In Search of Six – Game-By-Game Predictions for the Buffs’ 2022 Quest for Six Wins and a Bowl Bid

Welcome to a special hour-long edition of the CU at the Game podcast. Brad Geiger and Neil Langland join Stuart Whitehair to give you our game-by-game predictions for the Buffs and the 2022 season. We didn’t compare notes beforehand, so you’ll learn along with Stuart what Brad and Neil have to say about the Buffs’ chances against TCU in the season opener, all the way through to the regular season finale at home against Utah.

So … Can CU, a ten-point underdog to TCU, open the season with an upset? … Will the Buffs benefit from a tough non-conference slate, or will early losses sap the enthusiasm of a young team? … Will Herm Edwards still be the Arizona State coach by the time the Sun Devils get to Boulder in late October? … Will the Buff Nation be frustrated once again with a November with a five-win team not able to get over the hump and earn a sixth-win and a bowl bid?

And how many of you will get the seemingly obscure references to a 40-year old movie? (Hint: It’s a Michael Keaton comedy) …

… Let’s find out …

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11 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: In Search of Six – Game-by-Game Predictions”

  1. I do think the team will be better than last year, but the record may not show it. That five and seven could be two and nine.

    I still see roughly 4-8. I think we get Cal, az, asu and uw. But to me, the toss ups are cal and uw.

    2023 should be the turnaround year.

    When is September 2nd?

    Go Buffs

    1. So you don’t think CU has a chance against TCU or Airforce? Or Ore St? The one team we have consistently beat and should match in talent? I can see thinking UCLA has turned the corner, but those three should be in the winnable column I think. Said another way, I think we should beat Airforce, Arizona and Arizona State. I think TCU, Washington, Cal, UCLA, Oregon State are all potentially beatable (in the preseason at least). I know people don’t agree with me a whole lot on Airforce. But I think Wilson’s defense matches up well and so long as the offense does what I expect we should win.

      1. There is always a chance. But I don’t see it materializing.

        Tcu has returning qb’s and skill position guys from an offense that wasn’t terrible. Their d? Question mark for sure. But I think their offense will get points by straining our db’s and busting some runs. Not sure our offense will keep up.

        Beavers are a better team right now. Also with a returning qb and some other offensive skill and a solid d. And smith’s finally seeming to turn the corner there. Loved that double ot win last year, but that one seemed a little lucky for us.

        Ucla is going to track meet us. Their offense will roll over and through our d. Not because of chip, but because of dtr, char bonnet and co. Our offense won’t keep up.

        Air Force? No. I think they win that one. They are a strong team all around that doesn’t generally beat themselves.

        Is there a chance I am wrong? Absolutely. Hell, I put money on that chance. And offered to make another side bet doubling my exposure.

        But, I feel safe in that regard. Could they surprise me? Yes! Will they?

        We’ll find out.

        Go Buffs

        1. Yah, I was surprised you offered 50:1 I own half that action…. I am not confident in winning but I think I have a whole lot better chance than 50:1. I get the feeling I will know on Sept 3rd.

          1. Totally. Tcu will be enlightening.

            and? I agree. Better than 50:1 to make a bowl. I think? I bet?

            And, I was originally offering what ed asked for. Nothing more.

            But either way, I just don’t see it. 25yrs or so back that up. Fine, 20. But who’s counting? And adding that bet is fun!

            Still not sure why that other guy won’t take my side bet and double his action, but whatever.

            Go Buffs

          2. Half the action? Well okay then. Go Buffs. Show us the money!

            Ya 50 to 1 is over the top but typical I guess when your so confident. of the Buffs failure future.

            Anyway RobO you would never get a job with those pundit magazines cause you write too much good stuff about the Mighty Buffs. Can’t have that ya know.

            Which games will they actually win to get to 6? No clue But will they get to 6? yup. Can’t wait.


            Note: Maybe earache is using reverse mental gymnastics to WILL the Mighty Buffs to win.

          3. Earache,
            this is not about any betting action.
            I don’t bet so the action is irrelevant

            This all about taking advantage of a “open mouth before the brain is turned on”

            Or another way. “A fool and his money are soon parted”

            or another way,” a chance to invest $50 to turn it into $2,500 in 6 months even Warren Buffet could not turn down!

            Thanks for the investment opportunity.

            bowling buffs

  2. Airforce – I think Neil and Stu have it wrong here. Wilson’s defenses have been disciplined. How many blown coverages do you remember from the last 2 years? How often do you not see a good edge set. The 4-3 is built to go against the triple option from an assignment perspective as it is a single gap scheme. Brad has it right, if we can score 24 we will be fine and Sanford has shown he can call a game that just leans on a team for 60 minutes. Buffs win this one.
    2-1 after the Minn game
    3-1 after UCLA – I am assuming Shrout starts and throws with anticipation. I think the new d coordinator takes time to get everything together.
    4-1 After Arizona. If we are any good. We win this one going away. It is disrespectful to rank CU lower, I agree with everyone. I actually think Brad is right. We will be a favorite as the pre season darlings face reality.
    Cal – I hate Cal. They seem to have our number. I never understand why, they just do. The defense is going to be good. God I hope you guys are right. I just don’t see it…4-2. It is winnable, especially here.
    Ore St – I don’t believe in Lindgren….. I agree on the road I have concerns. I think Stu might have it on win Cal lose here, or flip it. Either way I am at 5-2 here.
    The dreaded 5 wins….. can we get over the hump? Luckily we have….
    ASU – I agree we will win this one at home. And bowl eligibility. 6-2. Woo-boo!
    Oregon – loss 6-3, gotta come down out of the heavens after securing a bowl. Not a woobie game though! Lose by 10 maybe 14.
    USC – god I hate USC. But they hired a great coach. On the road? Nope…. 6-4.
    Washington – this is one of my key games along with UCLA and Cal. One of these 3 we will win. Maybe 2 but not all 3. I think we win it. 7-4.
    Utah – nope. Closer than people think but nope. 7-5

    I think after listening to your comments all of you are expecting Lewis to win the qb competition and will be slightly improved and coached by a coordinator who is better than Chev, that is nice but Lewis was so bad last year….. you can only go so far. I think Shrout wins the competition going away. I have the benefit of hearing about the scrimmage but I have been saying Shrout will win the competition for a while now. I think our offense goes up into the 60-70 range. and that is enough to beat one of the 3 to at least 6 wins. To be honest I think we will know after the TCU game. We need our offense to score more than 24 points.

    1. I reviewed some of the TCU offense from last year and I even watched a little bit of the Tulsa defense. We are going to need to score 31 points in this game. The defense on their side is going to be bad enough we probably can (think Arizona last year bad defense). And the change to the 3-3-5 is not going to do them any favors. Reed is going to need to win a jump ball or two that they are going to throw. Man I watched the Baylor game last year and the TCU wide recievers are amazing at going and getting jump balls on the fade…..

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