversation…..

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