Editor’s Note … If you have ever perused the Comments section of the website, you are familiar with “VK Berlin” and his comments. Challenged to come up with original CU content, below is what I received. I have made no edits – grammar and spelling are the author’s … 

VK’S VOICE ……………. The Introduction

Opening Notes:
1. Mad City born, raised, high school ’65.
2. Infantry Officer Vietnam
3. The Real UW. Mucked around. 1968 “We don’t rank the pros with the amateurs”
4. To Boulder. CU 6 years, Shroomville, Catacombs, Potters, Walrus ……Sheesh
5. Off to work: Boulder, Florida, Boulder, Nevada, Boulder, California, Boulder
6. Retired. Yeehaw at the start of the 21st century

Sooooooooooooooooooooo there you have it………..kinda……..


Red Dogs! No not Huskers or Huskerettes, but Buffalo Babies. Born reddish-brown in the late spring. They can keep up with the herd 2 to 3 hours after birth. Conceived in august and up and running in the spring with the Mighty Buffalo Herd. Buffalo fact. And the cycle continues into ‘forever.’
Boulder, Brute, Buff.

If you haven’t peed in the trough urinals, walked out with toilet paper stuck to your shoe and turned the wrong way thinking you were heading back to you seat, you haven’t been to Folsom. At least in the right condition. It’s in Boulder, Brutes play there and it’s Buff.

Ya the views are beautiful with the Flatiorns, the skies the buildings, blah blah blah, but that is just the frosting. The decoration, the façade of the Buff Fan. You know that to be true. Buffs in Boulder are Brutes. Ya have to be. It’s why you come here.

Being a Buff fan is a life not meant for the weak or the timid. Hence the tune.

I was “born” a Red Dog in in September 1973 at a Badger game. Buffaloes at Camp Randall. A “Casey Jones” moment….it was a fad……Off to Boulder. Yup that was the day. Buffs whipped the Badgers 1974 Buff whipped Badgers again. Saw it at Folsom. The Red Dog was a year old and now unstoppable.

Twenty years latter……………..

During the eighties and nineties I had 20 season Tickets through my company and personal ones. In 1994 I invited 10 of my arrogant badger buds to the Badger game with the Mighty Buffs at Folsom, and they were so sure of their victory it just made me smile. (Recall the Badgers were 10-1-1 in 1993) Buffs embarrassed the badgers, much to my delight. And went to Camp Randall the next year and whipped em again. (Boulder, Brutes Buffs) Oh the joy of it all. Course the Badgers beat the Buffs in 2002 at the Alamo bowl so I did get a bunch of calls.

Buff Fans, are they really Badger fans in disguise or visa versa? Lots of similarities at different times over the years. Ups Downs and no bowls. The Badgers have had their “flimflamman” and their “Wacmac”, and their “Midnight Mel”. (several)……………………….And I ragged them all……………even from Boulder!! But now they once again have a real coach. Just like the Mighty Buffs now have a real coach. This guy ain’t no fly-by-night get the next deal coach. He never left Boulder County to live. He decided it is his home even after he didn’t have a job here…… Damn how lucky is that. And he is talented.

He is Boulder, He is Brute and he is Buff. And dang nab it he is here.

So here we go. I am totally convinced HCKD has his man on defense. Actually, his men. On offense I am not so sure. QB coach, Ol coach, TE coach are his men. Hagan has proven himself. Chev is not his man and has not proven himself. I am hoping this is the season that Chev actually comes into his own. I have backed him since the beginning although I thought his childish marketing campaign to be the next HC resembled a “loan officer” trying to persuade you his deal was the best. It was disappointing.

I am also on the bandwagon that HCKD is the best thing to happen to CU athletics since Rick George …………………and good ol Tad (Welcome to our neighborhood) is just rolling along in the good-ol Tad way. It is gonna be a great fall eh?

Can’t wait.

Now Stu, it ain’t gonna be 1250 words, cause me personally is not that interesting of a topic though I do have a lot of charm. I will try to do better next time as I peruse the controversial topics you kinda avoid. And to others out there, please hold your criticism till you see more than one. Oh never mind do what you want. Writing ain’t my strength, but I am not gonna post no “go look at these links to finish the story” What you see, as always is what you get and what you deserve. (Inside note: I certainly hope that some-day-soon, some of you learn how to use paragraphs when you write. Gawd they are hard to read. Just use the enter key …………sheesh…You know who you are.)

Now I must also say I enjoy reading some of Stu-supporter posts. Some good insight. Some are funny as hell. Some are just dumb-but funny. Some are just dumb-but stupid. It’s okay cause it is the right of a Buff fan to be how he/she is (I don’t use pronouns) And of course some go in the ear, cause the ache and then out the Butt.
I am not gonna reread this, cause I am expecting it to be in my normal incoherent writing fashion which you all know already how to decipher to see the excellence of my points. Stu will fix any spelling errors.

There are a couple of topics I am pursuing for future publication. I am hoping I can gin or shroom one up once a week. We will see.

Ok that’s it 996 words


Note: Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
I been feeling it since 1966, now
Might’ve had your fill, but you feel it still
Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
Let me kick it like it’s 1986, now
Might be over now, but I feel it still


24 Replies to “VK’s Voice”

  1. I wonder if we ever crossed paths at CU. My years we 65-74 – Chem engr and Eddie Crowder. No luck with N****. Still a lot of great games.

  2. Thank you for your service, VK. After surviving Vietnam, the rest must seem like gravy. And thank you to all those who served. Today is the anniversary of D-Day. Those who served make it possible for everyone to pontificate on lesser subjects like they’re life and death.

  3. Hi VK,
    You and I have been chatting on numerous websites and blogs (including this one) for several years. Although we do not always agree, I enjoy your perspective and point of view and we have always kept it civil. I am glad Stuart gave you this opportunity and I like to read others thoughts and opinions (even the ones with which I disagree). I know you will always give your honest opinion even on subjects others may shy away from which I think is important. I will be interested to see what you have to say in the future, GO BUFFS!

  4. VK and I had a lot of fun roasting nub fans for years in the comment section of the BZ. Good times.

    1. Yup right Yup….

      Having Kornkob roasts was a ball. All those kornhole posters on the site bemoaning their team and pounding our Mighty Buffs.
      But some were okay.

      I actually got a post from a Lady whose husband was a Husker poster who participated a lot in those wild exchanges using her husbands screen name. He had died and she stated, “He really enjoyed all the banter between us and he wanted me to know.”

      Sheesh…………..said a prayer.

      Makes ya feel pretty good. Good times is right.

      Go Buffs

      Note: And just so you know, I did communicate with her. The brotherhood of football fans.

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed kicking the crap out of nepabuff and a few of those other delusional husker posters back then. Funny that none of them have surfaced here that I recall.

  5. I’ve been reading your comments for years. I always look forward to them. You’ve been prolific through thick and thin and always have a very good sense of things. Love the humor. Love the rhythm. Love the way you trigger your hapless critics, (who take themselves way too seriously). Well done! Keep up the good work! Go Buffs!

  6. The Red Dog designation is understandable as the calves are cinnamon colored, but it sure is tough seeing the word red associated with buffaloes. First heard the term watching Cross Timber’s Bison YouTube videos, and my soul was crushed hearing the word red.

    For those wondering why Ralphie is female and not male, this bison ranch video shows how intimidating the males are.


  7. VK, you always have an interesting perspective on the Buffs! Now we see why you are a frequent contributor, being retired and all.

    Tip: write your column text in a word processor with s-p-e-l-l-c-h-e-c-k, then copy over!

  8. VK has a lot of charm and we get what we deserve.
    there you have it
    and the guy is older than I am. Surprised? Not. More codger talk. Women’s tees?

  9. For Stu: My apologies in advance if my tongue in cheek suggestion to have VK as a contributing writer now may have created a monster. It was my attempt to turn the tables on a heckler. At least it may turn out to be an entertaining monster!

    For VK: First of all, hats off to you sir for your duty to this country in Viet Nam. I salute you.
    I would give your first article a thumbs up. I too was at Camp Randall in 1995 for Ricky’s first game. I recall having to dispatch a drunk and disorderly Badger fan with a hard fist to the solar plexus after he was harassing my friends clad in Black and Gold.
    Anyway, looking forward to more stuff, hope you are right about HCKD.

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