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There were several topics discussed in the May, 2020, CU at the Game Podcast Mailbag, which you can download at Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, etc., or which you can listen to here at the website.

There are as many stories about the status of the upcoming season as there are days on the calendar. Some stories worth noting:

— California governor Gavin Newsom (perhaps concerned about talk of pro teams abandoning the state to play elsewhere), has now indicated that California could allow pro sports to be played (without fans) as early as June 1st … Story can be found here;

— SEC administrators are planning on voting this Friday, May 22nd, as to whether to open facilities for practices … which could beome a reality as early as June 1st … Story can be found here;

— Sports Illustrated interviewed ten conference commissioners, including the Pac-12’s Larry Scott, as to their opinions as to when, and under what conditions, practices might resume … Story can be found here;

— In case the Pac-12 was hoping that the NCAA might show some backbone, and require Power-Five conferences to act in harmony, think again. The NCAA issued a statement basically saying it’s every conference for itself … Story can be found here;


While the nation is focused primarily on reopening for the 2020 season, the clock is ticking on the Name, Image and Likeness legislation. 

— The NCAA Board of Governors (which includes CU Chancellor Phil DiStefano) has adopted the recommendations of the working group (which includes CU Athletic Director Rick George) for Name, Image and Likeness legislation … Story can be found here;

— As to what it all means, and where the NCAA goes from here, go to the source. The NCAA has posted a set of Questions and Answers concerning the NIL legislation … Story can be found here;

The CU Recruiting Class of 2021 is sitting at two commitments. It may seem that, in wake of the lack of official visits, that commitments would be down this spring.

In fact, the exact opposite is true, with a record number of verbal commitments this spring. According to 247 Sports … As of May 6, there are 627 committed recruits in the current class of rising seniors (class of 2021). As of May 6 of last year, there were 302 committed recruits (class of 2020). As of May 6 two years ago, there were 243. As of May 6 three years ago, there were 299.

The nationwide shutdown does seem to be the cause. The class of 2021 did not have that many more committed prospects pre-shutdown than normal years.

But since recruiting was effectively shut down on March 14, 424 prospects in the class of 2021 have committed. Compare that to 198 over the same period last year, 170 the year before, and 202 the year before that.

On the lighter side …

Two games from my “Top 40 Games of the Past 40 Years” were discussed …

— No. 37 … December 25, 1998 – Colorado 51, No. 21 Oregon 43 – CU out-scores Oregon; Neuheisel leaves for Washington … which Brad felt should not have made the Top 40; and

— No. 22 … October 8, 2005 – Colorado 41, Texas A&M 20 – Watching Buffs trash the Aggies (from the press box) … which Brad would have put into his Top Ten (if only because we got to watch the first half from the press box, and the second half from the field)


Until we get some definitive word on the future of the 2020 season (and can start talking more in depth about position battles and opponents’ strengths and weaknesses), we are going to keep alternating every two weeks between the Mailbag and Road Trip segments (up next: our trip to Seattle in 1989 for the game against the 21st-ranked Huskies … the week after Sal Aunese died).

Your support of the Podcast is much appreciated. If you have comments, suggestions, critiques or complaints, let me know ( This is our first season, and we are looking for your input as to how to make the Podcast better, and how to make it a part of your Podcast listening rotation.

Go Buffs!



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