CU At The Game Podcast – Interview with CU senior defensive end Terrance Lang

I am joined for this episode by senior defensive lineman Terrance Lang. Terrance is a sixth-year senior, which used to be an anomaly, but is not as unusual as it once was what with the COVID year of 2020 not counting against eligibility. Still, as a recruit from the CU Class of 2017 – coming in as the Buffs and Pac-12 Coach of the Year Mike MacIntyre were coming off of a 10-win season – Terrance has been through a great deal, including being coached by three different  staffs in as many seasons between 2018 and 2020.

A recognized leader, both by his peers and his coaches, Terrance lets us in on how the Buffs are doing coming off of a 4-8 year and a series of defections through the Transfer Portal. If you are like me, you won’t be able to help but cheer for No. 54 as he takes the field this fall.

So … Which two young defensive lineman does Terrance see as stepping up and having an impact this fall? What are his personal goals for the 2022 season? As a leader in the locker room, what is Terrance seeing from the current Buff team during conditioning drills this spring which gives him optimism for the 2022 season?

Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Interview with DL Terrance Lang”

  1. Thanks for the interview Stu! Great to here from Terrance. I found it very interesting that he said that Wilson and So’oto were very similar in philosophies. It does make for an easier transition. I think it is awesome to hear that the buffs non mandatory work outs are getting 85% attendance. The off-season is a chance to grow and get better. If you are not putting the time in now you will be the same as last year and if you have 85% showing up that means you have a bunch of guys committed to getting better now. I also found it interesting that he played injured last year during the middle of the season. Hope he stays healthy all year and has a great final campaign that leads to a future in the NFL. Last comment, I think it shows Wilson’s mindset that the first thing out of his mouth is I want to be an elite run stopper. Then he talked about pass rushing. I just rewatched the Washington game and man did we stop the run….. crushed it. But the third and long passes killed us. We won that game becuase of great defense and stopping the run despite the horrible pass defense. I wonder if that really is a sign of what Wilson focuses on. If you interview another d lineman I would love to know how they switch from defending a run to defending a pass and if that means they change t3chniques in the middle of a play….

  2. That young man is a stud. Very glad he chose to come back and finish his career at CU. He should get a shot to play on Sundays. Oh, and there’s Darian, quietly doing work. Again.

    Go Buffs

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