“T.I.P.S.” for Colorado v. TCU: Can the Buffs overcome the Horned Frogs (and national expectations)?”

Welcome to the 2022 Colorado football season. This is our first preview of the fall, our first “T.I.P.S.” episode for the year. If you are new to our previews, we will be taking a look at the CU/TCU matchup through the lens of: T – Talent (best players and matchups); I – Intangibles (injuries, weather, other outside forces affecting the game); P – Preparation (short weeks; bye weeks; rivalry games upcoming); and S – Statistics (stats to make you smile, and stats to make you cringe).

Join us as we break down the matchup between the Buffs and the Horned Frogs. Las Vegas has Colorado as an 11-point home underdog, but the CU coaches and players have expressed confidence that the 2022 campaign will produce victories and a bowl invitation.

Are they right? … Let’s find out …

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One Reply to “CUATG Podcast: “T.I.P.S.” for Colorado v. TCU”

  1. Great podcast as always. Love to see the optimism. I will say I am feeling really optimistic as well. I was a bit taken aback by the apparent slip of the tongue by Dorrell that Lewis is the starter….. I was virtually positive that Shrout would be qb. But I am going to stay with my belief that Sanford is a massive upgrade over Chiv and he and Dorrell would not start someone who is not prepared and overcome his key deficiencies from last year. I do expect TCU to take their 3-3-5 and bring them down into the box, blitz from odd angles and force us to beat them with the pass.
    Talent: I think we are closer than people expect but younger. I give TCU the edge here but smaller than people say.
    Intangibles: heavy lean toward Colorado. TCU is coming up just a day early. Not enough to get acclimated. Both TCU and CU need this but Dorrell and this team NEED this win. A brand new coach and staff changing everything? This is year 1 for them, the players are still adjusting to the new coaches. These are not “there guys” yet. Where these are all guys who have bought into Dorrell’s team.
    Preparation: No one outside of CU really knows much about our new offense. We are pretty sure it will not mimic Minn. forget even the qb competition the TCU team really doesn’t know what to expect all we know is multiple….. on the other side we know we are facing air raid and a 3-3-5. Preparation leans towards CU.
    Stats: I think you have to throw out our offense vs their defense. We don’t know much about our offense and it was truly crap last year, but so was their defense. I expect both sides to be better. On their offense vs our defense, if we had Gonzalez, Blackmon, and Perry I would give us the lean. Without them I give them the lean.
    So talent and stats I give them the lean. I give CU the lean on preperstion and a heavy lean on intangibles.
    Based on this I agree on a CU outright win. A well coached team fully bought in to the scheme and the culture means so much. I think it weighs out. I think our young corners and safeties both struggle and shine. I bet we get at least 1 pick but we give up some points and yards. I am predicting 34-31 CU. Yes, I think our offense scores some points but I expect the defense to get us in some good position.

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