CU at the Game Podcast – Musical Chairs: CU’s Coaching Room is Set, as is most of the 2021 Roster

One year into the Karl Dorrell era and a month away from the start of 2021 spring practices, the CU coaches’ room is complete, as is almost all of CU’s fall roster. Stuart and Brad take a look at the coaching moves made by Coach Dorrell this off-season, then dip into the mailbag to discuss the Buffs’ roster, and how the depth chart has – or has not – met off-season expectations.

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2 Replies to “CU at the Game Podcast: Musical Chairs”

  1. Stuart,

    Thanks again for podcasts. I’ve really enjoyed listening to content while running and/or walking the dog. The podcasts have been a nice break from the craziness taking place in the world right now.

    Brighter days are ahead for Buff fans.

    Go BUFFS!

    1. Thanks, Clark, for the kind words.
      Please let me know – either on the message board or by email – if you have any comments or suggestions for improving the podcast.
      (Or if you have any questions for the mailbag!)

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