CU at the Game Podcast – “The First Days of the Karl Dorrell Era at CU”

For the premiere episode of the CU at the Game Podcast, I got together with Brad Geiger, my longtime best friend, to talk about the departure of Mel Tucker for Michigan State, as well as our initial impressions on the hiring of Karl Dorrell as CU’s head coach.

There has been a learning curve in putting together this podcast, and shortly Episode 2, which includes my interview with CU athletic director Rick George, will also be available.

I hope that you will give me feedback, either in the comments section, below, or by email at  Future podcasts will include interviews, a CU at the Game mailbag, and a “Road Trip” section, where Brad and I talk about some of the many CU road games we have attended. Your suggestions for topics are not only welcomed, but encouraged!

Please listen below and feel free to look for the podcast on your favorite podcast services in the weeks to come!

7 Replies to “CU At The Game Podcast – Episode 1”

  1. Great job Stuart and Brad! You guys did a fantastic job and look forward to listening to the upcoming podcasts as well!
    As always, Go Buffs!! And stay safe!!
    Dave C.

  2. Stuart,

    THANK YOU! The podcast was a refreshing break from the craziness that has taken hold of our country. Looking forward to future episodes.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    Be safe and GO BUFFS,


  3. I agree with Eric, and look forward to seeing who you announce next.
    Great to hear the tones in voices. PodcastIng was a great idea. Looking forward to all of them. Thanks.

  4. I like it, Stu. The biggest challenge you’ll have – if you consider it a challenge – will be finding people to interview/talk to that will be compelling to us. But, to that end, I’d say, don’t sweat it. It’s an extension of your site, and your passion for CU athletics. So, find and bring on people that are interesting to you, and chances are, they’ll be interesting to us, as well, more often than not.

    Go Buffs! And stay well out there.

    1. I think you’ll like the Rick George interview (Episode 2), and then I have an interview with Sean Tufts from Buffs4Life for Episode 3.
      I had plans to do multiple interviews of former Buffs at the Buffs4Life golf tournament in June, but I’m guessing that will be postponed on canceled. We’ll see …

      1. Right on. I have no clue how people you’d approach would feel, but it’d be interesting to hear from former players. And even coaches. Many may big time ya, you know ’cause it’s “just” a site for the CU crazies, but maybe not? You got nuttin’ to lose by asking! Of course, I’ve no idea if you can do phone interviews/discussions and make them work for the podcast format, or not.

        Phil might do one. Maybe Sefo. Mason? You get the idear. Marolt?

        Go Buffs.

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