CU At The Game Podcast Interview: Wide Receiver Daniel Arias

Welcome back to our NIL Interview series. In this episode, we are introduced to senior wide receiver, Daniel Arias. While Arias, like many of his upperclass teammates, has gone through three coaching changes while at Colorado, his compelling story starts long before he became a Buff.

Arias was born in the Dominican Republic, and there were times when there was no electricity or running water in the house. Daniel’s mother moved to Washington state, bringing Daniel and his siblings to the United States when he was only six.

Overcoming a lisp and a language barrier, Arias became an excellent student, with his speed bringing about his introduction to the game of football, and, ultimately, the University of Colorado.

Setting a school single season record for forced fair catches as a freshman, Arias will likely become CU’s all-time leader in that category this fall. Now a starter at wide receiver, Arias has a goal of 1,500 yards receiving and 20 touchdowns in 2022.

So … How was Daniel’s first career touchdown, a 37-yarder against Washington his freshman season, quite literally “a dream come true”? … Who is Reggie Moore, and what impact did coach Moore have on Daniel’s development at CU? … And what is it about the current coaching staff that makes Arias say that “It’s fun to play football now”? …

… Let’s find out …

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3 Replies to “CUATG Interview: Wide Receiver Daniel Arias”

  1. Ya know Stuart,
    It has been very interesting the comments about the past offensive coordinator and the whole old offensive coaching staff in general. But the comment:
    That despite having the same position coach (Darrin Chiaverini) for the past four seasons, Arias says “it’s fun to play football now” under his new offensive coaches

    Tells me everything I need to know.

    Bowl bound = $2500

    Note: And isn’t funny about all the no-nothings saying HCKD
    Has no plan
    Can’t get buy in
    blahe blaha blahr blaha blahc blahh blahe

  2. Thanks for another interesting interview. Wishing Daniel a great senior season and beyond. Thanks for staying loyal to the Buffs. A very impressive student athlete.

  3. Great interview. I found it very interesting that coach Moore was the coach that had the impact on him not Chiv. Glad he is developing a great relationship with Coach Phil (not gonna try and spell his last name….). I think that we may have found us some real offensive coaches……

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