CU at the Game Podcast – Episode 2: Interview with Rick George

Welcome to the second episode of the CU at the Game Podcast, containing my interview with CU athletic director, Rick George.

The interview includes discussions on Rick George’s appointment to the NCAA working group on Name, Image and Likeness and the College Football Selection committee. Also discussed was a question which became very important to the Buff Nation in the past two months: How will CU be able to keep its coaches from being poached by schools with greater resources?

If you listen all the way to the end, you can find the answer to the eternal question: Why does Rick introduce Stuart as “The Guy Who Wrote the Letter”?

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5 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Interview with Rick George”

  1. Pro football has finally completed the takeover of college football. Follow the money was never so true.
    Unfortunately College football does not have a draft for recruits. That and the portal make me think the gap between the top handful of teams and the rest is going to widen even further.
    I wonder if it will precipitate into a super conference? Oklahoma, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State for sure. Maybe Georgia, LSU and Notre Dame.
    Texas will demand to be in and Baylor will whine to the heavens and cast stones (praise Jesus) when they dont.
    USC will pull a scam to get in.
    Then you have to also wonder what kind of scams, good ol boy connections and famous fathers will pull to get their kids into one of those schools. Even if they are already wealthy there never is enough money.

  2. Love the interview. I share your concern regarding name and likeness. I a, of two minds on this.

    1. It will be ridiculously easy for the wealthy schools to provide a significant “wage” to athletes at their school. I think the $1500 first day at NU is probably going to be short compared to some of the creative ideas that will come out. I think there will be a very wide gap in this regard between the haves and the have nots. We have a very creative group here at CU so I bet we will figure some way to stay afloat but we are not going to compete with the likes of Alabama or LSU as to getting money into the hands of our athletes. The question will be can we compete with that secondary tier of power 5 schools.
    2. In this regime 5 star athletes are going to go where they will get paid. We don’t see a whole lot of them anyway. 4 star athletes will also go where they get paid, but it will likely be less and in this area we may be able to compete in some cases to bring in a few 4 star athletes like we already do by focusing in on them.

    I think we need to get the tv revenue worked out soon otherwise we may fall far so behind we fall into the group of 6…..

  3. Colorado is a top 20 media and business market. The Buffs are the dominant college team in the area. We should be a good place for top athletes who can promote their skills and contributions. While other parts of the country have more football following, those areas will also have much greater competition between players trying to sell their image. Most of those areas produce quality local talent who could have a selling edge over national recruits. While it is yet to be seen, on a relative scale CU recruiting should benefit once players have the ability to market themselves.

  4. Rick George has a lot on his plate and we are really, really lucky to have him here. This business of players selling their image is going to change everything. I predict that in a few years it won’t be about which school has the nicest facilities or the highest paid coaches. The majority of the players won’t care about that. It will be about where they can go to get the most pay and maximize their opportunity. I wonder how long it will take to see the first million $ college athlete. And if NCAA rules don’t matter now (e.g., basketball shoe payola), they really won’t matter then. The genie is coming out of the bottle and there is no putting him back in.

  5. Why did he say that, I do not know. If he realized the work you do for the athletic program he should have mentioned your name.

    He has done great things for CU however when he comes to our tailgate he is pretty proud of himself a shot of Buffalo Trace Whiskey which is not all bad!), aloof, maybe, great AD-yes
    As always what you do for Buff fans cannot be overstated.

    Stay healthy!

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