CU at the Game Podcast – Mailbag Edition; July, 2020

It is being reported that the Pac-12 will be playing a ten-game, conference-only schedule. Who will CU’s 10th opponent be? What other changes to the schedule will be required? And … from the Mailbag … Which other Power-Five conference schools should CU emulate, both on and off the field? Is it naive to believe CU can again be an elite team? Why has CU been unable to produce – for over two decades now – an NFL-quality quarterback?

I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to your comments!

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Program Note … Next month, we’re getting serious, as we will take a look at the CU roster, and go unit-by-unit to see where the Buffs are at heading into the 2020 season, and which position battles are still to be played out in Fall Camp …

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Go Buffs!

3 Replies to “CU at the Game Podcast – July, 2020 Mailbag Edition”

  1. I liked the podcast Stu …very direct, to the point and kept moving. I have always been hesitant to listen to podcasts because 1. I get annoyed when I am trying to read something on a website and a talking head erupts in the column trying to divert my attention. 2. Being impatient, I have turned off podcasts, most of the time when there are a couple or more people involved who trade greetings to each other, small talk and banter about unrelated things for several minutes before getting to the point.
    With my digression ended, a lot of us were wondering why Lewis wasnt rated a 4 star. His stats and comp level in Texas would seem to bear that out. …especially the stats in the playoffs….or crunch time. I have my fingers crossed that he will be the starter as a freshman whenever we get to see a game again. I went back and forth with Howell on this stating that it would be an improvement over the current QB situation (without him factored in) if he did nab the starting job. Brian saw it otherwise. I assume because it would signify to him just how far behind the curve Noyer and Lytle are.
    If Lewis does succeed in that respect it might be imperative to get a decent QB in this class. Noyer has already bailed once and what will Lytle do if a kid comes in as a four year starter ahead of him?
    I’ma big fan of the ASU and USC kid QBs. I see others across the country too lighting it up. Howell and I did agree the most important Lewis “ingredient” would be his peripheral vision, the ability to process that vision into quick and accurate passing decisions. Game management would seem to be easier to coach

  2. Any mention of bowl games, would the eligibility bar be lowered to 5 games ?
    Now that I see some sports (pro) being played again I am ever hopeful for College Football, though I understand it is a very different situation with students and unpaid athletes…

    1. Depending on whether or not we make it through the fall on schedule, it would appear that the conferences are planning on a world without bowl games. If the Pac-12 title game, for instance, were to be pushed back to December 19th, that would only give the conference champion – if they qualified – only two weeks to prepare for the playoffs.
      If everything works out perfectly, there could be some bowl games, but I wouldn’t count on it. CU could finish 5-5, and be bowl eligible for the first time in four years, and yet still have to stay home.

      If games – including championship games – get pushed back, there could be an opening for bowl games. But then again, if that happened, it would be because teams were having issues keeping players available, and there could be backlash for trying to squeeze in another road game after a difficult fall.

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