CUATG Podcast … Special Episode: The CU Recruiting Class of 2022

On December 15, 2021, a total of 19 recruits signed their Letters of Intent to attend the University of Colorado. The Class was ranked higher nationally than many of CU’s most recent Classes, but also lacked some of the star power which the Buff Nation was hoping to see.

Stuart, Brad and Neil take a look at the CU Class of 2022, first from a national and Pac-12 point of view. We then go through the new Class, position group by position group, to see where the Buffs have improved the roster … and where improvement is still required.

In the age of the Transfer Portal, no roster is settled until teams report for Fall Camp in August, but over 20% of CU’s 85-man 2022 roster is now in the fold. Will this group lead the Buffs to sustained success … or continued mediocrity?

Let’s find out …

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3 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Special Episode: The CU Recruiting Class of 2022”

  1. Not being able to attract several 4-Stars doesn’t bode well for the Buffs.

    Granted, stars don’t mean everything, but a few 4-Stars with other major colleges’ interest in the recruit DOES MEAN SOMETHING. HCKD got out of the blocks with a major disadvantage compared to the programs that perennially attract 3-4-5 Star recruits.

    The bottom fell out of the CU recruiting bucket when we lost Gary Barnett and couldn’t replace him with another #1-Mac clone.

    I like HCKD’s demeanor and I DO HAVE HIGH HOPES….nuthin’ but high hopes…Frankie.

  2. Thanks for the pod cast. I am excited about the jc linebacker coming in. He may contribute right away. But otherwise I agree with you this class is built to come in, see who develops and play in a few years. That is what you have to recruit when you are at CU’s level.

  3. I have to say that was a little deflating. The panel is always quite conservative in their projections but the “meh” seemed a little deeper. Venn might see the field this year but everyone else ….”maybe in 2 or 3 years.”
    All munching aside I think everyone knows the difference in the w/l record next year will boil down to:
    whoever comes in from the portal for the O line. last year was pretty much a flop. And to not much of a lesser extent the D line. Wells and Landman helped disguise the pedestrian play somewhat on the D line. We really need a better level play there too.
    Whoever the OC is.
    You guys picked the TE scab again….something I have almost forgot about. I am hoping that was a chev thing and the new guy will recognize the value of a TE as a receiver if nothing else something to help spread the opposing D on pass plays. But once again the rest of the O line has to carry the weight.
    We cant have a another repeat of the play calling last several years…can we? sigh

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