The Buff Nation Has Been “Sold A Bill of Goods”

The English language is full of idioms that we rarely stop to think about – Phrases that that we all know and understand … but ones where don’t always know the origins.

“It ain’t worth a hill of beans” … “It’s raining cats and dogs” … “He’s driving me up the wall” … We know what they mean, even if we don’t know where the phrase originated.

After the Buffs found a new and creative way to be routed on the football field, falling at home to TCU, 38-13, to open the 2022 season, the phrase which comes to mind is: “We were sold a bill of goods”.

People use this expression when someone has made a promise that he or she cannot keep, despite other people believing this promise. The origin: A bill of goods referred to – obviously – a list of items to be sold. It earned a negative connotation, however, when, back in the 1800s and early 1900s, seller A would show buyer B a bill of goods, and buyer B would pay for those items based on the list, rather than waiting and seeing the materials themselves. If person A lied, and the bill of goods was inaccurate, buyer B would be scammed.

Sounds about right.

Over this past off-season, CU fans were led to believe (and yes, we wanted to believe) that all of the negative press about the Buffs was misguided. The national pundits didn’t take the time to look into the Colorado program, we argued. They didn’t have a feel for the locker room; they just didn’t understand how the team had come together under adverse circumstances.

Now, for those who wanted to write off CU’s 2022 chances, the numbers were low hanging fruit, there for the picking:

  • Colorado was coming off of a 4-8 season, with seven of those eight losses by two touchdowns or more;
  • The Buff offense was pathetic, ranked 120th or worse (out of 130 teams) in almost every relevant statistical category;
  • The team’s talent, such as it was, was gutted by graduation and the transfer portal, with three of the four defensive backs, and three top wide receivers, all opting to leave the program;
  • CU couldn’t decide on a starting quarterback, giving rise to another old phrase: “If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have any”;
  • Karl Dorrell hired Mike Sanford as his new offensive coordinator, a hire which raised eyebrows instead of expectations, with Sanford let go by Minnesota after decidedly mixed results; and
  • Colorado was one of only two teams in the nation to put 11 Power Five conference teams on their schedule, with the 12th game against 10-win Air Force, giving the Buffs no easy victories on the entire schedule.

“They just don’t get it”, was the cry from the Champions Center. Yes, all of the above was true, we heard from the coaches and players, but these Buffs were going to overcome the adversity anyway.

During the Boulder Chamber Colorado Football Kickoff Luncheon two weeks before the TCU game, Dorrell spoke about potential, but then firmly directed his comments at the players sitting in the back of the room.

“I don’t like to use ‘potential, capable, promise’ — all those words that are kind of soft, political words, I would say,” Dorrell said to the crowd and his team gathered at the indoor practice facility. “We’ve gotta flat be about it. We’ve gotta flat be about it because no one’s gonna respect us and (the players) know that.

“Shoot, we’re (projected) last in the conference. You better have a chip on your shoulder. You better be on that revenge, respect tour this whole season. This is about earning your respect, week one to week 12.”

Dorrell expressed an added measure of confidence, however, in a group that had very low expectations from outsiders.

“The prognosticators out there feel like we’re going to be at the very bottom of this conference,” he said. “I can tell you, I’ve got 110 guys in the back here and we’re going to be at the very top of this conference. We’ve got a lot to prove and we do feel we have the ability to do but it gives us motivation. It gives us some excitement about the future.”

Okay …

So when is the future going to get here?

Bill of Goods No. 1: The talent on the team is just as good, if not better, than last year’s 4-8 team.

“This program is in such better shape than when I got here,” Dorrell said the week before the TCU game. “It’s ready to be built on the way, so if it doesn’t work out for me right now because I had a heart attack or whatever that is, my family and I know that it’s in much better shape right now than when I had it two years ago.”

When confronted with the reality of CU’s perennially young roster (Of the 115 players on the roster, 90 are underclassmen – 60 freshmen; 30 sophomores. The 90 underclassmen ranks CU seventh in the nation in youthful bodies. The 78.3% of the roster being underclassmen ranks Colorado fourth in the nation), Dorrell said he was not concerned:

“They want it; they want that opportunity to make a play for their offense or their defense,” Dorrell said of his young charges. “They’re really confident and they’re really talented. Just because they’re young, I don’t feel like that’s the excuse. Get them in there and play.

“I’ve got old guys that don’t want to play in the heat of the moment. I want a guy that wants to. I couldn’t tell you that was the case in tough moments the last couple of years, but our young guys stepped up. Nikko Reed steps up. I like these young guys that have this confidence that the game is not bigger than them. I love kids like that. Regardless of their age, those are the guys I want to go to bat with.”

Youth was not served against TCU. The Horned Frogs were coming off of a 5-7 season in which they finished 122nd in rushing defense (222.0 yds/game), 119th in total defense (461.8) and 118th in scoring defense (34.9). And yet, the Colorado offense looked very much like the Colorado offense of 2021, with Brendon Lewis unwilling or unable to throw a deep pass. The CU offense, which scored a pathetic 18.8 points per game in 2021 (121st nationally), mustered only 13 against TCU, with the final seven coming in the final minute of play, when even the most ardent Buff fan had called it a night.

Bill of Goods No. 2: Brendon Lewis is much improved.

No. He’s not.

We were told by the coaching staff to expect Brendon Lewis 2.0 – Buff fans watched Brendon Lewis 1.1.

I don’t like to disparage the talents or efforts of individual players, and Lewis is not responsible for what the coaches said to expect from his play in 2022, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Bill of Goods No. 3: The offensive coaching staff on the team is better than last year.

Not just as good as last year, mind you, but discernably better.

“The room, we have a lot of fun,” new offensive coordinator Mike Sanford said of the offensive assistant coaches, five of six who are new this year. “You know in a room of coaches when it feels right. There’s free flow, an interchange of ideas, there’s different backgrounds, everybody’s respectful of each other. Nobody’s getting caught up in ‘this is my idea, that’s your idea.’ We are working together as one and it comes across through the players.”

The players told us the same optimistic story:

“I think the whole idea is that we’re good at everything. We’re going to be multiple with different sets. It’s hard to say, but I think we’re going to be good at throwing and running the ball,” said tight end Brady Russell.

“Our offense is humming right now, I wish people could see what we’re doing in practice all the time because I don’t think they’d be saying we’re going to go 0-12″, said offensive lineman Noah Fenske. “There’s different coordinators and a smash-mouth attitude, it’s fun. They make practice fun because they’re just as competitive as we are. And I think that maybe that’s something we lacked last year was the competitive edge that our coaches brought to practice”.

And yet …

When the game was still winnable, the coaching staff failed to come through. The Buff offense had red zone opportunities on its first two possessions, but netted only one field goal. Instead of a 14-0 lead for the defense to protect, a special teams gaffe left the Buffs behind, 7-6, at halftime.

Halftime adjustments?

One team made them, with TCU’s offense gashing the Buffs with runs right up the middle (think Air Force will love watching the tape of this game?), while CU’s offense – inexplicably with Brendon Lewis returning to the lineup, with J.T. Shrout only returning after the outcome was no longer in doubt – sputtered miserably.

“We didn’t have the answers,” Dorrell said. “They had the better adjustments in the second half. We have to put our guys in better position.”

Ya’ think?

“There’s a lot of work to be done and that starts with me,” Dorrell said. “I’m not pointing a finger at any of our players. Our coaches and I have to get this thing done and I’m very confident this group of coaches will do that.”

They couldn’t get in done in a full nine months of off-season preparation, but they’ll get it done in eight days?

Color me skeptical.

We have, the loyal fans of the Buff Nation, been sold a bill of goods.

We were promised a new and better offense. We were told that the new coaches would make a huge difference in offensive production.

We were told that the talent on the roster was as good, if not better, than the roster last year. The team had weeded out the players who didn’t want to be in Boulder (the ones with NFL talent?, he asks sarcastically), and the unified squad of Baby Buffs would shock the world.

Karl Dorrell’s “revenge and respect” tour lasted all of one half of one game. Barring something akin to a miracle, CU will not be favored in any game they play the remainder of the 2022 season. The Buff Nation will have to endure another season of double digit defeats on the scoreboard, but with promises of better days to come.

How is that even conceivably possible, when CU doesn’t attract recruits who can make an immediate impact, and the players they do develop leave for other teams?

This past offseason was a tough one for Buff fans. The national media predicted nothing but dire results for the 2022 Buffs.

But the CU coaches told us the national pundits were wrong. They told us that this was a new and improved Colorado team, one which could compete not only for victories, but championships.

We were sold a bill of goods …


48 Replies to “The Buff Nation Has Been “Sold A Bill of Goods””

  1. I have been a BUFF fan for over 35 years, I was turned to CU from the dreaded red team up north after going to games watching the BUFF’s in the mid to late 80’s. The past 15 years have been mind numbing watching the CU program deteriorate and become what it is today, sad. As I watched the game Friday night, I could not help but see a program that just can’t get any better no matter what the cry’s are from the coach and team. Just compare CU to Utah. Utah has the exact same limitations that CU does in regards to NIL and location. Utah was not a destination football school, they are not supposed to be able to complete in the national limelight like SEC and SOME of the major programs in the country. Year in and year out they are respectable and able to at least compete with many of these big schools, at least not get embarrassed by an also ran. Why can they do and not CU? My thought is that their administration and head coach are committed to having a football program that can compete. CU has just as much to offer as Utah, if not more. Until our administration wants CU to excel as a football school, they will continue to remain in purgatory. We are more respectable as a basketball school now than football.

    1. Agreed, this is a much higher problem than just lethargic players and bad coaching. This has rot all the way through the establishment. I wouldn’t even use Utah. Think about this, In 2007 a struggling Alabama team hired a new coach and completeley revamped their staff. They went all in on their football investment (even giving players perks, which cost them to forfeit some wins) and played a bowl game AGAINST Colorado where we actually competed. Our schools could have taken similar trajectories, but they adopted a Football first mentality and created one of the greatest dynasties football has ever known hiring Nick Saban, letting go of some regents and getting and Athletic director who breathed the sport. Colorado doubled down to retain Dan Hawkins….I’m still crushed by what we could have/ should have become.

      1. Absolutely, I was at the bowl game. You are right on track, look at who we are playing this weekend (AFA), are you telling me AFA has better athlete’s than CU? That AFA are 17 points better than CU? If this is what we are to expect, then we certainly need to think long and hard about keeping our football program. I gave over 35 years to CU and this program and I just can’t continue to do it without some sort of hope that the administration is on the same page. I will follow CU and want them to win and I am going to the game this weekend in Colorado Springs. But this will be it for me, I will always love the BUFFS, but it seems to be a one sided love.

  2. CU is done as a power 5 participant. The administration and state government are dictating where this program is going and that is NOWHERE. CU will be in the Mtn West conference (or the equivalent) in 5 years.

  3. Besides a very disappointing opening loss, the reality of today’s college football landscape
    with the NIL, transfer portal and conference realignment being the new norm, the hope
    of CU ever competing, again, for a national champianship is not only more challenging,
    but, unfortunatley, will become a distant memory for Buff Nation. That’s the new realty.

  4. I think that coach Karl is a better position coach than a head coach. His stubbornness to start the right quarterback will be his downfall. JT is a better quarterback than Lewis. Also if the Colorado Buffaloes offensive Playbook would run north and south instead of east and west they might find the end zone.

  5. This all started when the admin gutted the program because of some bad apples and fired coaches to save face. They purposefully hurt their own program and the players and coaches involved. It is near impossible to gain that trust back and I think the admin and regents are fine with that. They “put up” with the football team but will never support it. Everyone knows this. That’s why we will always get middling coaches and worse players. Everyone is scared they will be underpaid, thrown under the bus or used as a scapegoat. The whole program reeks of mistrust and blame and it matriculates from the top down. Coach and kids are actually decent, but not for p-5 and certainly not for CU tradition. This won’t change however till we gut the Admin and bring a board and President who understand university investment, return, donations, partnerships, boosters and culture. Luckily I live in SEC territory so I’ll go watch serious football till Colorado decides to become serious.

  6. I had to either turn the channel or throw a hammer at the screen. This version of a CU football team looked lethargic and disinterested. But Dorrall’s post game press conference intensified my frustration with what they presented to their fans as power 5 football. He showed no emotion, he didn’t express frustration, it was yuks and business as usual. If he doesn’t care why should we?

  7. Like everyone says, Shrout runs a more potent offense. He is a risk taker but at this point I would take it, and he can learn to control that anyway. I guess what puzzles me the most about Lewis is there aren’t actually lot of intentional QB run plays that are successful. Most are a bust. He can gain some big yards during a random broken play, after the WRs have dragged the secondary downfield.

    I wonder if TCU confused the Buffs with their running game. Buffs expected the air raid. The linebackers were spread out and no presence in the middle. That was odd. And I don’t think there was a single blitz or stunt all night.

  8. So the game was played 845 to midnight.
    Buffaloes don’t go out at night they sleep. As we saw.

    The Buffalo uniforms are crap. Course all you living in the past love them Sheesh. They are so passé.

    The Folsom field restrooms are poopy. Really poopy. Reflective of the uniforms.

    The new food ain’t that good either.

    The new speaker system is nice. But that guy on the mike is just terrible
    Yup HCKD needs to move on from blew………… wacmac

    Go Buffs

    Note: Buffs beat af

  9. So bummed. Sarcastically, I think we need a coach specifically for half time adjustments since we have been outcoached in that area for how many years now? And a new AD to schedule creampuffs on the schedule since we habitually are one. Give us at least a chance to celebrate a couple of times a year will ya??

  10. Pains me to say it, but we’re not a Power 5 program. Maybe we should just face reality and drop down to the Mountain West? How long do we continue to beat our heads against the wall?
    Karl is a nice man, but he was not a splash hire. We all knew this, including Rick, but I guess it was the best we could do? No bump in recruiting. I’d rather hire a young, hungry guy with passion. Maybe we only get 3 years out of him, but it might put us back on the map.
    As others have noted, we don’t have the administrative or donor support to compete at the Power 5 level. Time to face the facts.
    Can’t wait for those new rivalry games in Laramie. Not.

  11. Somehow I feel like it is politically in vogue to not support football at the administrative level. I feel we need to target them for dismissal or re-education. They just don’t get it. We are a large state school, not Harvard, MIT or Pratt.

    Sports are critical for our brand and for our student experience and are part of a symbiotic relationship with academics. Colorado is an up and coming state with a lot of growth, Boulder is now home to Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Splunk etc. very few college towns have that as an asset. If we build a good narrative those employers will partner more with the University, and the kids of those employees will look to CU if the in state option has good academics, fun athletics, and nostalgia. This becomes the donor flywheel. It all starts with being the premier brand of college football in the state and relevant nationally. We should look to Michigan as an example here but with tech instead of medicine as the partner industry.

    We need to fire HCKD (probably on Jan 1st to lower his guarantee) but start pressuring each and every regent and administrator that their job and re-election is on the line if they don’t turn things around and invest.

    Otherwise lets just drop to FCS or bulldoze Folsom and put in a soccer field.

  12. To Stuart’s Points:
    1. Talent – CU simply does not have the talent. TCU was bigger, faster and executed better. CU looked small, slow and confused.
    2. Quarterback – Lewis looked terrible. Slow to get plays off, poor execution. Lewis is playing scared. Lewis also has no down and distance concept to get first downs, for passes and for rushes.
    Shrout showed a lot at the end of the first half, driving the offense down the field. CU would have scored if not for Wiley holding (again). Why did Shrout not start and play the entire 2nd half? Makes no sense.
    3. Offensive coaching – was offensive. Poor play calls (we clearly were not as fast as TCU, but kept trying to run wide, jet sweeps, etc., most of which were tackled for loss or short gains). Tried a few downfield passes which worked, but then we stopped? Not impressed at all with Sanford. CU was once again outcoached. Get the play called and run it, they are taking up so much time just getting the play called there is no offensive tempo or momentum. If Lewis can’t run the offense, then make a change!

    Adding some more points:
    4. Offensive line – could not match up with TCU, they were getting pushed backwards nearly every play.
    5. RB’s – Fontenot looked slow and tentative. No reason for him to be starting or playing. Move on to Smith (lightning outside) and Stacks (thunder inside) and / or freshmen who at least hit the holes quickly.
    6. Defense – played well in 1st half, then we again were outcoached in the 2nd half. Our defensive line could not get off blocks. We were getting gashed on running plays, especially up the middle when we were playing with no middle LB. TCU spread things out and then physically beat us with their running game (30 carries for 275 net yards, over 9 yards per rush!). It’s always bad when your safety leads the defense in tackles.

    Next up are two very good running teams (Air Force and Minnesota). Both teams have to be salivating over playing CU and can see easy victories coming. Those games are going to be 3-4 touchdown blowouts. Without dramatic changes and improvements, this team won’t win.

    CU’s only hope for a win this year is if another Pac-12 team or two is worse. This team reminds me of when Embree was the head coach, where CU got embarrassed every game (except 1 close win). The only remaining question is if Dorrell makes it to the end of the season, or if Rick George pulls the plug on our collective misery early. He is in way over his head!

  13. I was 1 row up from the field last night. Surrounded by purple clad Frog Fans.
    It was like watching a jv team trying to take on the varsity.

    The disparity in talent and athleticism is so glaringly obvious, especially in the lines.


  14. Sending B Lewis in at the start of the 3rd Quarter was the turning point in that game, and literally the season. Why?

    Because it shows Dorrell is being stubborn — Dan Hawkins level of stubborn — to prove to everyone that he knows that Lewis is the better QB…because he said so.

    If Shrout isn’t with 1st team practice and the starting QB going forward, it proves Dorrell can’t see what is happening. Shrout may have not been perfect, but his ability to see a larger portion of the field was critical. Sure, he made some poor choices when they threw him in after we were three scores behind and the TCU defense could pin their ears back and just go, but Shrout still scored the only TD we had last night, and does wait an eternity to make a decision.

    Fix it Dorrell, or step down. The team clearly gave up by 4th Q. This stubbornness about Lewis has Hawkins 2.0 written all over it.

    1. I agree, when Shrout came in at the end of the 1st half and moved the team, there was hope and anticipation for the 2nd half. When Lewis came onto the field in the 3rd quarter, it was like all the air coming out of the balloon.

      Punting on the TCU 40 yard line at the end of the 3rd quarter was the final straw and the fans left in mass.

  15. It is pretty disheartening when everyone except the coaching staff knows that Shrout gives you a better chance to move the offense. I’m sure Lewis has worked extremely hard but he still can’t throw consistently in any way, shape or form. If he is this dynamic runner then play him at running back and let Shrout have his chance. Lewis has had his chance. TCU makes halftime adjustments and CU does not. On the bright side, the uniforms looked great. It could be a long season.

  16. Excellent article, Stuart. You hit it right on. The disappointing thing for me is that we were so outclassed on the field. TCU had bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic players than we did. Not by a little bit, but by a lot. The second half made that fact painfully obvious. Is it because we have so many young players that just have not had the time to physically mature? I hope so. Can Turley work his magic? I hope so. Because if that is not the case, our team just will not be competitive. Oh sure, we might win three or four games a year. But hopefully, that is not the vision of the CU administration. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to build a program like Utah, which is consistently winning seven or eight, games a year. But right now, I just don’t see a path that will enable us to build that type of program. So frustrating and disheartening.

  17. Well done, Rick and Lance, well done.

    Man, that was worse than I expected. If Karl is gone after this year, Rick and Lance should be too.

    I still believe – if they can keep any of them here – this team has the talent to win six games next year. Heck, we might see 175lb Owen sooner than we thought. I hope not. But we’ll see.

    Maybe now we know why practices are closed?

    It’s one game. One ugly game. But the schedule shows no favors. Fix it Karl. Another coaching search ain’t likely to help.

    I miss the high flying days when we could score 18 points. 24 on a good day.

    Go Buffs

  18. Anyone buying that bill of goods just couldn’t look at without their black and gold colored glasses. There was zero reason to believe this team and program were anything other than they’ve been for close to two decades. They lack talent, recruit poorly, they’re coached poorly and nobody at the university cares.

  19. I still remember being sold last year’s bill o’ goods…and the alarming part was the massive delta between what was being said by HCKD and reality.
    Thought maybe was just ‘coach speak’ given the nature of the team…but to do it again this year, now it’s just a complete lack of understanding of what a DI team should look like.

  20. I am afraidCU is going to be another SMU and will never again vie for a conference championship much less a national championship. CU does not have the will nor the finances to get and keep a championship calibre coach. The major sports in Boulder seem to be an afterthought to those running the show (plus, we have no baseball/softball, gymnastics, etc teams). Pathetic

  21. Yup disappointed as usual. Strout should obviously be starting quarterback. Run wildcat with both QBs in backfield once in awhile so opponents don’t know if it’s going to be Brandons legs or Strouts arm. My son goes to Utah, so lucky me, I get to follow them. Go Utes! Don’t think I’ll spend too much emotional currency on my Buffs at this point.

  22. If JT doesn’t start in practice all next week and the game I will throw away my buff flag and scrape the Ralphie sticker off my car.

  23. Stuart,

    Thanks again for all your work on the site and podcasts. You’re my “go to” for Buffs info and news.

    Unfortunately until the administration cares about the product on the field, why should the fans? I didn’t think CU would win last night, but I expected the team to be competitive and maybe have a chance in the 4th quarter. But it was the same old song/dance with KD.

    Sadly my ticket for CU under 3.5 wins this season is looking really good right now.

    Brighter days are ahead…someday.

    Go Buffs

  24. This article captures what most are feeling. And I feel complete apathy. And it’s hard for me to even pitch to my two athlete sons CU as an option anymore which is a disgrace, it’s embarrassing. What is like to comment on is the bullet point on scheduling. There’s an ongoing mantra at CU that they should schedule the toughest schedule in history because “we are a work class institution and we want to beat the best” and I get it. I really do. And that makes sense for the Buffs teams of 1989-2004. When the program as a whole was healthy and in contention. That philosophy does NOT make sense when you have no budget, no donors, no wins in 20 years, no athletes. CU should be giving itself every advantage possible to try and get the snowball rolling. Schedule as many cupcakes possible, more home games (Alabama). Do everything possible to get some confidence back in the fan base and the program itself. Get some winning seasons and consistent bowl play FIRST, and then go ahead and schedule tough out of conference games. And i get that not all of it is in the Admin. Control, but c’mon guys. Do everything possible to get it turned around. No more status quo.

  25. Thats it in a nutshell. I know coaching matters but when you lose your best players to transfer, from a lousy team a year ago and get 2 and 3 star recruits, do you really think you can compete in division 1 football? This is what you can expect from here on out, its going to be ugly

  26. Give Karl this. He is stubborn. What does he see in BLew that no one else does??? Well said Stuart. Couldn’t have said it better….

  27. In any sport, when “Team A” dominates “Team B,” yet does not put “Team B” “away,” invariably “Team B” will win. Such was the case last night.

    Additional thoughts, the one run where Lewis was pinned near the CU sideline yet put forward a powerful burst of speed and got a first down showed why he earned the starting nod. However, his running ability in the open field indies not seem to be a key part of the game plan. In fact, in today’s game it is a recipe for an injury over the long haul. If he starts, this ability of his should be a part of the play selection.

    Sprout looked VERY talented. He can make any throw.

    21 or 17 or 14 to nothing at half is a completely different game. That fourth and one decision to power to the strong side of the formation, OUCH. Lewis optioning to the weak side with only one defensive back there would have probably been a touchdown. OUCH, indeed. Changed the entire momentum of the game, and, maybe, season.

    Halftime adjustments. Obviously, needs to improve.

    TCU did have some NFL talent in key positions. Impressive.

    Final thought, if Lewis continues as the #1, he has to option more. If not, Shrout as a pro formation quarterback becomes the #1, he can make any throw.

  28. This is one of the most disappointing losses in my CU memory. As a freshman in 1956, we lost our opening game to Oregon 35-0. I thought, why did I matriculate to CU. We went on to beat Clemson in the Orange Bowl that year and I enjoyed four more years of exciting football.

    I was quite disappointed that after Tucker left for Michigan State, that we hired Dorrell. The last year and last night’s loss has affirmed that disappointment.

    I hope Rick George has been doing his job and already has a list of potential head coaches in mind!

  29. Shrout needs to be named starter and roll with him. No, we won’t have the run dimension of Lewis but our passing game is just so much better with him in there. He has real zip on his ball, gets it quicker and has confidence in arm to make plays. One guy can elevate the rest of the O and Shrout can be that guy.

  30. Well written and I am leaving it at that. Time for Karl to go. What negative impact would that move have on the rest of the season? Can’t get any worse if he is gone, so make the call and let him go.

    1. Well said. I would highlight that any talent that does show up this year (especially underclassmen with more years to play) will be in the transfer portal as soon as possible. Looking across at Mark Perry on a competitive team has to be more attractive than the meh Buffs and going 0-12.
      As far as halftime adjustments, Buffs couldn’t even change QBs when it was obvious to everyone else…..really disappointing to see such an uncompetitive team.

  31. This team isn’t as bad as it looks. Secondary looked great. I’m just beyond puzzled how JT Shrout wasn’t made the starting QB. This season isn’t lost. Karl wake-up… Shrout is head and shoulders better QB. Stop waisting time in practice, JT with the 1’s, this offense can improve greatly.

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