“T.I.P.S.” for CU at No. 15 Washington / Plus: Representing CU at ESPN Game Day!

Another week, another lopsided loss. I am joined for this podcast by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we will give you a recap of the USC game, a 55-17 final, including a discussion of how the Buffs managed to have the lead after the first quarter, and the sportsmanship – and gamesmanship – involved in USC’s final score with 36 seconds remaining in the game.

But, before we dive into the post-mortem of the USC game, we will discuss ESPN Game Day. It’s been a quarter of a century since CU was involved in a Game Day visit, but Stuart and Brad will be taking in the ESPN pregame program this weekend nonetheless, as ESPN will be broadcasting from the site of the “Brawl of the Wild”, the rivalry game between Montana State and Montana, coming to the world Saturday morning from Bozeman, Montana. It will be cold, but the University of Colorado will be represented in the early morning crowd.

We will also, of course, bring you our “T.I.P.S.” for the upcoming matchup against No. 15 Washington, and CU’s chances as a 31.0-point underdog.

So … Do you know how many times CU and Boulder have hosted ESPN GameDay? … Can you name the last time CU played a game, albeit on the road, before the Game Day crew? … Did you know that the Buffs, fresh off of facing Bo Nix and Caleb Williams, will now be facing the nation’s No. 1 passer in Michael Penix? … Is there one chance in a thousand that the CU game will be a trap game for the Huskies, coming off of a rivalry win over Oregon, and a week before the Apple Cup rivalry game against Washington State?

… Let’s find out …

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  1. I really don’t think the talent gap is as wide as some would think other than on the QB. For some reason we seem to be picking badly on the QB side. Maybe Owen turns that around? Maybe Staub coming in from high school is better? But if we want to win next year I suspect we need someone coming in from the portal and we know those challenges. But on the defensive side we are a bit young and we are going to give up points but the scheme is absolutely horrible. In the USC game they figured out that given a specific formation we reacted with the stupidest alignment and assignment ever. They then went to that formation anytime they needed a play and reaped the benefits from our coaching incompetence. I cannot speak as much to the offense other than Shrout is clearly not who I thought he was. I had the chance to see him in one of the scrimmages and he looked so good. That is obviously a result of the familiarity he had with the defense, the noted massive holes in it, and perhaps the fact that he cannot get hit in a scrimmage. He gets the ball out of his hand in under 3 seconds which helps but sometimes he makes ridiculously bad throws. Its better than B Lew who wouldn’t throw the ball ever and thus allowed the defense to stack the box. At least with Shrout they cannot stack the box. Man I hope McCown can get in the weight room and add 20 pounds. he needs the bulk and the strength that it would come with.

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