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August 27th

… CU in a few minutes … 

**CU Depth Chart released (no resolution at quarterback or tailback)**

CU v. TCU “Preliminary” Depth Chart

From … Colorado’s first depth chart of the season sports plenty of experience at the top, with at least eight — and possibly as many as 10 — of the starting positions held by seniors or graduate transfers.

But overall, the Buffs are once again loaded with more underclassmen than upperclassmen. Of the 81 players listed on the depth chart for CU’s Sept. 2 opener at home against TCU (8 p.m., ESPN), there are 33 freshmen, 23 sophomores, eight juniors, 12 seniors and six grad transfers. The breakdown marks the seventh time in the last nine seasons that CU has had more underclassmen than upperclassmen listed.

Still, the two-deep boasts a healthy dose of players with plenty of collegiate snaps under their belts. That includes at least 10 positions manned by players who have started at least six games in a season — and possibly several more, depending upon who makes the start at positions where the top spot is still listed as a tie between two players.

Maybe the most experienced spot in terms of starters will be the defensive line, where the three players atop the depth chart — Terrance LangNa’im Rodman and Jalen Sami — have combined for 60 starts in their careers.

On the flip side, three of CU’s starters in the secondary — corners Kaylin Moore and Nikko Reed and safety Trevor Woods — have a combined four career starts between them.

The positions with the starter still to be determined include quarterback, running back, center, right guard, one of the inside linebacker spots and the edge rusher. CU head coach Karl Dorrell indicated earlier this week that he may not reveal his starting quarterback until game day, and the same could go for the other spots still up in the air.

The positions still with two possible starters are a sign of the depth Dorrell is building in Boulder, especially when it is taken into consideration that several of those spots have returning starters or players with ample experience as one of the possibilities.

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Two-deep CU depth chart … 

Wide receiver – X

  • Daniel Arias, Sr.
  • Ty Robinson, So.

Wide receiver – Z

  • Montana Lemonious-Craig, So.
  • Chase Penry, So.

Wide receiver – Slot

  • Maurice Bell, Sr.
  • R.J. Sneed, Gr.

Left tackle

  • Frank Fillip, Jr.
  • Travis Gray, Fr.

Left guard

  • Casey Roddick, Jr.
  • Luke Eckhardt, Fr.-Tr.


  • Austin Johnson, So.    … OR …
  • Noah Fenske, So.

Right guard

  • Tommy Brown, Gr.    … OR …
  • Austin Johnson, So.

Right tackle

  • Jake Wiley, So.
  • Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan, So.


  • Brendon Lewis, So.     …. OR …
  • J.T. Shrout, Jr.


  • Alex Fontenot, Sr.      … OR …
  • Deion Smith, Jr.

Defensive end

  • Terrance Lang, Sr.
  • Chance Main, Gr.

Defensive tackle

  • Na’im Rodman, Jr.
  • Tyas Martin, Fr.

Defensive tackle

  • Jalen Sami, Jr.
  • Justin Jackson, Sr.


  • Guy Thomas, Sr       … OR …
  • Jamar Montgomery, Sr.

Inside linebacker (Sam)

  • Marvin Ham, So.
  • Aubrey Smith, Fr.

Inside linebacker (Mike)

  • Josh Chandler-Semedo, Gr.     … OR …
  • Quinn Perry, Sr.

Inside linebacker (Mo)

  • Robert Barnes, Gr.
  • Eoghan Kerry, R-Fr.

Left cornerback

  • Nikko Reed, So.
  • Jason Oliver, Fr.

Free safety

  • Isaiah Lewis, Sr.
  • Jeremy Mack, Jr., So.


  • Tyrin Taylor, So.
  • Simeon Harris, Fr.

Strong safety

  • Trevor Woods, So.
  • Jaylen Striker, Jr.

Right cornerback

  • Kaylin Moore, So.
  • Joshua Wiggins, Fr.

Punter – Ashton Logan, Fr.

Kicker – Cole Becker, So.

Punt returner – Chase Penry, So.

Kick returner – Nikko Reed, So.

Holder – Ashton Logan, Fr.

Snapper – Derek Bedell, So.

INJURED – Out for an extended time

  • Joshka Gustav, LB, So.


August 26th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Senior WR Maurice Bell back from injury: “I’m ready to prove everybody wrong”

From the Daily Camera … Bell arrived at CU in 2017 as the No. 8 receiver prospect that year in California (by and redshirted as a rookie. In the seasons since Bell has shown flashes, but struggled to become a regular part of the rotation. Bell appeared on the cusp of breaking through during the shortened 2020 season, making two starts and finishing with nine receptions for 89 yards and one touchdown. Last year’s Achilles injury derailed that progress, but head coach Karl Dorrell said Bell is starting to round into form.

Bell has maintained a commendable big-picture view of his situation, and after losing two of the top three contributors at receiver to the transfer portal (Brenden Rice, Dmitri Stanley), CU is in need of veterans to step up in the receiver rotation. Had Bell broken through last year, he admits he may not have bothered with taking advantage of the pandemic-spurred extra season of eligibility. Yet sometimes things happen for a reason, and due to last year’s injury, Bell may have a chance to make his mark in a season in which the Buffs expect much-improved play at quarterback.

“Really, the toughest part was just sitting out and having to watch,” Bell said. “Being out and not being able to play, I’ve played all my life. Not being active and not really being able to walk was the toughest part. Once I started getting back on my feet I just focused on my recovery and getting back.

“I think a lot of guys are honing in on more of the details, and you can actually see it coming out on the field. You can see it translate from the meeting room to the field. You can definitely see a difference. I’m ready to shock the world, me and my teammates. I’m ready to prove everybody wrong and get out there and show my ability.”

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August 25th 

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: OL Tommy Brown and WR RJ Sneed happy to be back practicing*

From YouTube, courtesy of CUSportsReport

No decision at quarterback: “There’s also the scenario about playing both”

From the Daily Camera … No, the Colorado Buffaloes have not settled on a starting quarterback.

In fact, head coach Karl Dorrell didn’t rule out the possibility of using both Brendon Lewis and JT Shrout when the Buffs host TCU in the season opener on Sept. 2 at Folsom Field (8 p.m., TV: ESPN).

“We haven’t made a decision officially,” Dorrell said during the Front Range Huddle media event at Blake Street Tavern on Wednesday. “(Offensive coordinator Mike Sanford) and I have talked a lot about it the last few days. It’s really hard. The thing that we’ve come to a great conclusion about is there’s not a player on the offense that’s not totally confident in either one of these guys, which is a good thing.”

Lewis is the incumbent, having started all 12 games in 2021. But, he and the offense sputtered throughout the year. Lewis completed 58 percent of his passes for 1,540 yards, 10 touchdowns three interceptions.

Shrout was battling for the starting job in the summer of 2021 before a season-ending knee injury in preseason camp. Now healthy, he’s regained confidence in himself and from his teammates and coaches.

“(The players) think that we can win with either one of them,” Dorrell said. “That’s a comfort, but still that doesn’t solve the problem.”

It’s an issue that may not be totally settled when the Buffs open the season against the Horned Frogs.

“There’s also the scenario about playing both anyway, since they’re both really close in terms of what they were able to do this camp,” Dorrell said. “There’s a lot of options out there.”

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August 24th 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Senior defensive tackle Janaz Jordan dismissed from team

Colorado may have one of its deepest defensive line roster in years, which is a good thing, as one of its seniors, Janaz Jordan, has been dismissed from the team for violation of team rules.

Jordan played in ten games last fall (he was injured for the final two games of the season). He was in for 234 plays in 2021, with four tackles and three quarterback pressures. In his career at Colorado, Jordan played in 27 games, with six starts. Jordan, a former junior college transfer who came to CU in 2019, played three seasons with the Buffs, in for a total of 532 snaps, with 21 tackles.


August 23rd 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Defensive line depth key to CU’s ’22 success: “We’re going to roll them out like hockey players”

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From …  If there is one position group on the football field where depth is more essential to success than any other spot, it might be the defensive line.

Good teams have the luxury of a rotation that continuously provides fresh legs in the trenches, where every snap amounts to hand-to-hand combat. If a defense doesn’t have a solid rotation of consistent, productive players, it can have a negative effect on the entire unit — and that impact  only becomes more stark as a game wears on.

That is why Colorado coach Karl Dorrell has made improving the Buffaloes’ depth up front a priority — and this season, CU might just be ready to show some fruits from that labor.

“Coach Dorrell said we’re going to roll them out like hockey players,” said new defensive line coach Gerald Chatman. “So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to keep guys fresh. Whoever’s on the field, the expectation is the same. We’re going to play as a united group, we’re going to play with the relentless trains that we require and we’re going to play with the discipline that it takes for us to be successful.”

The Buffs no doubt have a solid starting point on the interior, with several quality returnees who boast plenty of experience in the trenches. Terrance Lang (589 snaps last season), Jalen Sami (432) and Na’im Rodman (429) all logged substantial playing time last year and will provide a critical core of this year’s group.

Sami has been a consistent performer the last two seasons. Rodman came on strong at the end of last year and has followed that up with an excellent spring and fall camp, and is proving to be a versatile, productive player in the middle who plays well against the run, can push the pocket and possesses the ability to pursue from the backside.

Lang, meanwhile, might be the most versatile of the group. He has the size and strength to play as a down lineman, and also has the length and speed to come off the edge.

But the Buffs also have some younger players and returning vets who appear ready to increase their time and production.

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August 22nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Meet Freshman Linebacker Eoghan Kerry – possible starter*

From BuffsTV …


August 21st 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Sixth-year linebacker Guy Thomas: “I plan to lead the team in sacks’

From the Daily Camera … The 2021 season certainly didn’t end the way Guy Thomas wanted it to end, with him on the injured list.

However, he did enough in the games he played to gain quite a bit of confidence as he prepares for his final year with the Colorado football team.

Before a foot injury cut his season short, Thomas was one of CU’s better defenders in 2021. He finished with 36 tackles, five tackles for loss and two sacks in seven games – the most extensive playing time he’s had since his senior year of high school in 2016.

“I feel like going into my sixth year, I’m definitely experienced,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot and I’m just ready for kickoff. I’m just ready to get out there and compete with the top teams in our conference and to compete against TCU, Minnesota and Air Force.”

This season, the Buffs have good depth at outside linebacker, but Thomas might be the best of the bunch.

After playing sparingly in two years at Nebraska, Thomas played six games at Coahoma (Miss.) Community College in 2019 before transferring to CU. He played just 80 snaps in 2020 before breaking out last year.

This year, he’s aiming to be even better.

“There’s a lot of tools that I would like to work on to develop for the season that will help me and help this team, especially to achieve my own personal goals for the season,” he said.

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August 20th 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Senior special teams ace Anthony Lyle given CU’s 85th scholarship for 2022

From the Daily Camera … If Anthony Lyle experiences a moment this season that exceeds the joy and euphoria he enjoyed earlier this week, that will be good news for Colorado football fans.

It probably will require some game-changing play, or a monumental upset, for Lyle to reach that sort of personal high once again.

Following Colorado’s team scrimmage on Saturday morning, head coach Karl Dorrell announced the senior special teams ace was rewarded with the lone remaining open scholarship in Dorrell’s pocket. Dorrell made the announcement in front of the team this week, leading to a heartfelt celebration.

“That was the best part,” Lyle said. “Everybody showed love. Everyone was jumping around, going crazy, hitting me. It was a great time. That’s going to be one of the most memorable moments of my life there with the team. It definitely was a surprise. It caught me off guard.”

Lyle took a winding road to land at CU from just a few miles away. A 2017 track All-Region selection by BoCoPreps as a sprinter, Lyle initially joined Western Michigan as a walk-on before returning to Colorado. He spent one year as a regular student in Boulder before joining the CU football program as a walk-on in 2019.

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August 19th

… CU in a few minutes …

Dorrell at Kickoff luncheon: “This is about earning your respect, week one to week 12”

From the Daily Camera … Karl Dorrell and his assistant coaches at Colorado are confident in the potential the Buffaloes have on their roster this year.

During the 33rd annual Boulder Chamber Colorado Football Kickoff Luncheon on Friday, Dorrell spoke about that potential, but then firmly directed his comments at the players sitting in the back of the room.

“I don’t like to use ‘potential, capable, promise’ — all those words that are kind of soft, political words, I would say,” Dorrell said to the crowd and his team gathered at the indoor practice facility. “We’ve gotta flat be about it. We’ve gotta flat be about it because no one’s gonna respect us and (the players) know that.

“Shoot, we’re (projected) last in the conference. You better have a chip on your shoulder. You better be on that revenge, respect tour this whole season. This is about earning your respect, week one to week 12.”

Always an event to get donors and local businesses excited about the upcoming football season, Friday’s luncheon was no different. Dorrell expressed an added measure of confidence, however, in a group that has very low expectations from outsiders.

“The prognosticators out there feel like we’re going to be at the very bottom of this conference,” he said. “I can tell you, I’ve got 110 guys in the back here and we’re going to be at the very top of this conference. We’ve got a lot to prove and we do feel we have the ability to do but it gives us motivation. It gives us some excitement about the future.”

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August 18th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Sixth-year linebacker Jamar Montgomery’s last chance: “I’m facing the man in the mirror and I understand what I need to do”

From the Daily Camera … After coming to Colorado as a junior college transfer in 2019, Jamar Montgomery had visions of significantly impacting the Buffaloes’ defense.

In three seasons as a Buffalo, he hasn’t done that yet. The sixth-year senior outside linebacker is relishing one last opportunity, however.

“My expectations have definitely let me down, to a point where I feel like I should be doing this but I’m obviously not doing that,” Montgomery said after practice Wednesday. “But I’m at a point where the timing is perfect, where I feel like I’m where I need to be at, so I’m going to take advantage of it.”

Montgomery played two seasons at Independence (Kan.) Community College before transferring to CU. In three years with the Buffs, he’s appeared in 18 games as a reserve, recording 13 tackles, and two tackles for loss. His lone sack came in 2019.

… Montgomery has a fresh perspective, accepting his past and embracing the opportunity in front of him.

“I’m facing the man in the mirror and I understand what I need to do and where I need to be,” he said. “It’s starting to come clear and it’s starting to make sense. Like I said, the opportunity is in front of me, and I’m just taking it a day at a time, making sure I take advantage of it.”

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August 17th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Meet transfer linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo*

From BuffsTV …


August 16th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Jaylon Jackson – Special teams specialist: “We’re fortunate to have him back”

RelatedCUATG Podcast Interview with Jaylon Jackson … (not a star, but a great Buff) …

From the Daily Camera … Just about every freshman football player that sets foot on campus, in Boulder and across the nation, dreams of careers filled with electric highlight reels and all-conference awards.

Yet the reality is that scenario unfolds for only a precious few.

One case in point is Colorado senior receiver Jaylon Jackson. Once considered a virtual lock for an eventual spot in the wideout rotation, injuries derailed Jackson’s career essentially before it began. Now a senior special teams ace for the Buffaloes, Jackson’s return to CU for one final season has been about fulfilling the promise of helping the CU program turn the corner, even if Jackson’s contributions arrive in a much different manner than he once expected.

“Being a part of this brotherhood, everybody has a role. Everybody’s got a job to do,” Jackson said. “Seeing the bigger picture instead of just thinking about yourself and saying I need to do this, or I need to do that. Playing a role and doing what’s best for the team at the time being…everybody, your time will come as the season goes on, as the years go on. You never know when it’s going to be your time to shine.”

… So far this preseason CU head coach Karl Dorrell has lauded the potential of the younger players on the Buffs’ roster. In Jackson, there is an example for those players to look toward when adversity strikes. Jackson goes into his final season having collected just 14 receptions for 138 yards with one touchdown, yet he nonetheless expects to fill a key role for the Buffs.

“First of all, he’s a great leader,” Dorrell said. “An older player that obviously has had some injuries in his career. He understands that. But he’s so impactful with his teammates. He wants to be a factor on some aspect of this program. He knows special teams is where he’s going to get most of his playing time. He’s going to be a good reserve for us at the receiver position, but he knows that that’s kind of what stands out to him, is to really excel in (special teams) and provide great leadership.

“We’re fortunate to have him back. He didn’t have to come back. He’s already graduated. But he wanted to finish out here and help this team be successful.”

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Must-see TV – *Video: The Journey of Karl Dorrell*

From BuffsTV …


August 15th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Experience, not depth, the issue for CU’s secondary

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From … When it comes to the safety and cornerback spots on the Colorado defense, depth is no problem for the Buffaloes.

They have plenty of bodies angling for playing time.

But experience?

That’s a different story. The Buffs simply don’t have a lot of DBs with a wealth of starting experience. Of the veterans on the roster, only strong safety Isaiah Lewis is considered a returning starter (15 career starts, 10 last season).

That means the Buffs will be replacing regulars at both cornerback spots and free safety.

Still, there are plenty of players who have seen game time, and CU coaches have been making sure they get as many reps as possible in fall training camp. The plan is to make sure that by the Sept. 2 opener against TCU at Folsom Field (8 p.m., ESPN), the Buffs have a reliable secondary ready to face the rigors of a difficult schedule.

“I think we have probably the most depth in terms of numbers on the team,” CU safeties coach Brett Maxie said last week. “They’re all getting quality reps, which is good. Now it gives us a real good chance to evaluate multiple guys. I like our depth right now.”

That depth no doubt starts with Lewis, who has been a dependable, productive safety for the last two seasons. Lewis has also assumed a leadership role in the secondary, providing a consistent, veteran voice for the younger players.

As for the others competing for the second safety spot — and as a backup behind Lewis — the field is crowded. Veteran Trevor Woods came on strong at the end of last year, Anthony Lyle has had a solid fall camp and is showing some versatility, and junior Jaylen Striker can play free safety and the nickel spot.

Others in competition for some playing time at safety include sophomore Tyrin Taylor (who also plays nickel), junior college transfer Jeremy Mack and true freshman Dylan Dixson, who has had some impressive moments in training camp.

“I’m really impressed with what Dylan Dixson is able to do right now,” Maxie said. “He’s going to always be around the football and he’s going to have some some opportunities because wherever the football goes, that’s where he goes.”

At the corners, sophomores Nikko Reed and Kaylin Moore are leaning into the starting spots. Both got some steady time last year (Reed played 199 snaps with one start and had a key interception in Colorado’s win over Washington while Moore was on the field for 134 defensive snaps) and both received extensive reps in spring ball. They have continued to get quality time in training camp and have performed well, and Reed could be a young star in the making.

Others aiming for some time include true freshmen Joshua Wiggins and Jason Oliver, both of whom made the most of enrolling early and getting spring ball under their belts; and sophomore Toren Pittman.

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August 14th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Defensive line may be the strongest in years: “We don’t really have ones and twos. We’re all ones”

From the Daily Camera … Defensive coordinator Chris Wilson has maintained the Buffs’ shift to a 4-3 front this year from a base 3-4 formation was decided in part to make the best use of the talent on the roster. There arguably is not a better combination of depth and experience among any of the Buffs’ position groups than along the defensive front.

Rodman has played in all 30 of CU’s games since he came to Boulder as a true freshman in 2019, with nine starts. Fellow defensive lineman Jalen Sami has 28 career games under his belt while senior Janaz Jordan has played in 27 games and defensive end Terrance Lang, taking advantage of his extra sixth season this fall, has appeared in 40 games.

Collectively, Rodman said following Saturday’s scrimmage he believes the biggest difference defensively from a year ago for CU is how interchangeable the first two units are up front.

“I feel like I’ve definitely gotten better. And as a team, I think we look like a whole different defense,” Rodman said. “We’ve just got to keep working, and building and trusting each other, and I think we’re going to be pretty good this year.

“It’s way better than a year ago. With ones and twos, we don’t really have ones and twos. We’re all ones. There’s no drop off between us and the other guys. That’s a good thing.”

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August 13th

… CU in a few minutes … 

All Things OL Transfer Tommy Brown: “I was genuinely surprised by how good of a team this is”

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From the Daily Camera … Colorado was in the middle of offseason conditioning work last winter when offensive coordinator Mike Sanford singled out one of the new members of the Buffaloes, offensive lineman Tommy Brown.

“He’s from Alabama, he should win this rep,” Sanford said.

“I was like, ‘Oh, we’re doing that?’” Brown said with a laugh.

A 6-foot-7, 330-pound offensive lineman who transferred to CU from Alabama in January, Brown knows eyes are on him and that he’s expected to make an impact.

In his four years in Tuscaloosa, Brown wasn’t a starter, but he helped the Crimson Tide go 51-5 with a national title in 2020 and two runner-up finishes. He played with two Heisman Trophy winners (receiver DeVonta Smith and quarterback Bryce Young) and three other quarterbacks who were Heisman finalists.

Brown also played with five other teammates who took home top national awards, 15 first-round NFL draft choices and seven offensive linemen who were drafted.

He spent four years playing for the country’s premier program and for the most successful coach in college football, Nick Saban. The Buffs – and Brown – are hoping that experience can help a program coming off a 4-8 season.

“Yes, I have been on good teams before and I just try to get what I’ve learned from coach Saban and from the teams I’ve been on and just teach it to other guys,” Brown said. “It’s all about just the details, doing things right. I think the team is buying in. I’ve been on teams that there are guys that buy in and then there’s the stars that keep to themselves. It still worked at Alabama, but here, this team is buying in – the whole team.”

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*Mark Johnson interviews Tommy Brown*

From BuffsTV …



August 12th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Neill Woelk: Key Word for CU ’22 is “Depth”

From … When Karl Dorrell took the reins of the Colorado football program in February 2020, he immediately set about the task of rebuilding the Buffaloes’ depth across the board.

Not just names on a chart. Players who could contribute, players who could step up and perform when needed, players who would make sure the dropoff between the No. 1 and No. 2 at any position was minimal.

Now, heading into his third season at the Buffs’ helm, Dorrell is moving much closer to that early and ultra-important goal.

The depth on the Buffs’ roster is arguably the best CU has had in recent years. There are true position battles throughout nearly every position group — and each group has young players who can step in and contribute.

The importance of such depth is hard to overstate.

It means injuries will not be immediate catastrophes and the Buffs will enjoy the luxury of fresh bodies in the midst of a game. It means competition in practice — and an ever-present reminder that the top spot on the depth chart is never a given.

And, that depth also provides a boost to long-term stability. When the No. 2 and No. 3 positions on a depth chart are constantly pushing No. 1, the foundation for future seasons is improved. Young players know they have a chance to play and push themselves accordingly.

While there are no doubt a few positions where the starters are clear, there are plenty of other spots where competition is fierce — and the overall performance and reliability of the position group has improved as a result.

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August 10th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mike Sanford on CU’s offense: “We’re not just going to be one thing”

From the Daily Camera … Offensive coordinator Mike Sanford wouldn’t reveal any details about the scheme, but said it’s a collaboration of what he has learned in his 17 years of coaching, along with ideas and experience that head coach Karl Dorrell and the rest of the staff bring to the table.

“What I do want it to be known is that our players are learning a multitude of football and that’s probably the biggest hint that I would give is that we’re not just going to be one thing,” he said. “We’re going to have a multiplicity and with our skill set at quarterback, it suits us well to be able to have an offensive scheme that fits each one of our quarterbacks as we go through the year.”

For Sanford, being at CU has been somewhat freeing.

At Minnesota, he ran the offense designed by head coach PJ Fleck and coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca. The two were together at Western Michigan from 2013-16 and Minnesota from 2017-19 before Ciarrocca went to Penn State in 2020. At the end of last season, Fleck let Sanford go and brought Ciarrocca back to Minnesota.

“I’m very proud of the work that I did and, more importantly, the players did at Minnesota, in winning nine football games (last year),” Sanford said. “I’m proud of that work that we did there. However, yes, that was a system that I came into fully knowing that wasn’t going to be the extent of what was my background.

“The great thing about coach Dorrell is that he and I have so many parallels with our offensive backgrounds. … Right now I feel like there’s a lot of freedom, but even more than just my freedom, it’s just really fun to be a part of a room full of (experienced and diverse coaches). This has been a really fun process for us and it’s even more fun to watch our players take to it and buy into it and be taxed with it.”

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August 9th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Neill Woelk’s notes from inside the fence

From CUBuffs.comBUFFS BITS: CU’s secondary had some nice moments in scrimmage action Tuesday, with safety Isaiah Lewis coming up with an interception and safety Jaylen Striker recording a nice pass breakup. Lewis’ pick came in red zone drills, where he read the quarterback perfectly on a rollout, then broke on the ball just as it was thrown to get the interception and tack on a nice return …

D-lineman Justin Jackson, who made solid strides in the spring, continues to make plays in the trenches. Tuesday, he came up with a big tackle for loss in third-down drills … Freshman quarterback Owen McCown continues to show a great instinct for the position, both in the pocket and when protection breaks down … Linebacker Eoghan Kerry is making an impression inside … QB Brendon Lewis had a nice throw for a score to Ty Robinson in red zone work … WR Daniel Arias is showing a consistent ability to pick up yards after the catch … Alex Fontenot continues to show the form that made him CU’s leading rusher in 2019, as he found the end zone a couple of times in short-yardage red zone work … LB Quinn Perry sniffed out a gap in short yardage work to record a tackle for loss.

Transfer linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo (West Virginia) is quickly fitting in on CU’s defense, where he has already developed a sense of continuity with fellow ‘backer Robert Barnes.

Chandler-Semedo had a couple nice plays in short-yardage situations on the goal line Tuesday, showing excellent lateral pursuit and a nose for the ball.

His play so far in camp is fitting exactly what the Buffs hoped they would get when they recruited him from the transfer portal.

“He just popped on tape really quickly how smart he was,” Dorrell said. “He played both an inside linebacker position and an outside linebacker position and he did both of them very proficiently, and he’s able to do that here. It’s been a seamless transition for him because his football IQ is really, really strong … He’s been a great addition for us.”


August 8th 

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Karl Dorrell’s post-practice comments*

From YouTube, courtesy of … Some scrimmage work done on the second day of full pads … Health-wise, we’re in pretty good shape … An important week this week, with a scrimmage on Saturday … Vocal leaders on defense: Isaiah Lewis in the secondary; Robert Barnes; Quinn Perry; Josh Chandler-Semedo in the linebacker corps … Noah Fenske and Austin Johnson battling for a starting position along the offensive line … Some versatility along the offensive line, which helps with depth for the season … Thursday will the last “install” of schemes, after which it becomes practice for the season … RJ Sneed and Tommy Brown are “really close” to being back on the practice field … Cornerbacks Nikko Reed and Kaylin Moore and playing like veteran players …

RJ Sneed expects to be back at practice soon; ready for the season: “I get to make one more impression on (NFL) scouts. I’m very excited”

From the Daily Camera … A 6-foot-1, 195-pound receiver, RJ Sneed transferred to Colorado in January and is aiming to make an impact with the Buffaloes this season.

“(Baylor coaches) actually were calling me during the whole process and were trying to get me to come back, but I just thought it was time for a change of scenery,” said Sneed, who caught 133 passes for 1,564 yards and eight touchdowns with the Bears. “I had been there for five years and my receiver coach was leaving and I didn’t know who else was coming in next. Maybe it’s just time to go out somewhere for my last year, just do something different.”

Despite a foot injury that has limited him in summer and has caused him to miss the first several practices of preseason camp, Sneed is happy with his decision.

“I enjoyed my time at Baylor, but I enjoy really getting coached by (CU receivers coach Phil) McGeoghan,” Sneed said. “He’s actually my fifth receiver coach I’ve had and he’s taught me a lot in a short amount of time and I appreciate him and everything he’s done so far.”

Sneed, who was injured during the spring showcase on April 23, expects to return to the practice field soon and be ready for the Sept. 2 opener.

… McGeoghan had all spring to work with Sneed and has been impressed.

“RJ’s intelligence is probably the most impressive thing that he has,” McGeoghan said. “And his leadership skills; and his communication skills; and his ability to communicate within the play and really get on the same page with everybody. His overall coverage awareness (is good), as far as the shell of the defense and the rotations of the safety, so that allows him to play fast and play with anticipation. He’s a great student of the game. He’s a great leader. He’s very selfless and he’s a hard worker.”

… More than anything, he hopes to lead by producing on the field and making this his best season.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “It’s my final year of college football. I get to make one more impression on (NFL) scouts. I’m very excited. I’m gonna make sure I take it day by day, game by game and just go out and play my best every game.”

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CU Alumni Association offering bus ride and tickets for Air Force game September 10th


Join us for the CU vs. Air Force Football Game @ Air Force! Bring your family and join your fellow Buffs fans to cheer on our team! We will take a bus from Louisville, CO, to the Air Force Academy and return after the game. All are welcome!

Please see the details below:

When: Saturday, September 10, 2022

Departure Location: Mudrock’s – 585 E South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO 80027 – arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Look for the buses and event hosts to check in.

Departure Time: 8:45 a.m. (Sharp) to Falcon Stadium

Estimated Return Time: 6:45 p.m. back to Mudrock’s

Cost: $70 per person – Early Bird (purchased by August 12, 2022, or the first 56 tickets sold, whichever comes first) $85 per person – Regular (purchased after August 12, 2022, or after the first 56 tickets are sold) – a portion of the proceeds will go to the Forever Buffs Boulder Scholarship Fund.

Ticket price includes: Roundtrip bus transportation, CU Boulder Alumni Association tailgate party reserved seating (cash bar and food), access to the Visitors Center to see the life of a cadet at the USAFA, game ticket price in Section L28, and snacks/refreshments on the bus. There are NO REFUNDS.

Game tickets will be distributed at the bus check-in location on the day of the event!

Go Buffs!


August 7th

*Video: Karl Dorrell’s Media Day Press Conference*

From BuffsTV …

“I’ve been really excited and just impressed with our freshmen,” Dorrell said. “There’s a number of guys in this 2022 class that are making very, very strong impressions on this football team. And I like how the leadership on this team has embraced that.

“Our culture is getting stronger about taking care of one another and bringing guys along. Even though they are in competitive rooms, and they are trying to climb the depth chart, they are still helping out the younger players.”

Receiver Jordyn Tyson, cornerback Joshua Wiggins, linebacker Eoghan Kerry, safety Dylan Dixson and cornerback Keyshon Mills are just some of the true freshmen that have drawn praise during their first months with the Buffaloes.

“I think with the new additions, I feel we’re better,” Dorrell said. “I hate to say that. No, I don’t. I don’t hate to say that. We are better. We have depth. I think the young freshmen that came in are really good players.

“They’re no names right now. That’s a fun process to see when they are no names and then they kind of create their own name on their own. That’s what you’re going to see unfold this fall. There’ll be some guys and you’re like, ‘Who’s that guy? Where did they get him from?’ It’s going to be those kind of responses when you see some of these guys play.”


August 5th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Defensive Coordinator Chris Wilson*

From YouTube, courtesy of … “We don’t have a depth chart, we have a rep chart” … “Be the best at getting better” …

*Video: Mark Johnson interviews RB Deion Smith*

RelatedCUATG Podcast Interview with Deion Smith …

From BuffsTV …


August 4th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Mark Johnson interviews DL Terrance Lang*

RelatedCUATG Podcast Interview with Terrance Lang

From BuffsTV …

*Video: Mark Johnson interviews OC Mike Sanford*

From BuffsTV …


August 3rd 

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Brendon Lewis and J.T. Shrout meet the press*

Related CUATG Podcast Interview with Brendon Lewis

From YouTube, courtesy of


August 2nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Karl Dorrell after first practice* – “I like where we are. It was a good start”

From YouTube, courtesy of … “Everybody starts and they’re anxious and excited and happy and all that stuff,” Dorrell said at his post-practice wrapup with the media. “Then, usually by practice 12, it’s a different tune because they’re getting sore and beat up and tired and all that stuff.”

“I think they’re showing a level of maturity I haven’t seen since I’ve been here,” Dorrell said. “I think they’ll be able to handle that piece better about having fast starts and then kind of being erratic in the middle.”

“I’ve had a lot of comments from the players offensively just saying they’re excited about the system and how it works, how we have answers, how we can get to the best play, how we can go fast,” Dorrell said. “Those are all the elements I think I wanted offensively — to be able to push it when I want to and be able to slow it down when I want to. So we’re making a lot of progress in both of those areas.”


August 1st

… CU in a few minutes … 

CU’s Strength of Schedule rated 60th in the nation (5th in the Pac-12)

From … There are various methods to measure college football strength of schedule, and the win/loss method is commonly used. In fact, this method is used on the NCAA’s official website.

The win/loss method is exactly as it sounds — it’s based on wins and losses. In order to look ahead before any games are played, the win/loss method is based solely on a team’s opponents’ win/loss record from the previous season.

According to this method, the Navy Midshipmen have the toughest 2022 football schedule, while the UMass Minutemen have the easiest 2022 schedule.

The SEC leads with four teams in the Top 10 of the rankings — Vanderbilt (2), Arkansas (3), Auburn (4), and Mississippi State (5). The Big 12 is second with two teams, followed by the ACC, American, Big Ten, and Mountain West with one each.

Listed below are the complete strength of schedule rankings with win/loss record and winning percentage of each team’s 2022 opponents (includes all games played; numbers compiled by Phil Steele).

Top Ten Most Difficult … 

1. Navy: 100-52, (65.8%)
2. Vanderbilt: 105-55, (65.6%)
3. Arkansas: 102-55, (65.0%)
4. Auburn: 101-55, (64.7%)
5. Mississippi State: 98-58, (62.8%)
5. Boise State: 98-58, (62.8%)
7. Louisville: 96-57, (62.7%)
8. Texas: 99-59, (62.7%)
9. Texas Tech: 95-58, (62.1%)
10. Indiana: 96-59, (61.9%)
11. North Carolina: 94-59, (61.4%)

Bottom Ten Easiest … 

120. Washington State: 68-82, (45.3%)
120. FIU: 68-82, (45.3%)
122. UCF: 66-81, (44.9%)
122. South Alabama: 66-81, (44.9%)
124. UTEP: 66-83, (44.3%)
125. Houston: 64-84, (43.2%)
126. Fresno State: 64-85, (43.0%)
126. New Mexico State: 64-85, (43.0%)
128. Liberty: 64-86, (42.7%)
129. UCLA: 63-85, (42.6%)
130. Louisiana: 58-89, (39.5%)
130. UMass: 58-89, (39.5%)

The Pac-12 … 

16. Arizona: 93-63, (59.6%)
23. Stanford: 89-63, (58.6%)
45. Oregon State: 84-70, (54.5%)
49. Oregon: 83-70, (54.2%)
60. Colorado: 81-71, (53.3%)
75. USC: 78-73, (51.7%)
81. Washington: 76-75, (50.3%)
101. Arizona State: 72-78, (48.0%)
107. Utah: 71-80, (4700%)
114. California: 69-80, (46.3%)
120. Washington State: 68-82, (45.3%)
129. UCLA: 63-85, (42.6%)

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July 31st

… CU in a few minutes …  

Watch for Transfer linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo: “He’s gonna be really good”

From the Daily Camera … This summer, Colorado linebacker Robert Barnes would often arrive at the Champions Center at 7 a.m. to get in a workout.

When he got there, transfer Josh Chandler-Semedo was often there, as well.

“It was a joy to see me get there at 7 a.m. and he’s there with me,” Barnes said during Pac-12 media day on Friday. “That was him. I didn’t tell him to. We just show up early at the same time and I think that already built that chemistry. I’ve got a guy that’s riding with me and he’s gonna work just as hard as me, as well.”

While Barnes and Quinn Perry are team leaders at inside linebacker for the Buffs, it is Chandler-Semedo who leads the way in terms of experience.

CU added Chandler-Semedo to help ease the loss of Nate Landman, an All-Pac-12 linebacker who graduated after last season.

“He’s gonna be really good,” head coach Karl Dorrell said. “He’s made a big impact already. Josh has done everything that I was hoping that he would be. When we brought him in on the visit, he showed such strong leadership qualities even then.

“He would watch tape with us and … he has a lot of traits like Nate in terms of his knowledge and football IQ. He has natural leadership qualities. … It’s gonna be a really positive addition for us.”

Continue reading story here


July 30th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Starter at Quarterback undetermined – Dorrell: “I’m excited about the competition. It’s going to help us be a better offense”

From the Daily Camera … At the conclusion of the 2021 season, Brendon Lewis gave himself some homework.

As a redshirt freshman, Lewis started every game at quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes, experiencing more growing pains than success.

“After the season, he went back and watched all of the games just by himself and made notes and critiques about what he could have done better, what he did well, what he needs to improve on,” head coach Karl Dorrell said. “So he went through that process for himself at the end of the season.

“To his credit, he’s invested a lot of time and – I would say sweat equity – this last offseason to develop into being a better quarterback than where he was last fall.”

As the Buffs open preseason camp on Tuesday, there will be a battle for the starting job between Lewis and junior JT Shrout. Going in, Lewis is the man to beat.

Although Lewis and the offense struggled in 2021, the Buffs can at least lean on the experience they have at quarterback. It is the only position group on the team in which every scholarship player is back and it’s the first time in his tenure at CU that Dorrell has returning experience at quarterback.

In addition to experience, Lewis has earned respect in the CU locker room.

“Brendon is a leader. He’s a mentor for younger guys,” junior guard Casey Roddick said. “He’s also one of the mentors that we look up to. He’s on our leadership council. He is one of our prominent captains, as well.”

A year ago, Lewis and Shrout, a 2021 transfer from Tennessee, competed until Shrout went down with a season-ending knee injury in August.

In addition to missing the season, Shrout was limited during spring practices in April. He’s now ready to compete.

“He’s completely 100% right now,” Dorrell said. “He does everything that everybody does in terms of their summer training, so he’s ready to go.”

Shrout hasn’t played a game since Dec. 19, 2020, when he was at Tennessee and Dorrell said Shrout needs to stay patient as he goes through camp.

“I would say with JT, his challenge is JT,” Dorrell said. “I would say that just because he hasn’t played the game in a year. It’s him getting antsy, understanding the competition of it all, stuff like that. He just needs to come out here and perform and really do the things that are comfortable for him to do, kind of get back into the rhythm of being sore and being beat up, stuff like that, that he’s been missing for the last year and a half. Those are things that he’s going to have to kind of take it day by day.

“I’m excited about the competition. It’s going to help us be a better offense.”

Continue reading story here

Two CU transfers still on the mend, but should be practicing “by the end of camp”

From the Daily Camera … Two of CU’s highest profile additions were offensive lineman Tommy Brown, a transfer from Alabama, and receiver RJ Sneed, from Baylor.

CU opens preseason camp on Tuesday and both will be nursing injuries. Sneed left the spring showcase early on April 23 with an injury and Brown didn’t play that day. Early this summer, Brown was seen in a social media post on crutches.

“They are not ready right now in terms of being a full participant in practice at the start next week,” Dorrell said. “But we think by the end of camp, they should be practicing and ready to go.”

Overall, Dorrell said the Buffs are relatively healthy, but he is concerned about defensive lineman Janaz Jordan and outside linebacker Alvin Williams. Both are dealing with non-COVID illnesses.

“I’m concerned about their health,” he said. “It’s not whether they can play or not; it’s just, where are they from a health standpoint.”


31 Replies to “Colorado Daily”

  1. Is it me, or is that second group on the o-line pretty young and inexperienced? Could just be me.

    As to the versatility piece on the line, that is the more common method of coaching and training them than specializing in one spot. The challenge, obviously, is that is a lot to learn and remember and execute proficiently. Especially for younger guys in a new system.

    Go Buffs

      1. That truly is amazing..
        The math, the math, it’s ewe.

        It is shocking that there are so many frosh, rshfrosh and sophs on the 2 deep when 66 of the scholarships are frosh, rshfrosh and sophs. Simply amazing

        Go young Buffs.

        beat tcu for 1/6 of the trip to the $2,500

  2. Today’s poll, the QB depth would seem like an obvious answer, but a QB can only be as good as their protection, so the lines answer was most choice (so far), but with that said, having two quys with almost opposite strengths, mobile v. pocket passer, gives OC options.

    What if they start one for a quarter and then the other for the next? It usually takes an opponent a few drives to adjust to an offense and right about then you change it up completely with a different style QB.

    Say you start Lewis, the defense is trying to adjust to a mobile QB and an offense planned around him, just to have JT who’s more of a pocket passer come in and screw up their adjustments.

    At half time they evaluate and can either switch back or if JT is lighting it up stay with him.

    Say both do equally well, just different, well then the next team now will have to prepare for a two headed monster; twice the work. Depending on if the opponent is better at stopping the run or passes CU can go with the opposite.

    By conference play one QB should/could separate themselves from the other; both will have valuable game time by then and if one can’t play the other will be more ready than coming in cold or with little mop up duty.

  3. Yes,
    2023 will be the turning point.
    It is where the Mighty Buffs will be competing for a high level bowl, rather than just getting to a bowl like this year.

    This year is the step up year. Step up, then turn it.


      1. I have said, I do like Karl’s recruiting profile. Not sure it pays off this year, but grumbling about the caliber of kids like eoghan. Owen, jordyn, etc is all good for the future. And that staub guy could be legit too, for next year’s qb competition.

        Hope they can keep it all together. 2023 could be a real turning point.

        Go Buffs

  4. I think Reed is going to be a star. I also really liked what I saw from Wiggins during the spring game. I think we will see him play this year. Not suire if he will take the starting spot but I could see him playing. Taylor and Moore looked solid last year. I am a bit more worried for the other safety. I think Woods has the makings of a good player but it sounds like he has been hurt this fall and those reps are necessary for young player. Maybe the transfer steps up?

  5. So in pure kool aid fashion I am hoping the defensive line is as good as we hope. But we need a lot more from them than we have had in the past.

  6. I didn’t realize that at Minnesota, Sanford was running an offense designed by Fleck and the previous OC. Fleck and the previous OC were cronies from W. Michigan. Fleck rehired his crony friend when he flamed out at Penn State. Thus Sanford wasn’t retained. Puts a little different perspective on the narrative that Sanford was no good at Minnesota. Gives me a least a little more confidence in the new OC.

  7. Depth is a funny thing. I was over at before stopping by here, and saw Neil’s piece on this year’s depth. I thought I’d see what turns up on their search feature for the word “depth”.

    In the first two pages of links I saw “Depth, Defense, Dorrell influence” from Oct. 27, 2020; “Buffs’ Depth Helps Keep Defense Fresh” from September 26, 2018; “Depth on D appears to be building” from March 4, 2015; “Buffs D Line Coach Takes Aim at Building Quality Depth” from Oct. 10, 2020; and “Defense Improved Depth Across the board” from March 2018.

    So, they’ve been building depth for a while now. Maybe this is the year it will pay off?

    When’s September 2nd anyway? I just want to see our Buffs play ball.

    The pre-season fluff is pretty much all the same, every year.

    Go Buffs

  8. Reading Woelk and listening to KD sure sounds like the D is definitely ahead of the offense and the O line is still “a work in progress.+ Not much time left for the O to get it together. Good thing the D meister Patterson is gone for the first game.
    The main thing is that the Buffs are absolutely ready to play the first game. No jitters or memory paralysis. Completely focused on execution. This one is winnable and has to be a win for a bowl game and VK’s 2,500 smackers from the little hedger.

    1. TCU’s defense has been bad. Even before Patterson left. Their offense has been decent. And, they got a returning starting QB and a transfer they think may be legit. They’ve got some decent skill guys, apparently, too. Sonny does well offensively, but defensively?

      My worry is the Buffs secondary, in this one. And the new scheme etc. offensively.

      All that said, I agree. This is one I’d say they have to win if getting to six wins is going to have a shot. I don’t see it happening, but I’m looking forward to that game, for sure. Friday night under the lights is only a couple weeks away. Should be fun. And hopefully not as painful as last year.

      Go Buffs

          1. I’m also thinking you “comment” ambivalently on several school football football websites. I can see all the sign offs
            Go Beavers
            Go Bears

      1. The air raid is not learned in one season. It requires the qb and the wide receivers to be on the same page in an instant, in game time without thought. I suspect they will not be ready to really abuse Cu’s D. One thing about the secrecy that we all hate is that they are going to have no idea what we will be running, stretch read option, RPO, power football, what do they prepare for? We at least know Dykes is going to try and run air raid….

        1. Wilson has his job cut out for him. From the air raid to the option in the next game. Minnesota might be the easiest game to call the plays on D.

  9. So I took advantage of the archives and read/listened to some of the comments from last year compared to this year. I think I am starting to hear a little difference. Last year they spoke about their senior leadership, this year they talk about a group of guys on both sides of the ball being leaders. Last year they seemed to focus on the “getting better” aspect. I saw it multiple times. This year so far that topic seems to be there less. Maybe I am missing it but they are talking about execution and the process and players that are standing out more and not as much about how they are getting better. I could be missing it though. It could be the glass half full sort of situation for me reading the tea leaves but it seems this team may be more prepared….. as camp continues we will see.

  10. A WR with a foot injury. That’s NOT at all concerning. I hope it is minor as implied and not a lingering injury. Sneed Is one the guys that has to succeed for the team to succeed. Fingers crossed.

  11. Mark Johnson does a great interview. Super likable. I’m slurping the cool-aide. I believe in the Baby Buffs. Love Chris Wilson.

  12. Now then
    I’m actually going to make predictions. Which freshman from each position will make an impact or at least see some PT this coming season.
    Be advised this is based solely, well mostly, on the apparent competition they experienced in high school. I may have watched a few of their highlights but dont remember them. I invite Rob O to spend the next 3 days watching and breaking down all the freshmen highlights to see if it matches up. Remember if a guy is kicking arse and taking names in Lost Gulch KS it doesnt mean he is any good at the next level.
    OK, location, location, location
    the first 3 positions are manned by guys from the Houston area.
    Corner…Joshua Wiggins
    DL……….Ryan Williams
    OL……….Van Wells
    LB……… Eoghan Kerry. Cant miss Irish name from Mater Die high school in Cal
    TB……….Anthony Hankerson. This one is low hanging fruit due not only to his location in the West
    Palm Miami area in a catholic high school who usually recruit far and wide but also to his
    outrageous offer sheet.
    TE……….Seems like we have a number of them still listed as freshmen that were around last year
    and I will go with one of them, Fauria, not only for his Buff blood lines but I have a
    sneaking suspicion he will be the best receiving TE in what I hope…hope hell….pray will
    be at least a 60-40 pass to run offense.
    WR……….Jack Hestera. Just a hunch here. He sounds like one of those guys no one was expecting
    much from but keeps reminding you he cant be ignored…like Offerdahl.
    QB………..I know no one is holding their breath over this because of the Shrout/Lewis
    competition……and if he isnt close already, Earache will wither and blow away if Shrout
    doesnt win…so I’m going to try and keep him breathing by throwing him a bone and
    keeping him off my lawn. Going with Owen McCown. He has those cant miss NFL genes

    1. dang
      I forgot to type in the safety spot. My pick is Aubrey Smith. Multiple GA state champion teams. He is listed as an inside linebacker. At 215 he is a little light for an LB but good size for a safety….and has played safety. AS practice goes on….maybe the coaches will see it that way at a thin position.

    2. EP, Jordan Tyson is the wide receiver who has been making a name for himself during the summer. But other than that I really like your list. After watching Wiggins in the spring game I expect him to get playing time this year. I also expect Kerry to do well but I think he will be buried on the depth chart.

    3. Isn’t this like Fauria’s third year? Seems like he got hurt, then hasn’t done much since. Brady Russell is head and shoulders above every other TE on the roster.

      1. agree on Brady and I may have missed the mark on Fauria but he is still called a freshman on the CUBuff roster

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