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First, Happy Fathers-Day Week
Second, the US Open golf is fabulous TV

Buffs Win, Buffs Win, Buffs Win (Dream City)
“And I didn’t wanna write a post Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care I don’t but, you still ………………………………..?”
What is Babble. Could be: abracadabra, blabber, burble, double Dutch, double-talk, drivel, gabble, gibber, gibberish, jabber, jabberwocky, mumbo jumbo, nonsense, prattle, slobber.
Sounds about right eh?

Well let’s jump in with Preseason Magazines. What a bunch of krappholer krap. Complete unknowns and knowns jabbering about the mighty buffaloes using information they picked up on CU AT the Game, restructuring it in their image resulting in mostly mumbo jumbo double talk that only bankers can understand. I started to go back and read some of the links Stu put under his Preseason Magazines heading and pretty much everyone states the same thing in a slightly different manner. Jabberwocky at its best.

Key repetitions.
Buffs suck
Buffs have sucked forever
Buffs will continue to suck
Buffs will not have a winning season
Buffs will not get to a bowl. They laugh about that.
Buffs new coach is cute but is not good.
Buffs have an unknown coaching staff
Buffs have low level recruits
Buffs will finish 5th in the Pac 12 South
Buffs have no qb experience
Buffs have okay running game but last year was a fluke.

And there is so much more to garner from this Double Dutch. Mein Gott how do the maligned Buff fans put up with this. Why even play the games? The future is already written. (Inside note: The are always put forth as Anomalies Wins etc., and they are brushed aside quickly as lucky breaks for the Buffs, bad breaks for the opponents. Sheesh!!)

Being a Buff fan is akin to living in the 15-month Covid environment. Only for Buff fans it’s 15 years
Hide your face,
Stay in your house
Don’t socialize
Do what your told
Be subservient
Believe the press
Don’t talk back
Well I guess that is why Buff fans survived Covid so well. Years of practice.
But Covid is over and double dang nab it, I’m breaking out of “Trapped Buff Fan Bubble: I aunt wearing no face covering. And I am Smiling I am out walking the dog
Partying like it’s 1989.
No vacuuming the house or washing the dishes (The dishwasher is the white thing next to the sink not this old white man drinking a beer)
Screw those 2-bit football rags. Not going to read those propaganda pieces anymore
I am talking back!

Middle note: Break time, going to pop a brew….maybe two.

45 minutes later I am back and feeling a bit more mellow. But seriously I am so sick of taking a pounding by that bunch of abracadabra key pounders. Most are just repeaters with minimal analysis and thought process included in their “write-downs.”
The beer is wearing off and that mean feeling is coming back again.
But wait, feeling better again as I am watching and listening to Sammy Haggar on Fox NASCAR All-star race in Texas. Love that stuff. NASCAR is so artistic.


Okay it’s loud, but if you have never been to one live. Shut up.
On another note, how about Noyer making that move. He really is going home. Familiar area and OC. Always a Buff I guess eh?
Lots of interesting recruits visiting campus. Even some 4 stars. Have to wait and see if “ the goods” are good enough to get “the goods.” Oh well don’t expect many. Buffs are a 3-star school. And ya know what that ain’t bad really.
No clue how big the 2022 class can be. Current roster has 3 seniors and 3 graduate students and they have to go back to 85 scholarships in 2022 and they already have 7 commits. What does this all mean? Stu tell me the answer.

Roster (scholy and non-scholy)
29 freshmen
12 redshirt freshmen
25 Sophomores
23 juniors
3 seniors
3 graduates

Why are they so young every single year? Maybe one-year exception. I’m not sure I know what causes that? Maybe better recruiting you know attrition happens? Maybe the coaching changes and it doesn’t matter whether it is the head coach or the position coaches. Look it up it’s a continual 50 -60 underclassman. Ya I know covid effect and extra year but it happens a lot

So, it is Father’s Day week and I was going to take the week off and not put anything down. Ya know this………. when Stu was saying I was going to try and write something once a week ……………….It has really hampered my posting. I like the posting gig a lot, the writing gig not so much. I mean with posting I can spread my babble and intelligence all over Stu’s pages. Writing means put It all in once place. I’m more like an infantry special forces guy who is everywhere at one time vs that guy who led the charge of the light brigade (into the valley rode the 600) and whose bastard 4th removed nephew (I’m smiling) still babbellates on this site.

The Covid virus is over. But is the “Bad Football Buff virus over?
You know how I feel about it.
Go Buffs and Happy Father’s Day

Note: Hey, it appears some of the rags are putting up positive stuff about the Mighty Buffs. Wonder where they are getting that junk from. Well I’ll tell where:
“Write here in CUATG CITY”

Note 2: Taking the summer off. Last attempt at writing. Only posting. Yur welcome. But I like it so I will be back better than ever for the “LONG RUN”


19 Replies to “VK Voice”

  1. Stuart, I watched VK create division and conflict when the Daily Camera allowed posting. This site is higher level than the bickering he elicits.

        1. My challenge to you – after you decried the lack of original content – was to come up with one original essay a week.
          After a few short weeks, you are backing out.
          Quad erat demonstrandum

          1. really??

            When did I say I was backing out?
            I told you I had another one for next week.

            Then I was going on vacation and would be back.


            Yur a hard boss.

            I kinda actually enjoy it even though I struggle with it. Hard part is picking out topics and then backing them up.

            Anyway I will tell you when I am back and submit again after the coming week and you can publish or not. After all I am doing this excellent work for FREE!


          2. Really? Bitching about not getting paid for a few essays? I’ve been doing this for over a decade – 365 days a year – for free.
            Be grateful that I am not charging you for giving you a forum … Just a reminder: Snarky is a quick way to end all access.

            P.S. Q.E.D. is Latin … roughly translated as “what was asked is proven”. You couldn’t accept the challenge of providing weekly content.

          3. Is that Spanish.
            And again if you really go back and look what I wrote is was not “the lack of” but the fact “I wanted more” guess yur perspective is key eh?

    1. Okay John,
      If it doesn’t fit your narrative it must be bickering and division.
      Yup cancel culture


  2. Very entertaining. VK, you do you. Your passion as a Buff fan is OK by me. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need”

  3. I really am the contrarian. This one sort of made me chuckle, with the ramblings and all. He’s a goof. But bless his demented mind.

    Go Buffs

    1. Hey thanks.

      Goof eh?

      Well alrighty then.

      Mirror. It has to be tough for you, to always be one upped even before you post.


      Note: Admit it dog-faced-kornholer-soldier?

  4. Hey you all
    don’t read it
    if you don’t like it

    you “karens” ain’t gonna “cancel culture me”

    “soy -boys” roll in mobs.


    Note: You guys probably hated the NASCAR link too. Yur anti-merica
    Note 2: Okay I’ll do better, I promise.

  5. Completely forgot that VK Berlin existed and now I wish I didn’t stumble upon this post. Buffs Nation couldn’t have said it better–a vainglorious troll who brings down others. If only he was a Husker fan who would spam all of their message boards and comment sections.

  6. VK is a vainglorious troll who brings down others and has an insatiable need for attention and to believe he’s right and has the only valid opinion. Give him his megaphone moment then help him set up his own social media platform and pat him in the head and send him away.

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