CU at the Game Podcast … CU in the Brave New World of NIL: “NIL is only going to enhance our opportunities to become a better program”

At 12:01 a.m. on July 1st, collegiate athletics changed forever. Without any legislation from Congress, and only the barest of guidelines from the NCAA, the Wild, Wild West of Name, Image and Likeness came into being.

Stuart and Brad take a look at how three schools – Miami, Nebraska, and Oregon – have already jumped on the NIL bandwagon, and how these types of actions will affect national recruiting. We then take a look at what CU athletic director Rick George – a member of the working group which tried in vain to create national guidelines – had to say about CU’s future in competing against other schools who are, shall we say, better prepared to to offer to adapt to this new landscape.

George, who was CU’s recruiting coordinator under Bill McCartney, said: “There’s the backdrop that we live in, the quality of our community, the safety that we have here, the great educational opportunities that we have at CU — there’s a ton to sell that plays into Name, Image and Likeness. I feel really good about what we have in our briefcase.”

Will it be enough … ?

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