CU at the Game Podcast – CU Spring Showcase: What We Learned

The first Spring Game under Karl Dorrell was never destined to be a full spring game, but the CU 2021 Spring Showcase did give Buff fans a taste of where the program is heading into the 2021 season. Quarterbacks J.T. Shrout and Brendon Lewis made their cases for the top competition to Sam Noyer for the starting position, while several (of CU’s many) tight ends gave Buff fans optimism that this will (finally) be the year tight ends are a part of the Buff offense.

In addition, Stuart and Brad discuss the current state of the Pac-12’s search for a new commissioner, and whether the future of the Pac-12 is dependent – at least in part – upon the expansion of the College Football Playoffs.

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  1. Thanks for the pod cast! After watching the spring showcase I think I feel better about our qb situation. One thing I did notice is that both qb’s held the ball longer than I would have liked. Noyer was exceptionally good about getting the ball out quickly. Both Lewis and Shrout held the ball for about an extra second. You even mentioned that in the podcast that it allowed Gonzalez to make a play on a ball. That said I think both qb’s had a better arm than what I saw from Noyer last year. Shrout has a cannon, but can throw it in the dirt, Lewis has a softer throw but seems to be pretty accurate. Frankly, as much as I like Shrout I think we are a running team first and so we need a running qb threat in chev’s offense. At least the one we ran last year. I really liked your comment on the inside linebackers and going out to the portal. That says a lot about Dorrell that he expects our back ups to play better and if you cannot he is going to try and find someone who can. I do say van diest finally looked like the linebacker I have expected out of high school. He always seemed lost. He was finally flowing downhill. He has run against that offense a ton so we will have to see if he keeps that up against other opponents.
    What are your thoughts on Dorrell. It is hard to tell how this team is going to be based on his comments but he seems very pleased. Now that might just be he can have spring practices but I don’t get that sense from him. He wasn’t happy with the bowl game so just the opportunity doesn’t seem to satisfy him so I am thinking we maybe better off than we thought…. fall can’t come soon enough!

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