CU at the Game Podcast – Spring Mid-Terms … Plus, the extension of the RMS and Mailbag questions

The Buffs have passed the midway point of Spring Practices, 2021. Stuart and Brad take a look at the notable quotes and stories from the first half of Karl Dorrell’s first spring practices at CU, along with a discussion concerning the extension of the Rocky Mountain Showdown well into the 2030’s, and answer some questions from the CU at the Game Mailbag …

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One Reply to “CU at the Game Podcast: Spring Mid-Term Grades”

  1. Thanks for the podcast, nice discussion.
    Interesting on the “player friendly” subject, especially as it is a relatively new staff that inherits players already at CU with only one recruting class. Additionally there was the change in the DC over the winter which adds to the interest. The analogy of Nick Saban works and is informative but he has recruited all his players and has a scheme in mind that is in response to a Georgia D where he wants to open it up in the passing game.
    I am psoitive about what the coaches are doing with the CU D and think they will be better this year.
    Points about lock down CB’s and player subsitutions were also good.

    Have to chime in about Adazio and the “agendafied” term, which made me laugh. He may have picked up some bad habits here in Boston, as we stress nonstandard words like “irregardless” which sounds good but means the same as regardless 😉
    Adazio burned out at BC but has been replaced by a promising young coach Jeff Hadley, who may be worth keeping an eye on.
    Stay well guys, go Buffs !

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