CU at the Game Podcast – Mailbag Edition; June, 2020

In this month’s Mailbag, Stuart and Brad review your questions: Is it time to push the panic button CU’s 94th-ranked Recruiting Class? … Should CU continue to take on twice as many Power-Five non-conference opponents as do its Pac-12 rivals? … And, going back 30 years – What would the 1989 and 1990 seasons looked like if Sal Aunese hadn’t been stricken with cancer? Would he – as Darian Hagan did as his replacement – have led the Buffs to back-to-back national championship games? (No right answer to the last question, but it does make for an interesting topic).

I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to your comments!

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Program Note … Next month, we’re getting serious, as we will take a look at the CU roster, and go unit-by-unit to see where the Buffs are at heading into the 2020 season, and which position battles are still to be played out in Fall Camp …

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Go Buffs!


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  1. I may be wrong but wont this be like a 9 recruit class? That being the case, whats to panic about? Makes since to take the right ones even if it takes a little more time.
    The Denver media are crowing about Daddio’s class up at the mutton farm but almost all of them are 2 stars

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