CU at the Game Podcast – Episode 3: Interview with Sean Tufts

Welcome to the third episode of the CU at the Game Podcast, containing my interview with Buffs4Life President (and former CU linebacker), Sean Tufts.

Sean and I spend some time talking about the Buffs4Life Foundation, its good works, and its connection to the CU community. Also discussed – because we can – Sean’s career as a Buff in the early 2000’s, including his memories of the 62-36 game against Nebraska and the Big 12 title game against Texas. Sean also spent three years in the NFL before returning to Boulder, where he spent his fall weekends … as a Ralphie Handler.

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Related … “Podcast Companion – Sean Tufts Interview“, with links to videos of the 2001 Nebraska game (62-36!), the Pac-12 title game against Texas, as well a highlight package for the entire 2001 season. There is also a video highlight from the 2002 Kansas State game … enjoy!





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