CU at the Game NIL Campaign

For months, the Buff Nation has been complaining that there are no NIL opportunities for CU student-athletes, despite the fact that Name, Image and Likeness laws went into effect on July 1, 2021. I was among those openly wondering what was going on, posting an Essay on January 7th entitled, “At CU, NIL Still Means Nothing“.

Well, Buff fans, here’s your chance to actually be a part of a NIL campaign to assist your team.

CU at the Game has been granted access to the INFLCR University of Colorado Exchange. Translation: CU at the Game has been granted permission to browse, connect, and process transactions with their student-athletes in INFLCR.

I am launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Buff players. The idea is that, for every $500 raised, I will ask a player for an interview, to be posted as a CU at the Game Podcast.

What’s in it for … 

Student-athletes … Players receive $500 in exchange for an interview and for agreeing to promote CU at the Game through their social media. I’m not sure how the promotion will work out (if at all), but the player will receive $500 for talking about themselves for a half hour – not a bad deal.

CU at the Game … In theory, more traffic for the website. The podcast is free and doesn’t have a sponsor (though if you know someone, let me know. It could be a good fit for the business of the right Buff fan). There is advertising on the website, so there are some fractions of pennies coming in for the additional traffic, but it’s nominal. I am not skimming anything off of your donations for “administrative fees” – every dollar you contribute will go to CU student-athletes. If you take into account the time spent setting this up, the time setting up interviews, the time prepping for and conducting the interviews, and the editing and posting of the podcasts, I’d be making more money if I was threading shoelaces in Indonesia for Oregon … er, I mean, Nike. CU at the Game is, as it has been for decades, a labor of love.

You … For donations of $500 or more, you can choose the athlete to be interviewed (not limited to football), and can sit in on the interview (which will be conducted via Zoom meetings). For donations of $250 or more, you can suggest the interviewee and questions you would like to be asked. All donations are welcome … all it takes is 20 donations of $25 to set up the next interview.

So, what do you say, Buff Nation? This is not Texas boosters paying $50,000 to each offensive lineman. This is not Texas A&M buying the highest-rated recruiting Class in history. This is not whatever Oregon is paying Christian Gonzalez.

This is a small, grass-roots campaign for Buff fans to say “thank you” to its student-athletes – to let them know we are out here and that we care about the future of CU athletics.

To donate … the GoFundMe campaign can be found here.

Questions or concerns (or suggestions – I’m not claiming to have cornered the market on trying to make NIL work for our Buffs) … please drop me a note at

Go Buffs!

Stuart Whitehair


11 Replies to “CU at the Game NIL Campaign”

      1. What I did is none of your business. But like bankers always snooping

        I am glad you “sure hope I was one of the anonymous donors.

        Yur late. How big is the check bud

        dog meat

          1. show me the check
            You fake

            I donate to CU and Wisconsin in a variety of ways.

            And boy it’s none of your business you snoopy banker.


            Note: Put up your tax return bud

  1. Spread the word
    Be good if Boulder businesses (commercial level donations ie larger) could link up for this
    Well done sir, it begins !

  2. Done. In for 250. Trying to figure out if I want an o lineman, Lewis (safety not qb), maybe Barnes? Probably o-line and Roddick if he is available. I always thought he was a mauler. Would love to get his insight on the new coach, what happened last year, thoughts about Turley and the strength program, I got more….

    Thanks for getting this running Stewart. Love the go fund me idea.

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