CU At The Game Podcast – Unit-by-Unit Spring Roster Review: Offense

Well … They’re back …

After giving Brad Geiger and Neill Langland some time off while the CU at the Game NIL Podcast campaign got underway, they are now back to join Stuart as they give you a look at the CU roster on the offensive side of the ball for spring practices, 2022.

For the Buffs, the numbers last year on offense were abysmal:

Rushing offense … 126.2 yds/ game … 98th nationally (out of 130 teams)
Passing offense … 131.2 yds/game … 126th nationally
Total offense … 257.4 yds/game … 129th nationally
Scoring offense … 18.8 pts/game … 121st nationally

There were some changes in the assistant coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball, with Mike Sanford in as the new offensive coordinator. Will these changes make a difference?

Stuart, Brad, and Neil will take a unit-by-unit look at the roster, and hopefully answer some questions:

… Is the job of starting quarterback Brendon Lewis’ to lose? Or will JT Shrout and the underclassmen make it a two- or three-man race?;
… Can the running back and wide receiver corps overcome the defections from the roster? Is there enough talent left in those rooms to make some noise in the Pac-12 this fall?; and
… Are there enough talented bodies along the offensive line, objectively one of the worst in recent memory, or will Buff fans have to hope the CU coaching staff will be digging into the Transfer Portal later this spring in search of immediate help?

Let’s find out …

Previous podcasts … All of the Episodes from Season 1 (2020), and Season 2 (2021), can be downloaded here … The most recent … 

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5 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Spring Roster Review: Offense”

  1. I just posted a comment on the Colorado Daily column….about Dave Logan and Alfred W. on KOA regarding QB’s…….and like EP, I hope Oakie Salave’a gets a chance at QB. It looks like he has good wheels and he throws a nice ball…..BUT, I have to admit that was the recruiting video I saw which doesn’t show us anything less than stellar plays.

    Damn, he reminds me of Sal tho’…..and that’s saying a lot…..but, one must remember Coach Mac1 could really recruit because he was sincere and straight forward with his recruits and they really believed in him.

    I think KD has those qualities….I reckon we would always like to be a fly on a wall during some of his recruiting visits. The word on Barry Switzer was that if he smelled anything wafting from the kitchen on a recruiting visit, he would always comment on how good it smelled and most of the recruiting visit was about charming the player’s mother. Being a southern boy himself, Switzer really knew southern cooking. JOB DONE.


  2. So, I have definitely drank the cool aid. Especially compared to you three! I gotta say last years offense was horrific and I have said it over and over again that in this case the bulk of it is on Lewis shoulders. He could just not read and play fast enough. He held the ball way past 3 seconds before he even went into a throwing motion. I do not know if that is how he was coached but I suspect not. I suspect like most freshman (myself included) the field looked like a swarm of colors I could not interpret fast enough. He will either develop that ability (I never could but I didn’t play long enough at that level, but I have been told by others that it can develop) or he will be replaced by Shrout or someone else. Shrout does have that ability. I watched the Tennessee games he played in and the ball comes out quick, he sometimes skips it (remember Sefo?) but it comes out quick and on time and he throws a really good deep ball. If the ball comes out on time the defense is unable to completely load the box. I talked to Roddick a bit at the last event and he basically said the defenses walked a safety into the box, as soon as they had a run read they crashed down, a pass read they backed out. Becuase Lewis was taking so long to read t,hey had more than enough time to get to their area of responsibility. On the o line, all of the guys I spoke to said Rodrigue was a disaster. One even went so far as to say he felt he got worse with his coaching and felt the first practice afterward was the first time he felt he learned anything at all. On health, Roddick has gotten a whole lot stronger from last year. He was injured as well as Phillip. I suspect t a return to 2020 form for both of them.

  3. lotta close to the vest stuff but not much to go on this time a year ….especially with the O line.
    Its certainly easier to pick the leading candidates for starting positions in the other areas of the offense but I am always more intrigues by the new guys.
    First is Okie Salave’a. Cant deny my interest in him with the history with another Samoan QB being Sefo. I understand they are completely 2 different people but with the passion the islanders bring to the game I hope he gets a fair chance to show what he can do AS QB.
    Second is Hankerson. I still cant figure out why this kid is, for the time being anyway, a greyshirt.
    Was it because he came in late after they already had Venn and Jefferson? His offer sheet is outstanding. There are many coaches of highly successful teams out there that think he has what it takes. Cant find another schollie? I would be a pissed off fan if he hits the portal before getting one..
    Glad to hear the board give a little nod to Venn. They usually shy away from incoming credit to freshmen

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