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Colorado Daily – Fall Camp

August 7th

*Video: Karl Dorrell’s Media Day Press Conference*

From BuffsTV …

“I’ve been really excited and just impressed with our freshmen,” Dorrell said. “There’s a number of guys in this 2022 class that are making very, very strong impressions on this football team. And I like how the leadership on this team has embraced that.

“Our culture is getting stronger about taking care of one another and bringing guys along. Even though they are in competitive rooms, and they are trying to climb the depth chart, they are still helping out the younger players.”

Receiver Jordyn Tyson, cornerback Joshua Wiggins, linebacker Eoghan Kerry, safety Dylan Dixson and cornerback Keyshon Mills are just some of the true freshmen that have drawn praise during their first months with the Buffaloes.

“I think with the new additions, I feel we’re better,” Dorrell said. “I hate to say that. No, I don’t. I don’t hate to say that. We are better. We have depth. I think the young freshmen that came in are really good players.

“They’re no names right now. That’s a fun process to see when they are no names and then they kind of create their own name on their own. That’s what you’re going to see unfold this fall. There’ll be some guys and you’re like, ‘Who’s that guy? Where did they get him from?’ It’s going to be those kind of responses when you see some of these guys play.”


August 5th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Defensive Coordinator Chris Wilson*

From YouTube, courtesy of … “We don’t have a depth chart, we have a rep chart” … “Be the best at getting better” …

*Video: Mark Johnson interviews RB Deion Smith*

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From BuffsTV …


August 4th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Mark Johnson interviews DL Terrance Lang*

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From BuffsTV …

*Video: Mark Johnson interviews OC Mike Sanford*

From BuffsTV …


August 3rd 

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Brendon Lewis and J.T. Shrout meet the press*

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From YouTube, courtesy of


August 2nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Karl Dorrell after first practice* – “I like where we are. It was a good start”

From YouTube, courtesy of … “Everybody starts and they’re anxious and excited and happy and all that stuff,” Dorrell said at his post-practice wrapup with the media. “Then, usually by practice 12, it’s a different tune because they’re getting sore and beat up and tired and all that stuff.”

“I think they’re showing a level of maturity I haven’t seen since I’ve been here,” Dorrell said. “I think they’ll be able to handle that piece better about having fast starts and then kind of being erratic in the middle.”

“I’ve had a lot of comments from the players offensively just saying they’re excited about the system and how it works, how we have answers, how we can get to the best play, how we can go fast,” Dorrell said. “Those are all the elements I think I wanted offensively — to be able to push it when I want to and be able to slow it down when I want to. So we’re making a lot of progress in both of those areas.”


August 1st

… CU in a few minutes … 

CU’s Strength of Schedule rated 60th in the nation (5th in the Pac-12)

From … There are various methods to measure college football strength of schedule, and the win/loss method is commonly used. In fact, this method is used on the NCAA’s official website.

The win/loss method is exactly as it sounds — it’s based on wins and losses. In order to look ahead before any games are played, the win/loss method is based solely on a team’s opponents’ win/loss record from the previous season.

According to this method, the Navy Midshipmen have the toughest 2022 football schedule, while the UMass Minutemen have the easiest 2022 schedule.

The SEC leads with four teams in the Top 10 of the rankings — Vanderbilt (2), Arkansas (3), Auburn (4), and Mississippi State (5). The Big 12 is second with two teams, followed by the ACC, American, Big Ten, and Mountain West with one each.

Listed below are the complete strength of schedule rankings with win/loss record and winning percentage of each team’s 2022 opponents (includes all games played; numbers compiled by Phil Steele).

Top Ten Most Difficult … 

1. Navy: 100-52, (65.8%)
2. Vanderbilt: 105-55, (65.6%)
3. Arkansas: 102-55, (65.0%)
4. Auburn: 101-55, (64.7%)
5. Mississippi State: 98-58, (62.8%)
5. Boise State: 98-58, (62.8%)
7. Louisville: 96-57, (62.7%)
8. Texas: 99-59, (62.7%)
9. Texas Tech: 95-58, (62.1%)
10. Indiana: 96-59, (61.9%)
11. North Carolina: 94-59, (61.4%)

Bottom Ten Easiest … 

120. Washington State: 68-82, (45.3%)
120. FIU: 68-82, (45.3%)
122. UCF: 66-81, (44.9%)
122. South Alabama: 66-81, (44.9%)
124. UTEP: 66-83, (44.3%)
125. Houston: 64-84, (43.2%)
126. Fresno State: 64-85, (43.0%)
126. New Mexico State: 64-85, (43.0%)
128. Liberty: 64-86, (42.7%)
129. UCLA: 63-85, (42.6%)
130. Louisiana: 58-89, (39.5%)
130. UMass: 58-89, (39.5%)

The Pac-12 … 

16. Arizona: 93-63, (59.6%)
23. Stanford: 89-63, (58.6%)
45. Oregon State: 84-70, (54.5%)
49. Oregon: 83-70, (54.2%)
60. Colorado: 81-71, (53.3%)
75. USC: 78-73, (51.7%)
81. Washington: 76-75, (50.3%)
101. Arizona State: 72-78, (48.0%)
107. Utah: 71-80, (4700%)
114. California: 69-80, (46.3%)
120. Washington State: 68-82, (45.3%)
129. UCLA: 63-85, (42.6%)

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July 31st

… CU in a few minutes …  

Watch for Transfer linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo: “He’s gonna be really good”

From the Daily Camera … This summer, Colorado linebacker Robert Barnes would often arrive at the Champions Center at 7 a.m. to get in a workout.

When he got there, transfer Josh Chandler-Semedo was often there, as well.

“It was a joy to see me get there at 7 a.m. and he’s there with me,” Barnes said during Pac-12 media day on Friday. “That was him. I didn’t tell him to. We just show up early at the same time and I think that already built that chemistry. I’ve got a guy that’s riding with me and he’s gonna work just as hard as me, as well.”

While Barnes and Quinn Perry are team leaders at inside linebacker for the Buffs, it is Chandler-Semedo who leads the way in terms of experience.

CU added Chandler-Semedo to help ease the loss of Nate Landman, an All-Pac-12 linebacker who graduated after last season.

“He’s gonna be really good,” head coach Karl Dorrell said. “He’s made a big impact already. Josh has done everything that I was hoping that he would be. When we brought him in on the visit, he showed such strong leadership qualities even then.

“He would watch tape with us and … he has a lot of traits like Nate in terms of his knowledge and football IQ. He has natural leadership qualities. … It’s gonna be a really positive addition for us.”

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July 30th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Starter at Quarterback undetermined – Dorrell: “I’m excited about the competition. It’s going to help us be a better offense”

From the Daily Camera … At the conclusion of the 2021 season, Brendon Lewis gave himself some homework.

As a redshirt freshman, Lewis started every game at quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes, experiencing more growing pains than success.

“After the season, he went back and watched all of the games just by himself and made notes and critiques about what he could have done better, what he did well, what he needs to improve on,” head coach Karl Dorrell said. “So he went through that process for himself at the end of the season.

“To his credit, he’s invested a lot of time and – I would say sweat equity – this last offseason to develop into being a better quarterback than where he was last fall.”

As the Buffs open preseason camp on Tuesday, there will be a battle for the starting job between Lewis and junior JT Shrout. Going in, Lewis is the man to beat.

Although Lewis and the offense struggled in 2021, the Buffs can at least lean on the experience they have at quarterback. It is the only position group on the team in which every scholarship player is back and it’s the first time in his tenure at CU that Dorrell has returning experience at quarterback.

In addition to experience, Lewis has earned respect in the CU locker room.

“Brendon is a leader. He’s a mentor for younger guys,” junior guard Casey Roddick said. “He’s also one of the mentors that we look up to. He’s on our leadership council. He is one of our prominent captains, as well.”

A year ago, Lewis and Shrout, a 2021 transfer from Tennessee, competed until Shrout went down with a season-ending knee injury in August.

In addition to missing the season, Shrout was limited during spring practices in April. He’s now ready to compete.

“He’s completely 100% right now,” Dorrell said. “He does everything that everybody does in terms of their summer training, so he’s ready to go.”

Shrout hasn’t played a game since Dec. 19, 2020, when he was at Tennessee and Dorrell said Shrout needs to stay patient as he goes through camp.

“I would say with JT, his challenge is JT,” Dorrell said. “I would say that just because he hasn’t played the game in a year. It’s him getting antsy, understanding the competition of it all, stuff like that. He just needs to come out here and perform and really do the things that are comfortable for him to do, kind of get back into the rhythm of being sore and being beat up, stuff like that, that he’s been missing for the last year and a half. Those are things that he’s going to have to kind of take it day by day.

“I’m excited about the competition. It’s going to help us be a better offense.”

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Two CU transfers still on the mend, but should be practicing “by the end of camp”

From the Daily Camera … Two of CU’s highest profile additions were offensive lineman Tommy Brown, a transfer from Alabama, and receiver RJ Sneed, from Baylor.

CU opens preseason camp on Tuesday and both will be nursing injuries. Sneed left the spring showcase early on April 23 with an injury and Brown didn’t play that day. Early this summer, Brown was seen in a social media post on crutches.

“They are not ready right now in terms of being a full participant in practice at the start next week,” Dorrell said. “But we think by the end of camp, they should be practicing and ready to go.”

Overall, Dorrell said the Buffs are relatively healthy, but he is concerned about defensive lineman Janaz Jordan and outside linebacker Alvin Williams. Both are dealing with non-COVID illnesses.

“I’m concerned about their health,” he said. “It’s not whether they can play or not; it’s just, where are they from a health standpoint.”


7 Replies to “Colorado Daily”

  1. Mark Johnson does a great interview. Super likable. I’m slurping the cool-aide. I believe in the Baby Buffs. Love Chris Wilson.

  2. Now then
    I’m actually going to make predictions. Which freshman from each position will make an impact or at least see some PT this coming season.
    Be advised this is based solely, well mostly, on the apparent competition they experienced in high school. I may have watched a few of their highlights but dont remember them. I invite Rob O to spend the next 3 days watching and breaking down all the freshmen highlights to see if it matches up. Remember if a guy is kicking arse and taking names in Lost Gulch KS it doesnt mean he is any good at the next level.
    OK, location, location, location
    the first 3 positions are manned by guys from the Houston area.
    Corner…Joshua Wiggins
    DL……….Ryan Williams
    OL……….Van Wells
    LB……… Eoghan Kerry. Cant miss Irish name from Mater Die high school in Cal
    TB……….Anthony Hankerson. This one is low hanging fruit due not only to his location in the West
    Palm Miami area in a catholic high school who usually recruit far and wide but also to his
    outrageous offer sheet.
    TE……….Seems like we have a number of them still listed as freshmen that were around last year
    and I will go with one of them, Fauria, not only for his Buff blood lines but I have a
    sneaking suspicion he will be the best receiving TE in what I hope…hope hell….pray will
    be at least a 60-40 pass to run offense.
    WR……….Jack Hestera. Just a hunch here. He sounds like one of those guys no one was expecting
    much from but keeps reminding you he cant be ignored…like Offerdahl.
    QB………..I know no one is holding their breath over this because of the Shrout/Lewis
    competition……and if he isnt close already, Earache will wither and blow away if Shrout
    doesnt win…so I’m going to try and keep him breathing by throwing him a bone and
    keeping him off my lawn. Going with Owen McCown. He has those cant miss NFL genes

    1. dang
      I forgot to type in the safety spot. My pick is Aubrey Smith. Multiple GA state champion teams. He is listed as an inside linebacker. At 215 he is a little light for an LB but good size for a safety….and has played safety. AS practice goes on….maybe the coaches will see it that way at a thin position.

    2. EP, Jordan Tyson is the wide receiver who has been making a name for himself during the summer. But other than that I really like your list. After watching Wiggins in the spring game I expect him to get playing time this year. I also expect Kerry to do well but I think he will be buried on the depth chart.

    3. Isn’t this like Fauria’s third year? Seems like he got hurt, then hasn’t done much since. Brady Russell is head and shoulders above every other TE on the roster.

      1. agree on Brady and I may have missed the mark on Fauria but he is still called a freshman on the CUBuff roster

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