CU at the Game Podcast – A Unit-by-Unit Preview of the CU offense

It’s taken 11 months, but we are finally able to talk – really talk – about CU football! The Buffs are back on the practice field, and it’s time to take some deep dives into the roster. With this episode, Stuart and Brad take a unit-by-unit look at the CU offense … How will the Buffs utilize true freshman quarterback Brendon Lewis? Who will be picking up the slack in the receiver corps? Will Alex Fontenot and Jaren Mangham continue to develop at running back? What will the recrafted offensive line look like this fall? And, for the first time in forever … will the Buffs use the tight end position as a weapon for the offense?

I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to your comments!

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3 Replies to “CU at the Game Podcast – Let’s Get Offensive!”

  1. Man, you guys are really not optimistic! Downright depressing….. let me add some light, not sure if I am right but at least it will be balance….
    1. In 2018 under Chev’s offense we averaged 27.1 per game. Last year we only averaged 23.5. Chev’s offense was pretty much completeLy different from Lindgrens so both times were players implementing totally new offenses and that was the result they got. So perhaps we got a little upgrade here?
    2. Chev was a first year o coordinator and has had some time to consider what went wrong and what went right. Let’s assume he learned and got a little better.
    3. Chev has Dorrell as a head coach instead of MacIntyre. Dorrell has been involved in some very good offensive football and will bring more to the table.
    4. UCLA will only have the 2018 film to game plan for and their defense is suspect. Arizona is hemorrhaging defensive players and is on fire. Stanford is a low scoring unit so out scoring them is possible, 3 very winnable games offensively.
    5. I think that Fontenot will make another jump or will be passed by Mangham. This is just a thought. I have always liked Fontenot but felt last year he was caught by too many arm tackles. I suspect he will either make a leap or Mangham with a full year of play will start to really shine.
    6. K.D. in the slot could be really good. And provide some very difficult match ups. We are deep enough at wide receiver I think they will be able to use him where he will be most effective.
    7. I think the defense improvement at the end of last year was not a fluke…..

    Just some ideas to give some positive vibes. I would say I agree to a point on the QB side. Lytle was both good and bad coming off the bench in 2018 Utah. But he did not prep and was thrown in against a typical Ute defense. He may be showing up better than we think in the offseason.

    1. Sorry, from the article, you don’t have to go to a link. The podcast is right at the bottom of the page – just press the play button.
      I have added a link to Buzzsprout. You can also find it at most podcast sites, like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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