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It seemed like it was going to be a quiet off-season for CU – at least in terms of the coaching ranks. Instead, a Buff lineup which has seen three head coaches in three seasons will now have a new defensive coordinator and a new strength and conditioning coach. Stuart and Brad will discuss head coach Karl Dorrell’s bold moves, before moving on to discuss the Buffs who have entered the Transfer Portal, and its effect on the CU 2021 lineup.

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3 Replies to “CU at the Game Podcast – 2021 off to a Rousing start”

  1. Great podcast and thanks for doing them as well as CU at the game . One question about scholarships . I thought there were only 53 scholarships availability but with this season not counting and 18 players signed how are they going to keep all the players on scholarship. Obviously something has to change so I wonder if there is a new number of scholarships from the NCAA ? If so do you have any idea of the number ?

    1. Thanks, Jerry, for the kind words about the podcast.

      It seems that the scholarship number is very fluid. With players allowed to play in 2020 and not have the year count against their eligibility, it will make for over-the-85-limit the rule rather than the exception for 2021.
      In theory, with 25 scholarship seniors, a team could have 110 scholarship players on their roster for the 2021 season.

      The problem schools will have will be paying for all of those extra scholarships (not to mention the extra scholarships for the soccer teams, lacrosse teams, track and field teams, etc.) in a year when schools are already facing losses in the tens of millions.

      With CU having so few seniors this past year (10), I would anticipate CU’s 2021 scholarship list to settle in in the 90-92 range.

      Here is a link to the NCAA website, detailing the options for schools. (Link)

  2. Fun Podcast, and let’s all enjoy the irony that we cheered on Jay Humphries while booing Traitor Tad running around in his Kansas chicken outfit.

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