CUATG Podcast: 5* CB Recruit Cormani McClain Commits to CU! / Constructing CU’s 2023 Starting Lineup / CU’s Pac-12 Schedule: Opportunities … Or a Bataan Death March?

Well, timing is everything! Just a few hours before sitting down with Brad Geiger and Neil Langland to tape our latest podcast, five-star cornerback prospect Cormani McClain verbally committed to play for Coach Prime at Colorado. While McClain, one of the highest-rated recruits in CU history, can’t officially become a Buff until February 1st, his verbal commitment gives us the opportunity to talk about what McClain means to the 2023 CU roster, what his announcement means to the national perception of the Colorado program, and what his signing could mean to help CU recruit additional star power for the Class of 2024 and beyond.

We then move on to discuss the tidal wave of new talent coming to the Champions Center this fall. Coach Prime and his staff have now replaced over half of the roster from the 2022 season, with more additions – and subtractions – to come. How do the coaches keep the team from fracturing into an “us v. them” locker room? Can CU construct a starting lineup just from the incoming players? Are CU fans expecting too much from the transfers, many of whom are from Power Five conference schools, but few of whom were multiple year starters at their former schools? We also will lean into the question of the Transfer Portal, and how CU will find a way back to 85 scholarship players by the start of Fall Camp.

Our final segment is a discussion about the recently released Pac-12 schedule. CU will open its conference schedule on the road against Oregon, then return home to face USC. Is this a move to punish CU and its flamboyant new head coach? Or is this just the Pac-12 grabbing for as much television revenue from the hiring of Coach Prime as it can early in the season?

There are many adjectives to describe what has happened with the CU football program since Coach Sanders was hired on December 4th, but dull is not one of them. What impact will the latest commitment have on the future of the program? Is the CU 2023 schedule one of numerous opportunities … or is it a Bataan Death March? …

… Let’s find out …

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Below is Episode 2 of Season 4 for the CU at the Game Podcast. You can listen to the podcast simply by clicking on the play button below, or listen it to it here at Buzzsprout, or at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio … or wherever you find your podcasts!

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  1. Stuart
    I’m sure there is a number limit for walk-ons too and I’m sure there will not be very many, if any players that will subscribe, but is it possible for a scholarship player who will or may lose his scholarship continue to remain on the team as a walk-on?
    I have been thinking about Offerdahl who has been proven himself as a valuable player who is, I believe, still a walk on. Given Smoke and Edwards (and I’m still wondering how good Smoke will be) will Offerdahl hit the portal or be happy to remain a walk-on?
    Venn is another case study. I have heard. very little about his practice performance

    1. I don’t know if there is a NCAA-mandated limit on walk-ons, but most teams to settle in around 30, with a full roster of 115.
      There may be some issues with manipulating the roster with former scholarship players becoming walk-ons (or players with rich parents, say, Shedeur Sanders, playing as a “walk-on”, so as to not take up a scholarship), but I’m sure all avenues to maximize the talent will be explored.

  2. Hey guys, great podcast as always. DNVR did a review and they largely agreed with 2 starters, Tank and Van Wells on the O line and Woods with maybe Reed in the slot on D. This is going to be a completely different team. I think there may be more surprises though. I think there will be some guys from the old team that see what a successful team looks like and puts the work in to beat out some of the incoming folks. I am real interested to see. Excited for the team. If you haven’t watched the YouTube of Shedeur throwing in the indoor practice facility it is really worth it. The ball jumps out of his hands, he throws with great timing and while I am sure they edited for accuracy those were all spot on. I saw 2 things that caught my eye. He hits his back foot and is throwing, the ball is co ing out quick. 2 he was making throws before the recievers cam out of his break and it was accurate. Now that is against air so we will have to see, but man it was nice. My heart deceived me last year (or maybe watching a bad offense go against a bad defense) so no predictions. Just enjoying the ride and the access.

    1. Don’t do podcasts. But I guess they are a big thing. Just seems like extra noise in the universe.
      Anyway you and me, sucked into the vortex of believing in the holy buffalo, bet our asses off
      and lost to EARWAX aka EARACHE. The lowest point of existence for a Buff loyalist to sink too.

      So now a whole new existence is laid out in front of us. We can be Prime babies. Mein gott earache called for Rick and Lance to be fired/replaced immediately. (He was not a lone in the endeavor) Based on the comments from Prime those people were out to lunch and had no clue about Rick and what was going on (As a note: it was stated by and earpiece………………..I dislike the original Mac but love the fake wacmac) Just can’t get by that
      Anyway again

      A Prime Baby…………nice

      I ain’t making no predictions either. Not one. Not even two. As a prime baby i am just gonna repeat what he says. Ride the Shark and take what comes.

      Go Prime Buffs.

      1. Trollin’ trollin’ trollin’ keep that vk trollin’, trollin’ trollin’ trollin’ aloooong

        It’s a new year, but some things never change.

        Go Buffs

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