CU At The Game Podcast – Interview with CU tight end Brady Russell

We’re getting closer to the start of spring practices, which means that Brad Geiger and Neil Langland will be back with me soon, as we give you a unit-by-unit look at the CU spring roster.

In the meantime, however, we continue with our CU at the Game NIL Campaign, with an interview with tight end Brady Russell.

Since arriving on campus in 2017, Russell has risen through the ranks to be one of the most important – and most popular – Buffs on the team. A walk-on, Russell nonetheless distinguished himself even as a true freshman, earning the Offensive Scout team player of the Year his first season. He has been the recipient of the team’s Relentless Award, and was a team captain last fall.

So … What did an assistant coach at Wyoming tell Russell when he was being recruited that Brady continues to use as motivation to this day? … What can we take away from Brady’s candid remarks about the players who left through the Transfer Portal, his opinions on the explosion of NIL opportunities at other schools, and on the current state of the CU locker room? … How excited is Russell to be playing for a position coach in Clay Patterson, who also happens to be the new passing game coordinator? … And what is the inside joke in the tight ends room about a pinkie high five? …

Let’s find out …

Previous podcasts … All of the Episodes from Season 1 (2020), and Season 2 (2021), can be downloaded here … The most recent … 

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8 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Tight End Brady Russell”

  1. Have Brady take recruits out behind the barn (Ralphie’s) and get their priorities straightened out.

    Give me a couple of tens of thousands of dollars and watch me shed sixty years of fat…I’d do it in a second if I had a chance to play for CU.

    What the NIL is doing is creating a HERD of prima-donnas. Imagine…… being able to afford a Lamborghini as an 18 y.o. It’s going to make the richest universities richer and the poor schools poorer. Recruiting won’t be played on a level field. I can actually envision Folsom Field rotting from neglect and the concession stands going out of business.

    I hope I’m wrong. Keep me out of the Sink and Pasta Jay’s forever.

  2. Great Interview. I have enjoyed all of your Podcast’s Stuart. They are well thought out and informative. This interview was the best so far.
    Thanks. The intelligent, informative Buff talk is really appreciated.
    Go Buffs.

  3. Another solid, and fun interview. What a great dude. I hope he gets a shot at the NFL. Either way, I’m sure his drive will serve him well in whatever’s next. But first, lets see him tear it up this year.

    Go Buffs

  4. Time to start drinking a little kool aid again. Brady’s remark that they finally have an offense with “rhyme and reason” makes a lotta sense and gets me looking past the fact Sanford came here after he was fired. Maybe the rumors that he wasnt operating his offense at MN are true. One thing for sure the O couldnt get any worse.
    Another thing that emerged was friction among the staff last year. After Chev’s breakdown in one particular interview and just the O’s total failure that makes sense too. Still I wonder about KD’s influence or lack thereof in that area.
    Finally, I dont remember Brady’s exact term but I will go with the social media queens in the locker room. The finger points directly at the guys who left. Good riddance but the one that hurts the most is Gonzalez.
    This was certainly the most informative interview. Brady’s would always hedge a little about the past coaches and players but he wasnt walking on eggshells either.
    loved it
    coach em up Buff Staff

    1. You caught a lot of the same key points I did as well. I have been drinking the kool aid for a while now. Welcome! The bowl is deep and wide in the Spring. I was rewatching the Washington game and Reeds interception was beautiful. Especially as a true freshman. How many times during Gonzolazes first year were we yelling at the tv to turn around! In man coverage he is running with his guy and right as the ball goes into the air he turns and goes and gets it. There will be some drop off of course from Blackman and Gonzolaez but I am hopeful it is not going to be nearly as deep.
      I heard from other players at the event that this guys moving on is not a big thing. The o line was super excited about the new transfer and felt Fontenot and him plus Dion would easily fill Brussard shoes.
      All of them appear to be super tight. I think there was a group of guys who were more concerned about how they looked than playing as a team. While those guys can contribute it may create a bad culture.

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