In Search of Silver Linings: CU’s New Coaches, Players, and the “Buffs NIL Exchange”

CU head coach Karl Dorrell has his coaching staff in place, with six new assistant coaches. Are there enough dynamic recruiters in place to make Colorado competitive in the market for recruits, or is it the Dorrell philosophy to bring in players which his experienced staff can develop into a team which can compete in the Pac-12?

The Buff roster is also largely in place. There will be more additions – and more attrition – but the vast majority of the lineup for 2022 is set. Where are the deficiencies, and where will CU be looking this spring to add transfers to supplement the roster going forward?

Finally, why has CU been behind the competition in the Transfer Portal and the advent of NIL opportunities? Should Buff fans be concerned that CU is seemingly late to the party, or should we be grateful that CU is now apparently at least now ready to be a part of the conversation?

Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: In Search of Silver Linings”

  1. One of the silver linings that I agree with is that the position coaches were an upgrade….and I hope I’m not wrong about Rodrigue’s replacement, Sorry already forgot his name. One thing that does bother me about the assignments, however, and that is anointing the new TE coach as “passing game coordinator.” Its almost like they just threw it in. Why wasn’t it given to the new WR coach? Why isnt that something that Sanford should be more involved with? Maybe its a good thing he isnt. One more in a host of clues to me that the passing game is going to be an afterthought once again.
    I was hoping you guys would talk more about Sanford. You did mention that his arrival wasnt exactly bells and whistles. What really makes me worry is that Howell, who is usually very protective of coaches (for access I’m sure) had a less than welcoming appraisal with what appeared to be a lot of good (or bad) reasons.
    You thought we were going to be ok in the defensive backfield but I’m a little worried there. There appears be be very little depth now. Gonzales was an outlier. Corner is the hardest position to play and experience is really a great help…..and if we do get another run heavy offense they are going to be limited in practice.
    Fundamentals and discipline. Yup gotta have em and they gotta be reinforced in every practice. You wont find any coach at this level who will at least admit to being lax in this area. So you got a leg up on them and you feel the players have taken them to heart. what happens on game day when you run up against another team who has also been practicing the F and Ds but has a bit more athleticism? Thats where Sanford will or will not earn his money.

    1. In 2020 and 2021 the passing game coordinator was langsford
      Mell didn’t have one
      wacmac didn’t have one.


      So Sanford will be doing OC and QB stuff and you already said he didn’t know anything about the passing game as proven by his time at Minny Haha
      here comes his bud who does know.

      Will the tight ends become more involved?

      Having the new WR coach do passing game coordinator?

      He has enough to do with that wide receiver bunch

      Good looking Coaching staff.

      Buff agogogogogogogogo

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