CU At The Game Podcast – Interview with CU sophomore quarterback Brendon Lewis

So, what’s it like to be the starting quarterback for the University of Colorado?

I am joined for this episode by sophomore quarterback Brendon Lewis. Lewis came to CU from Melissa, Texas, where he accounted for over 12,000 yards of total offense in high school. Enrolling early in January, 2020, Lewis was hit by the loss of his head coach one month into his collegiate career, with the sporting world shut down a month later. After a COVID season in which Lewis played in the Alamo Bowl, he was the starting quarterback for the 2021 season, throwing for over 1,500 yards, with ten touchdowns and only three interceptions.

What was it about CU and Boulder which made it easier for Brendon to commit to Colorado in May of his junior year in high school? How does Brendon feel about competing this spring in a full quarterback room? What were his favorite two plays from the 2021 season? And … Why should Brendon be lobbying for his hometown high school team to name its new stadium in his honor? …

Let’s find out …

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3 Replies to “CUATG Interview: QB Brendon Lewis”

  1. Excellent interview ! Loved how excited Brendon was recalling play in Folsom vs OSU, and how much it meant to him. And his experience being here when Mel left and the pandemic started, pretty amazing start to your collegiate career !
    Mr. Lewis – I am rooting for you. Best of luck to you and your fellow Buffs this year, cant’ wait.

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