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  1. While I agree that Mel Tucker deserves a lot of criticism for the way he left CU, let’s all stop using the nickname “Midnight”. I realize that nickname comes from some Denver area sportswriters based on the way he left Boulder, but folks may not realize that “Midnight” is also an old-time racist epithet for African Americans. I’m sure that’s not the impression you want to make to our fellow black CU fans.

  2. Service Academy ONLY runs triple option ; nobody in the entire country practices against the “bone” anymore. Play a team that runs the bone …problems happen. Did you see the final score of the Nebhead game….that’s all that matters. MacIntyre coaches that game, we lose 38-14.
    And finally, this IS NOT last years’ team. We are going to a bowl game: 3-1 overall, 1-0 in Pac 12…2 of those wins are against top 25 rated teams. AZ is a win, OR…tough, but Montez had a great game there 3 years ago and came off the bench. (I know, asking alot.) Then Wazzou…that’s a +/- game: washout. SoCal in Boulder COULD be a win, probably not. But who knows? Mel Tucker IS for real…the players BELIEVE and that’s all that’s required.
    UCLA decided to give up on playing defense, so we win in the Rose Bowl…that’s 5 wins.
    Then we have Stanford at home and Stanford can’t hold up their own tree. That’s 6 wins.
    2 games left: Washington’s beatable and they’re in Boulder, and if we don;t have six wins by then, Utah in Utah? Tough gig.

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