“T.I.P.S.” for CU v. UCLA / Plus: ASU Parts Ways With Herm Edwards: Will Karl Dorrell Be Next?

Welcome to our weekly review/preview episode. I am joined for this episode by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we will start with a quick, yet somehow still painful, review of CU’s 49-7 road loss against Minnesota. The Buffs were behind 35-0 at the half, and only scored their first touchdown in two games against the Golden Gophers after Minnesota had run up the score to 49-0.

We will then discuss the far more interesting news of the weekend, that being the firing of Herm Edwards by Arizona State. The timing of the move, coming early in the season and with an NCAA investigation still looming, is curious. We will talk about the repercussions of the terminations of Herm Edwards and Scott Frost, before turning our attention to how long the Karl Dorrell era will last at Colorado. Athletic Director Rick George issued a statement Sunday, and we’ll sift through the language of that statement, and talk about how much longer CU can tolerate having what has become the worst team in Power Five conference football.

Not neglecting our duties, we also will go through our “T.I.P.S.” progression for the CU/UCLA game, reviewing the Talent for both teams, what Intangibles may be in play, how Preparation will play a role, and then look at which Statistics will factor in in deciding the winner.

So … Do the Buffs have a chance at keeping Bruin quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson – who has almost 1,200 career yards of total offense in four games against the Buffs – in check? … Is it no longer about victories for the Buffs, but keeping it respectable? … Will Karl Dorrell make it out of September with his title of head football coach at Colorado intact?

… Let’s find out …

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15 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: “T.I.P.S.” for CU v. UCLA”

  1. On this site, I have mentioned the incredible qualities of Coach McCartney in various ways on a number of posts. His was a standard of excellence

    When comparing him with ANY coach, keep in mind his track record. He coached high school teams to Michigan state championships in football AND basketball.

    He brought a number of highly successful assistant coaches to Boulder. Even during his early years, he successfully recruited a number of highly recruited players – each recruiting win was celebrated in the Boulder media on National Letter of Intent signing day.

    It was evident on a variety of fronts that Coach McCartney was building something special – even before the wins on the field began to show.

    The games, even the “blowout losses,” were close for long stretches. For example, the 24-7 loss to Nebraska was 10-7 at the end of the third quarter. The 69-19 loss to Nebraska the year before, was 14-12 at halftime. C.U. teams played hard, the staff recruited well, and the program showed great potential.

    C.U. coaches of late have identified/targeted recruits who appear to meet the “realistic profile” of “diamonds in the rough.” This is a different strategy for an entirely different era. In addition, there are few individuals with Coach McCartney’s record of success, motivational abilities, and tireless work ethic who are possible “candidates.”

    The era of Coach McCartney through Coach Barnett was a rare one, but showed what could happen in Boulder (and built upon what Coach – and A.D. – Crowder established).

    There is a long, long way to go. I hope the level of effort and intensity can be found on the field these next few weeks,… Seeing that level of effort on the field would be a big step in the right direction,…

  2. Pretty sure cu wouldn’t miss the 500 (could be an exaggeration) brain-mouths that come to this site.


    Go Buffs……………ignore this little hamlet

  3. So if you don’t know then you don’t know.
    All this talk about Mac1 having all these close and competitive games in his early years and how exciting

    (You forget the howling for his and crowders head)
    a lot like to day

    In 82 he won 2 games
    in 83 he won 4 games
    in 84 he won 1


    and in 84
    he lost 10
    Oregon. 27 to 20
    ND 55-14
    OK 42-17
    osu 20-14
    nebraska 24 -7
    ucla 33-16
    missouri 52-0
    kansas st 38-6

    he did beat iowa state 23-21

    Anyway it doesn’t mater
    the wolves are at the gate blood on the lips rabid city on the loose.

    Back bone in the compound baby

  4. Damn. You guys are pretty fatalistic. That’s going to upset the Berliner, who’s apparently the only one who sees the correlation between Bill McCartney and Karl Dorrell and their ability to turn this thing around.

    I still hope he can show improvement, and not force the firing, but? That optimism fades each week, too. Hey, at least he’ll get a nice retirement check to live in Boulder, right?

    Go Buffs

    1. from the cheap seats it was still easy to see McCartney has a boatload of passion that he was able infuse others/players with.
      Flash back to KD. Has his doc prescribed valium? is he also doing his impression of a refrigerated cucumber with the players? It appears that McGeoghan was designated the motivator/energy man. That will only go so far. If it looks like the boss dont care a lot, well……
      “Nice retirement check” an extra 7.5 million for Frosty buns. jack? coin? drachma, dinero, baht, ruble francs and marks?
      There was theory going around a while back about pro athletes who got bazillion dollar contracts. Once they were set for life (even though they still needed to spend wisely) they became complacent and didnt give 100% on the field/court. Has that disease affected some college coaches now?
      If money is going to be the biggest factor now in a sport that was still armature 40 years ago make the damn coaches earn it. I can go into my usual harangue about buy outs and performance incentives but I’m sure you get the picture

      1. I don’t think anyone on the outside disagrees w/ the contract structure. It’s insane. Sadly, changing that is akin to returning to the horse and carriage as primary transport. Not happening.

        I know many people feel no sorrow for fired coaches who net millions for failing. But, it’s the market. And, whether Karl succeeds or not, I’m certain he and his staff are working their asses off to succeed. It’s just not working right now. For whatever reasons. Nevertheless, I can’t begrudge them their get outa here free cards. It’s a wild, nomadic lifestyle, where you’re literally waiting to be fired, more often than not. For Karl, perhaps he can wander no more, and enjoy beautiful Boulder in his home with a few mill in the bank.

        I think Karl was possibly hinting at something when he said “If I don’t make it through this season, if I have a heart attack or whatever…” I didn’t fully agree with where he went next, but IF Owen is the QB we hope he is, he may in fact be right about the program being in a better place. IF – another big if – he or whoever is next, can keep him, and the rest of the kids around.

        Go Buffs

        1. Keep hoping for a QB. Problem is even if the kid is better this team needs a lot more. the D line needs to be completely replaced. We need a real linebacker at least at one spot. The O line needs a couple more real players. If you are going to run the ball you need to give Gray some PT. Run blocking is his thing. He is already 300 lbs as a FR and ready to go.
          None of the above is going to work unless you get an OC who can see the big picture. That being the run game, then receiver game, the blocking game , the QB game, how the players we have fit, how all meshes and how its going to cope with the next game’s opponent’s D in and react accordingly. So far Darrin Sanford may be worse than the original Darrin.
          Right now RG better be spending as much time reviewing FCS coaches and how they differ than the dead heads the Buffs seem to be continuously cursed with as he does fund raising.

          1. Yeah. You aren’t wrong. Need dudes all around. Starts with qb. That sound system cas would have been better spent on recruiting operations.

            I do think they have some talented kids. Just young and inexperienced. Can they keep em together and keep more coming? That is Karl’s #1 job.

            Go Buffs

    2. What I see in the comparison is the full year needs to be given, Just like mac1 was given the full year. and then he was given the 4th year.

      Different era…yup
      mac1 teams more competitive…different era.

      Mac more outgoing. hmmmmmmmmmmm not so sure

      Anyway HCKD deserves the year and it start again ucla
      who have played nobody so

      Go Buffs.

      note: The torch carrying mob is amazing……………………..ignore em

      1. Mac2 had some passion. In fact I miss him now and those sweet 5-7 records where the Buffs were sometimes competitive and won a few games they should’ve won. Good times they were.
        (Kinda like looking back on Bush2 in hindsight but I don’t like getting political on here so I’ll just STFU)

  5. Thank you Buffs for giving me my Saturdays back. Since I now only have have to watch the first 5 minutes of the game, I have plenty of time for other projects around the house. My yard has never looked better!

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