CU At The Game Podcast Interview: Defensive Lineman Jalen Sami

Welcome back to our NIL Interview series. In this episode, we are introduced to CU’s starting defensive lineman, Jalen Sami. A lightly-recruited player out of Colorado Springs, Sami was asked by the Mike MacIntyre coaching staff to gray-shirt, delaying his enrollment until the spring of 2018.

Sami made a splash when he did take the field in his freshman season in 2019, recovering a fumble in his very first game, a rout of CSU in Denver. Later that season, Sami saved the day against Washington, making a play on – of all things – special teams.

Now on his third head coach and sixth position coach, Sami still has two years of eligibility remaining. Sami already has 24 career starts under his belt, but believes he just had his best spring since he arrived in Boulder in 2018, and can’t wait, as he put it, “to shock the world”.

So … What was it like being 6’6″, 320-pounds in high school, and being lightly recruited? … What does Sami think of CU’s move from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense? … Why does Sami think that, even though he’ll have a year of eligibility left for the 2023 season, he may be playing elsewhere next fall? … And what was Sami’s motivation in playing against Washington in 2019 which may have helped him make the play which saved the day for the Buffs? ..

… Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Interview – Defensive Lineman Jalen Sami”

  1. Great interview. I was a bit concerned about the playing somewhere else comment but glad that was cleared up .

  2. Great interview. I always feel a bit better about the season after these interviews. The guys seem motivated and they all seem focused and ready to turn things around. I think that while us fans have had decades of losing most of these players had a winning season just 2 years ago so winning is not a big jump for them. I also liked your point about his 2 star rating. I think the boards all 8mplode over our recruit ratings but Sami has been one of our better guys for a while now. Sure the 5 star and 4 star kids are nice but Sami is a stud I’ll take 4 of him.

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