CU Assistant Coaching Carousel (Part II) / CU in the Age of NIL and the Transfer Portal: Can CU Catch Up?

Welcome to Season Three of the CU at the Game Podcast!

CU has upgraded its coaching staff for the 2022 season. Stuart, Brad, and Neil discuss the three latest additions: Defensive line coach Vic So’oto, cornerbacks coach Rod Chance, and tight ends coach/passing game coordinator Clay Patterson, and what the trio will bring to the coaches’ room in 2022.

We spend most of the podcast, however, discussing the current state of the CU roster, particularly with regard to the exodus of players from the Champions Center – including several starters – and the overall impact on the 2022 Buff lineup. Some attrition was expected – and actually necessary – but the loss of some of CU’s better players has the Buff Nation questioning what the roster will ultimately look like for the 2022 season. We then take a deep dive into how other schools are approaching Name, Image and Likeness opportunities … wondering when (or even if) CU and its fan base will follow suit.

Will CU be able to field a competitive team this fall? Will CU come up with a plan to keep its best players from defecting? Will the Buff Nation open its collective wallet to make Boulder a destination for better players?

Let’s find out …

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6 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: CU Assistant Coaching Carousel (Part II) / NIL and the Transfer Portal: Can CU Catch Up?”

  1. When they start the season 0-4 and Folsom is empty then maybe they will change.
    I’m with Neil 100% there is no reason for optimism.. I’m not spending 1k on season tickets.

  2. Will you please do a podcast on the University of Colorados’s Administration decision to turn Nike away from moving their corporate campus to Boulder. The timeline matches the decline of the Buffs and the rise of the Ducks. As Nike would go on to pour $1 Billion into University of Oregon athletic program. The reality is Phil Knight still would prefer that Nike campus be located in Boulder (and guess what the man in charge would still be open to moving Nike Campus). Can we please begin the process on unraveling the logic on this decision and subsequently begin the dialogue … does it make sense to re-approach Nike with the logistic and vision they had in regard to a move to Boulder. Tax dollars, investment in the University and having funding for our athletes and athletic program would be instantly solved. Can we not determine which administrators are opposed and their logic and then open the case to CU alumni and citizens of Boulder if thy agree with the the thinking of Boulder Bureaucrats and CU officials that frown on CU athletic programs as opposed to a research University. Is crazy to think that we can’t be both.

    1. Sad to say, but Nike to Boulder is never gonna happen.
      What makes Boulder’s unwillingness to support CU athletics and all that comes with it is the fact that the Phil Knight millions started because CU beat up Oregon in the 1995 Cotton Bowl.

  3. CU loses 7 starter who aren’t graduating😢, that would be a rebuilding year for any team who loses that many to graduation! KD will be coach of the year in my mind if he can put together a winning season next year or frankly ever with that kind of attrition.

    1. They lost every starting wr.. they lost their entire secondary… This is crazy…

      P.s. rg is the best ad in the nation and of best chancellor

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