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My history with the University of Colorado football team dates back to 1980, my freshman year in Boulder.

Remember 1980? The “Miracle on Ice” in Lake Placid? The election of Ronald Reagan as President? 1980 was also a year of infamy in Boulder. In the spring, CU cut a number of sports programs, including baseball and wrestling. That fall, the football team went 1-10, including infamous losses to Drake and to Oklahoma (were you there for 82-42?).

Yet there I was,in the stands, at every home game. In 1984, I received my B.A. (History/Political Science), going on to attend law school at CU (J.D., ‘87). For those of you counting at home, that is seven seasons in Boulder – with only one winning campaign (a 7-5 record in 1985). My loyalty was rewarded, however – I was there in the senior section for the epic 20-10 win over Nebraska in 1986.

Since graduating in 1987 and returning home to Bozeman, Montana, to open my law practice, I have remained true to my school. A longtime season ticket holder, (and former member of the CU Alumni Association Board of Directors), I commute 700 miles for most of the home games each season (for those games I can’t make, tickets are used by local Buff fans). I have watched CU in participate in bowl games in four time zones (I missed out on five by failing to attend the 1993 Aloha Bowl), and have traveled to such road venues as Lincoln, College Station, Austin, Columbus, and Athens, Georgia, to watch the Buffs.

A few friends will make regular appearances in my writings:

I have known Brad G. since 1982, when we met in Boulder. We went through CU undergrad and law school together. We have attended more CU games in tandem than either of us can remember. Miami, Houston, Tempe, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, College Station, Athens and Lincoln are just some of the venues we visited. We have endured the tough seasons, and relished the great ones, and have done so together. Brad not only accompanies me to most CU games in Boulder, but he and his family share their home for many of my home game excursions.

I met Randy T. in Bozeman in 1990. While not a CU grad, he is a CU convert. He made the long drive across eastern Wyoming with me for years. That’s a lot of miles over the years that I didn’t have to travel alone. Thank you, Randy!

When in Boulder, I often have the very good fortune of staying with Julie T. and her husband, Tony. I have known Julie since meeting her at Libby Hall in 1982, and while I can’t say that she is a CU fanatic (she has managed to procure a CU t-shirt or two over the years), she and her husband have graciously opened their home to me for many years. Tony has also been kind enough to share his passion for CU basketball (as well as his great season tickets right behind the visitors bench when I’m in town to watch the Buffs!).

Personal: I have been married since 1994 to a wonderful woman, Lee. She brought into our marriage three fantastic children, and we now have seven grandchildren to enjoy. Lee is an Ohio State grad, but she is not exactly a Buckeye fanatic (in graduate school, she had an office inside the football stadium, yet never attended a game!). Naturally, when we were dating, I was concerned about compatibility. I told Lee that I couldn’t propose to her until she had lived with me through a football season. She was in the stands with Brad and I for the 1993 Miami game/brawl. She survived that game in fine form, and I proposed a few weeks later.


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    1. Had a tear in my eye on the long touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, making it 35-17. At that point, it became real.
      Fifty years is a long time to wait. The eight-year old me would be very happy today!

  1. Stu, nice work here. Your article that has Buff recruits 12-17, list Nigel bethel as having to sit out in 2020. That is not right. He enrolled in fall semester and thus will have 3 years to play starting in 2020.

  2. Stu- Think I owe you an apology? Read the SI report on HC options for CU and posted; noticed it was dropped and hope I did not cause a problem for you with the web site…. First time I posted anything I believe ! Been on the blog since you created it more yrs. back the I can remember, AND I really look forward to the FB notes/blogs/ articles. Again, my apologies … and I’ll probably sit back and observe…. obviously, I am not read in well on all the “rules. Cheers, Jim

    1. No worries. No problem posting a link to a free story.
      It’s all good … thanks for sticking with the website through some lean years. Here’s hoping that we’re on our way to a new era of solid results with the new coach!

  3. So You coming back for homecoming?
    Going to the CLE on saturday?

    I won’t be at the CLE but I will be there for food and drinks after.


    1. I’ll be in town, but not at the law school (30th reunion last year, I’ve done enough time in the new building).
      Probably heading for the Pac-12 pregame show (#GameDayLite) over by Franklin Field.

  4. Thanks so much for your fanaticism. I’m a 1961 Business School grad whose first CU game was a 0-35 loss to Oregon, I was devastated, however, we recovered to go to the Orange Bowl. I was perhaps also the first Chip. I was on the sidelines in 1960 in a paper mache outfit as well as beneath the basket for home basketball games that year.

  5. Stu….Thank you sooooo much for putting this website together. I have been coming to this website for many years and is usually the first site I go to in the morning. Keep up the good work!!

  6. STu, Charlie from the east coast, looking forward to late nights watching my Buffs. I think they will be a lot better this year, we’ll know after Nebraska I think. thanks for all the good info.

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