CU at the Game Podcast … “T.I.P.S.” for CU v. Northern Colorado / CU and the Alliance / Pac-12 Predictions

The 2021 season is finally here!

Stuart, Brad and Neil present the first “T.I.P.S.” of the season, with a review of the Talent/Intangibles/Preparation/Stats for CU’s opener against Northern Colorado. Is the McCaffrey connection in Greeley enough to give the Buffs a game? Is CU, in Year Two under Karl Dorrell, prepared to take on the unknowns of a team which hasn’t played in almost two years?

Before we get to the preview, however, there is a look at the newly formed Alliance between the Pac-12, Big Ten, and ACC, and the implications the new agreements-to-agree might have for the CU program, both short term and long term. We will also give our predictions for how the Pac-12 standings may shake out in the 2021 season.

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: “T.I.P.S.” for UNC; CU and The Alliance”

  1. Due to KD’s conservative nature, my prediction of the score is 41-16, I’m thinking UNC gets a TD and 3 or so FGs, maybe 2 TDs and 2 or 3 FGs for up to 21 or 24 points, depending on how the Buffs backups play and how long they play.

    On the other hand, Lewis and the RBs could just run all over them and the Buffs could score in the fifties, the Bears haven’t been known to have a defense like SDSU did last year, so I can see Lewis and crew getting a head early and the RBs could carry the game out while getting Drew a good amount of reps.

    Note: Stuart, on the podcast you guys mentioned and covered some good points regarding UCLA, but there is one important thing not mentioned, this will be Chip Kelly’s first year with 85 on scholarship, in his first two years he was low on scholarship players; traveling with somewhere around 67 players his first year or two. So, while I agree with the comments on why they aren’t top of the conference like OU was, Chip should have the players to win more games then last year. But, will they?

  2. Great podcast! After watching UCLA blow up Hawaii I am feeling better about this game as I feel we are just as talented as they are and the size speed and power of the lines just overwhelmed Hawaii. This team is not the Hawkins team that lost to the big sky. Bruassard gets 150 by the second quarter, Fontenot gets a hundred by the third, Clayton gets close to a hundred in the 4th! I jest a bit, but I think our running game is going to be real good.

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