CU at the Game Podcast … CU Fall Preview: Offense / Plus: CU and the Defections of Texas and Oklahoma

Fall Camp, 2021, and it’s time to take a unit-by-unit look at the Colorado offense. Stuart and Brad are joined by special guest Neil Langland, who will help answer the questions CU faces this fall:

Will it be J.T. Shrout or Brendon Lewis who will be the starting quarterback? (Or will we not know for sure until the Texas A&M game?). How will the carries for the talented CU backfield be sorted out? Will there be a breakout star at wide receiver? Will THIS be the year of the tight end at CU? And, at the end of the day, will the Buff offensive line come together and give CU a chance to dominate games this fall?

We’ll then take a look at the big story of the summer, the defections of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, and what this surprising move will mean to CU and the Pac-12.

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One Reply to “CUATG Podcast – Fall Preview: CU Offense / Plus: CU and Realignment”

  1. lots of good fundamental, conservative and logical talk.
    Having said that there were a couple of things that bothered me.
    First and foremost was…Neil?…hard to tell whose voice it was with 3 people talking and me trying to multi task…but…questioning Lewis ability read defenses kind of pissed me off when there is no really foundation for that. Maybe he cant maybe he can but I dont think anyone else can say right now. I hope that wasn’t racially oriented. And of course Shrout’s stats at Tennessee doesn’t exactly scream literate either.
    It all boils down of course to one of you guys touting Shrout’s experience…..pfft. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself with the Webb kid from Kansas who was given the job based on bad experience at KS that continued here. It sounds like Shrout has the arm but one of the more astute posters in here noticed how Shrout seemed to fall apart when the play did the same which doesnt say much for his decision making either.
    Secondly all I heard was damnation by faint praise for the O line and questioning their physicality. Dont say that Filip’s face. That guy loves to hit. Broussard’s amazing short season was IMHO made by his YAC but the holes were there in the first place.
    And then there is Texas to the SEC. Yeah they got plenty of money but there is never enough. Look at the rest of college football. Its all become a money race for facilities, coaches salary’s TV rights and right down to the players now. Texas is looking for more. Maybe recent oil prices, the switch to green energy and the cost of restoring the Texas energy grid after the freeze might be diverting some of that money
    And one thing that was said that was absolutely true was about Texas’ arrogance especially when they are entering the conference with a fellow Big 12 member that has their number. I can almost here them saying….shoooweee ……we can take out most everyone in that at conference.
    Yeah Alabama is going to be iffy but Georgia, LSU and of course A&M are there for the taking. Good luck guys. I hope they fail as bad as Nebraska has

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