CU At The Game Podcast: A Review of the Spring Showcase and an Assessment of CU Spring Ball, 2022

The University of Colorado conducted its 2022 Spring Showcase on April 23rd, concluding spring practices with a 65-play controlled scrimmage. Walk-ons – from running back Charlie Offerdahl to receiver Michael Harrison to safety Jordan Woolverton – made names for themselves, while the defense overall had the better of it on a sunny afternoon in Boulder.

I am joined by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland as we go unit-by-unit to discuss the spring showcase, and then take a step back to review the 15-practice spring of 2022.

Is the starting quarterback position Brendon Lewis’ to lose heading into Fall Camp? … Can the offensive line make due with the present lineup, or should Buff fans be hoping for a quick fix from the Transfer Portal? … Has the switch from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense helped turn the Buff defensive line into a strength? … Is the defensive backfield filled with young talent – or just young players?

And will fans be singing the praises of Charlie Offerdahl well into the fall, or will we have to wait until next spring to hear his name over once again the Folsom Field PA system? …

Let’s find out …

Previous podcasts … All of the Episodes from Season 1 (2020), and Season 2 (2021), can be downloaded here … The most recent … 

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3 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Spring Showcase & Spring Review”

  1. That would explain the defensive domination. The defense recognized the base play instantly and went to where they knew the ball was going…..

    I will add that I saw a couple things in practice that I really thought might help
    1. The quarterbacks have a drill where they are doing footwork but the coach is standing there making sure they get the ball out fast. I think he is training there mind to have a click I. Their head and make sure the ball is coming out by then.
    2. The kick step is back. There was a drill where they basically just worked on the kick step technique. Last year this technique disappeared completely, in the first spring scrimmage it was kinda there. This scrimmage it was on every drop back pass. It wasn’t perfect but it was so much better. That was done in like 15 practices. I suspect we will be solid if we can stay healthy.

  2. Great pod cast guys. I got the sense that you are all a little but more positive than the last podcast reviewing everything. It seems you have transitioned to “there is potential” but we would need to stay healthy and the potential we see would need to fill that potential. Am I right?

    1. Like most Buff fans, we’ve had varying degrees of sipping the Kool-Aid. I will say that I am a bit more optimistic about the offense after my interview with running back Deion Smith (to be posted Sunday morning). When I asked him if the offense was vanilla during the Spring Showcase, he just laughed. He said they basically just ran five plays – “It wasn’t even the first day install. It was more like before the first day install”.

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