CU At The Game Podcast – Interview with CU Transfer Offensive Lineman Tommy Brown

I am joined for this episode by CU offensive lineman Tommy Brown, a graduate transfer from Alabama. A four-star recruit from California high school power Mater Dei, Brown had offers from over half of the schools in the Pac-12, as well as a half-dozen SEC schools. After participating in three national championship games in the past four seasons – including a national title in 2020 – Brown graduated in 2021, and transferred to CU with two years of eligibility remaining.

Brown talks with us about what it was like being a four-star recruit, his decision to commit to Alabama, what it was like to play for a program that went 50-5 over the past four seasons.

What is it like transferring from a program favored in almost every game … to a program which will be an underdog in almost every game? What went into Tommy’s decision to choose CU in the transfer portal over other suitors? And what does the Alabama weight room have that the CU weight room doesn’t have?

Let’s find out …

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4 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Interview with OL Tommy Brown”

  1. Tommy came to CU for playing time. Good call. I bet he gets plenty. And hopefully is the first of a resurgence of CU linemen to make the NFL.

    Go Buffs

  2. Loved the interview. I would love to talk to him after spring practice and compare Saban’s process to Dorrell’s. I suspect the process is about the same but the question is are the players as bought in. Is every rep done at the right intensity, is the expectation of perfection there? Or are the players allowed to slide? Would Saban and his coaches have spent the first few weeks getting to know their players or would the players all have playbooks and be expected to know the plays and be tasked with football tasks outside of strength and conditioning? Saban is the gold standard, I think that we hear that Dorrell has a “family” atmosphere where the coaches do care about their players, which is great and I think it will draw players here but will it produce winning seasons? How do you strike the balance between have a family atmosphere and demanding perfection? As many will know I have an optimistic view of the season, even with the losses. But football success is built in the off-season. The reps, the strength, the speed is all built in the off-season. Turley was a master of building this at Stanford are the players here bought in enough to do it right here…. I think the one thing I have thought about CU is that we always had a few guys that were and did everything right, and in 2016 we had all of the starters and great luck with injuries. But Alabama has a 100 guys doing it right. Can we get all 100 guys doing it right? That is the role of a head coach. Building a program to motivate all 100 guys in the off-season to do it right.

  3. Got a good feeling now about Transfer Tommy. Thanks for joining the Buff Nation Tom. Show Sabin he still isnt the perfect coach. But dont be so good you get drafted after one year….just kidding on that one. If your season is that good Buffland will be more than happy.
    And Thanks also Stuart for making your schedule even busier with these interviews…and beating buffzone to the punch.
    Time to prepare the pizza, take the beer out of the fridge and into the ice bucket next to the TV chair. Wife is rooting for the Rams on Von Miller’s account. Me? Go Bengals. There is a reason I watched Joe Burrow’s NC…the only one I watched for what seems like 10 years. Most of my father’s family lives about an hour and a half from Cincy.

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