CU at the Game Podcast – Reviewing the Updated Schedule; CU gets its Quarterback!

It may only prove temporary, but the Pac-12 did get fans excited about the prospects of college football being played this fall with the release of its 10-game, conference-only schedule. Stuart and Brad take a look at how CU’s revised schedule could play out, along with discussions of CU’s Recruiting Class (Quarterback recruit finally in the fold!) and the possible impacts of the #WeAreUnited movement.

I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to your comments!

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** Program Note … CU’s Fall Camp can open as early as August 17th. If the Buffs go camping, we’ll go along with them, with the next two podcasts devoted to a unit-by-unit review of the roster, with a look at which position battles are still to be resolved before CU’s opener against Oregon on September 26th …

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Go Buffs!

4 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Reviewing CU’s Updated Schedule”

  1. Here’s a question for an upcoming mail bag. I was reviewing your list of Top 40 players and it is down to Hagan and Bieniemy, at least that is my guess. But I did not see CJ on the list, the Orange Bowl MVP. Unless Darian or Eric is not on your list. In my mind Darian is the best player ever for CU with Whizzer White number 2. CJ is one of my all-time favorites and he saved that 1990 season at several key points. I’m just wondering, assuming he is not in your top 2 favorites, did CJ do something to offend you. I guess the same would apply to Darian or Eric if one of those guys isn’t on the list. Inquiring minds want to know. Thank you for all your hard work,

    1. Well stated, and nothing against Charles Johnson. He did have a great second half against Notre Dame, leading the Buffs to their only touchdown.
      It was tough to get it down to 40 … Other deserving QB’s were left off (like Mark Hatcher), plus running backs (Lamont Warren, Herchell Troutman, Christian Powell, Lee Rouson), wide receivers (the other Charles Johnson Rae Carruth, Christian Fauria).
      Perhaps I will do an “honorable mention” after the final two are posted … plenty of excellent players over the past 40 years who didn’t make the list!)

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