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February 1st

… CU in a few minutes …

*Video: Coach Prime’s Press Conference* – “We’re not done. This is just a comma, a pause”

Note … I remember the last time I watched an entire press conference, and then couldn’t wait to rewind it and watch it again. But that has happened now twice in a row, with Coach Prime’s introductory press conference in December, and today’s press conference discussing CU’s 42 new recruits … Enjoy! … 

From Neill Woelk at … That noise you heard Wednesday afternoon?

That is the sound of a program reawakening, a sleeping giant ready to stand up under the Flatirons, flex his muscles and return to work after too many years in slumber.

The Colorado Buffaloes are back. Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders sent the message loud and clear at his first signing day press conference, where the Buffs officially announced a class that will include 42 recruits, 47 overall newcomers and more star power than any CU class in recent memory.

Strictly from a numbers standpoint, the class Coach Prime and his staff put together in six short weeks is impressive.

— Two five-star recruits, a first in Colorado football history.

— Seven four-star players, matching the most in any CU class ever.

— A No. 21 ranking overall nationally and a No. 4-ranked transfer class.

— Eleven players from the talent-rich states of Florida and Georgia, marking a significant shift in CU’s recruiting strategy.

But there are more than just numbers in this class. It includes the nation’s top-ranked defensive back in each of the last two seasons (no surprise for a coach who has both college and professional Hall of Fame credentials as a defensive back). It includes a healthy mix of defensive and offensive players at both the skill positions and in the trenches, and nearly 30 of the newcomers have already enrolled and will be available for spring ball.

Perhaps most importantly, Coach Prime added this promise as he discussed his first signing class in Boulder:

“We’re not done,” Sanders said with a smile. “This is just a pause. This is just a comma. There’s a lot of people that are going to be bungee jumping into the portal out of spring because they’re going to be disappointed in their playing time, the commitment or the level of participation they’re garnishing. And we’re going to take full advantage.”

In other words, what has already been a historic roster remake is not yet finished.

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Date for Spring Game set; Spring Practices to begin March 19th

Press release from … The Colorado Football team will conclude Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders’ first Spring Football season with the 2023 Black & Gold Day, which will consist of several activities and include an intrasquad football game at Folsom Field at 1 p.m.

General admission tickets will be $10 and on sale beginning February 13.  Students will be free of charge but will need to claim their tickets similar to the claim process for men’s basketball. 

More information including television, radio, parking and details about other activities surrounding the day will be made available soon.

 Spring practices for the team start March 19. 

Video: Coach Prime gives Lil Wayne a Tour of the Champions Center


January 31st 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Shedeur Sanders part of the Pac-12’s “greatest collection of quarterbacks”

From the Daily Camera … Shedeur Sanders had yet to play his final game at Jackson State before Fox Sports in December labeled him as a favorite to win the 2023 Heisman Trophy for Colorado.

Throwing that type of hype on Sanders right away might be a bit much, but the fact that CU has a quarterback being talked about nationally is rare and it’s a big deal for the Pac-12 Conference.

“The conference will have the greatest collection of quarterbacks going into the season, as far as athletes ready to make sure their universities are in contention,” Merton Hanks, the Pac-12’s senior associate commissioner for football operations, said to BuffZone in a recent interview.

Without having played a snap at the FBS level, Sanders may not be at the top of that list yet, but he’s one of the most intriguing quarterbacks in the country going into next season.

In two seasons at Jackson State, Sanders threw for 6,963 yards, 70 touchdowns and only 14 interceptions. He added nine rushing touchdowns, including six this past season. In 2022, he ranked third in the FCS in passing touchdowns (40) and fourth in passing yards (3,732) and completion percentage (70.6%).

“I’m looking forward to seeing Shedeur against the Pac-12 defenses,” Hanks said. “That’s going to be something that I’ll be certainly paying close attention to.”

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Coach Prime to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial

From ABC News … Deion Sanders stars with family in new Super Bowl ad … Ads for the Super Bowl are already upping their game, including the reveal of the Oikos commercial featuring the legendary player and coach.

Link to story and video showing excerpts from Coach Prime’s commercial can be found here.


January 29th

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Videos: Getting to Know CU’s OC Sean Lewis and DC Charles Kelly


January 28th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Where are they now? Where former CU assistant coaches landed

From the Daily Camera … Last week, former CU defensive line coach and interim defensive coordinator Gerald Chatman was hired as an analyst at LSU, essentially switching spots with Patrick Hill, who was the final assistant coach hired by Deion Sanders. Chatman spent the 2021 season as an analyst at LSU before joining the Buffs a year ago. … Several of CU’s assistants from last year have found new jobs, including tight ends coach Clay Patterson (same role at South Florida) and offensive line coach Kyle DeVan (same role at Charlotte). Three of CU’s coaches from last year are now working with the USFL’s Houston Gamblers, per the USFL Network: Chris Wilson (defensive coordinator), Brett Maxie (defensive backs) and Jeff Smart (linebackers/quality control).


January 27th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Pac-12 Exec Merton Hanks on Coach Prime: “I don’t see a downside. I think the upside is so massive”

From the Daily Camera … Merton Hanks was a veteran starter for the San Francisco 49ers when Deion Sanders joined the team in 1994.

“Let’s make no mistake about it: we were already good,” Hanks said. “We were a Super Bowl-caliber team.”

Sanders made them better, helping to lift the 49ers to a victory in Super Bowl XXIX during his one season with the team.

“Deion pulled off two things,” Hanks told BuffZone in a recent interview. “He was humble, but he was transformative in his approach to the 49ers, because the 49ers at that time were very much stoic, very businesslike and Deion added more fun, more flair to that team and that’s what that team needed at the time.”

Now the executive associate commissioner of football operations for the Pac-12, Hanks believes Sanders can make a transformative impact on the University of Colorado, as well.

A Pro Football Hall of Famer and arguably the best cornerback in NFL history, Sanders was hired as CU’s head coach on Dec. 3, and Hanks is excited to have his friend and former teammate in the Pac-12.

“Quite frankly, I don’t see a downside. I think the upside is so massive,” Hanks said. “It’s the type of hire that lets the fan base know that the Buffaloes are not only an elite academic institution, but wants to position itself to be elite in all aspects of its athletic endeavors. That’s why you bring in a guy like Deion Sanders.”

Certainly, the 55-year-old Sanders isn’t the same guy as the 27-year-old who joined the 49ers in 1994, but there are characteristics he still carries today, Hanks said.

“What I’m seeing, quite frankly, is a more mature version of the person I worked closely with and remain great friends with,” Hanks said. “This guy will help elevate whatever he’s a part of, and I think not just the football team, not just the athletic department, but the community of Boulder.

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January 26th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Senior outside linebacker Jamar Montgomery declares for the NFL Draft

2022 senior year highlights: 

  • Played in 12 games this season, with 330 defensive snaps, 24 total tackles, one sack, three tackles for loss, two tackles for zero, five third down stops, six quarterback pressures and one pass break up.
  • Named a member of the Victory Club for his play in games against Arizona State and California.
  • Played in a season high 54 snaps defensively against Arizona, with two tackles for loss and a quarterback pressure.



January 25th 

… CU in a few minutes …

Offensive Coordinator Sean Lewis: “We’re gonna light up that scoreboard, we’re gonna set those fireworks “

From the Daily Camera … At Kent State, Sean Lewis’ offense was cleverly called, “Flash fast.”

Now that he’s at Colorado, he calls it “Buff fast.”

Regardless of the name, Lewis’ goal is the same. He wants an up-tempo, high-powered offensive attack.

“We’re going to go fast,” Lewis, CU’s new offensive coordinator, said during an interview posted by Thee Pregame Show on YouTube. “We’re going to make sure our kids can play with confidence, that they can think fast, know fast, do fast. And, they’re gonna have a swagger about them and a way in which they carry themselves because they know that what we do works and the amount of work that they have put in is going to give them conviction to carry themselves a certain kind of way.

“We’re gonna light up that scoreboard, we’re gonna set those fireworks off and it’s gonna be a lot of fun here.”

CU’s offense has been anything but fun the last couple of years, which is a big reason why Lewis and first-year head coach Deion Sanders are now in Boulder.

The Buffs had one of the worst offenses in the country in 2021 and actually got worse this past year. CU finished the 2022 campaign with 15.4 points per game – the lowest average in the 12-year history of the expanded Pac-12. In those 12 years, only two Pac-12 offenses averaged less than 302 yards per game: the 2021 Buffs (257.6) and the 2022 Buffs (281.3).

Enter Lewis, 36, who spent the past five seasons as the head coach Kent State, where the Golden Flashes had one of the fastest offenses in the country.

This past season, Kent State averaged one offensive play for every 21.7 seconds of possession. CU was nearly five seconds slower, at one play for every 26.4 seconds.

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CU AD Rick George NIL email update to Buff Nation

From …

Your loyal and generous support continues to provide our Buffs with one of the preeminent holistic student-athlete experiences in the country. We have been able to build incredible facilities, lead the way in mental and physical health, and provide world-class academics and leadership and career development programs because of the investment by Buffs around the world.
Over the past year and a half, the landscape surrounding college athletics has dramatically changed with Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) becoming a pivotal part of the student-athlete experience. These young men and women are now able to earn compensation for the use of their NIL in the context of sponsorships and endorsements, marketing, appearances, autographs, and merchandise. As we strive to be among the nation’s best, we must continue to evolve with this ever-changing world of college athletics and embrace NIL to the fullest.
We need everyone in Buff Nation to make an investment in our 350+ student-athletes by donating to the Buffs4Life NIL Collective, registering for Buffs NIL Exchange, or supporting the Colorado Athletics Buff Club today.
  • Give to the Buffs4Life NIL CollectiveThe Buffs4Life Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) organization, has supported alumni athletes for nearly two decades and has now expanded its reach to current Buffs through NIL. Your tax-deductible donation goes towards financing NIL activities for student-athletes. You can choose to support the Collective’s general fund, a specific team, a group of student-athletes (by position, major, hometown, etc.), or an individual, and B4LNILC does the rest! B4LNILC works with student-athletes to earn these funds through promoting and participating in Buffs4Life’s ongoing mental health initiatives. Learn more here.
  • Register for the Buffs NIL Exchange: This digital INFLCR marketplace is operated by CU Athletics and serves as a free registry for businesses and individuals to engage in NIL activities with current student-athletes. This platform supports every step of an NIL transaction, from connecting with the student-athletes to negotiating the business proposal and, eventually, transmitting payment. The Exchange is the central hub for anyone interested in receiving value directly from a CU student-athlete, like business promotion or something more personal like an autograph or birthday video for a loved one. Learn more here.
  • Make a gift to the Buff Club: The Buff Club is the official fundraising arm for CU Athletics that raises money for our state-of-the-art facilities, academic support and scholarships, mental and physical health resources, and leadership and career development programs. If you would like to make a leadership-level investment in our student-athletes, contact us at or (303) 492-2200. Learn more here.
 This is a critical time in the history of Colorado Athletics and we need everyone to invest in our Buffs to achieve national prominence across all sports. We will continue to do our part and explore future NIL opportunities with accountability, integrity, and dedication to our student-athletes. Keep an eye out for licensed, co-branded basketball and football apparel through our Fanatics CU Team Store website in the near future.
We hope you consider making an investment in our student-athletes. Together, shoulder to shoulder, we will achieve excellence in the classroom and in competition.
Go Buffs!
Rick George



January 24th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Coach Prime continues to command the national spotlight

From … When Colorado named Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders as the Buffaloes’ new football coach last December, virtually nobody could have predicted the national shockwaves Coach Prime’s arrival would have on the CU program.

The Buffaloes became nationally relevant overnight.

Recruits — both high school and transfers — immediately were drawn to the program. National news outlets, commentators and celebrities predicted success for Coach Prime and the Buffs. Sanders quickly became a regular on national broadcasts, from Monday Night Football to Amazon’s Thursday Night Prime Time telecast to the CBS Morning show.

Simply, Coach Prime thrust Colorado into prime time on every platform. Social media fully embraced his presence at Colorado and the results have been an explosion in ticket sales, gear sales and donations to CU Athletics.

At the same time, potential recruits continue to flock to Boulder, aiming to become part of the Coach Prime experience and national media continue to point to the successes he is producing for the Buffaloes.

Stories … 

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January 23rd

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: First One-one-One Coach Prime Interview with Thee Pregame Show*

… “I never settle … I never settle for mediocrity … I don’t know where the remote control for that is … I’m committed. I can’t stop … Our coaches understand that the goal is to win. But goal is also to win their lives. It is also to win their trust and respect … Winning comes in so many different packages … Willie Taggart is coming … Mike Zimmer is coming … We are trying to go get it right now … (Those who say it takes a couple of years to build a program) They are scared …” … 

Taggart was let go as Florida Atlantic’s head coach last month. He has been a head coach for the past 13 seasons at five different schools (Western Kentucky, South Florida, Oregon, Florida State and FAU).

Zimmer worked this past season as an analyst at Jackson State with Sanders. Prior to that, he was the head coach of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings for eight seasons (2014-21). From 2000-13, he was a defensive coordinator in the NFL, for the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals. When Sanders played for the Cowboys from 1995-99, Zimmer was his position coach.


January 22nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: Coach Prime with the Coaching Staff – Making his Expectations Known*

... Relationships … lead to Respect … leads to Response … leads to Results … 

LB Guy Thomas would like to return to CU as a fifth-year senior

From … Guy Thomas wants to use his extra year of eligibility to return to Colorado.

The 6-foot-2, 242-pound linebacker previously announced he was entering the 2023 NFL Draft, but is now open to being with Coach Prime in Boulder. He told BuffsBeat reporter Brian Schaible his intentions following the Tropicana Bowl on Saturday night.

After playing his first two seasons at Nebraska, Thomas took a year Coahoma Community College in Mississippi before transferring to CU. The former four-star recruit was a key part of the Buffs defense and would give a much-needed boost immediately.

The Miami, Fla. native had 90 tackles (11.5 for loss), and 2.5 sacks in 23 games at Colorado. He plans on talking about a return with Prime in the coming weeks.

Thomas can exercise an extra year due to COVID and hasn’t hired an agent. He would come back to the Buffs as a fifth-year senior.


January 21st 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Travis Hunter makes ESPN’s preseason All-American team

From ESPN … Talk of Georgia three-peating as national champion has become the topic du jour in college football.

Seems like just yesterday the Dawgs had gone four decades without a national title. Now they’ve won two in a row, and it’s never too early to look ahead in a sport that never sleeps.

We’ve already unveiled our Way-Too-Early Top 25, and up next is our Way-Too-Early All-America team. There are some recognizable names, as in USC Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Caleb Williams, and then there are some names that might not be as recognizable — yet. Not that anyone should be surprised, but Georgia leads the way with four selections. Six of these players will be true sophomores in 2023.

From the Pac-12 … 

QB: Caleb Williams, USC

WR: Rome Odunze, Washington

PK: Joshua Karty, Stanford

RS: Anthony Gould, Oregon State

AP: Travis Hunter, Colorado … Hunter was the nation’s No. 1 recruit coming out of high school and could have gone anywhere, but he followed Deion Sanders to Jackson State a year ago. He’s now following Sanders to Colorado with visions of being a rare two-way player in FBS football. Hunter has showed the skills to be a lockdown cornerback (just like his head coach) but is equally skilled when it comes to catching passes. Don’t be surprised if he scores on offense and defense in 2023.

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January 20th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Reactions to Cormani McClain commitment

From ESPN … Deion Sanders and Colorado flipped five-star cornerback Cormani McClain from Miami on Thursday, giving Sanders his first five-star as the Buffaloes’ coach.

McClain, ESPN’s No. 4 prospect overall, is the highest-ranked recruit Colorado has brought in since ESPN began ranking players in 2006. He had been committed to the Hurricanes since October and was originally planning to sign with Miami in the early signing period in December, but abruptly decided to wait once Sanders was hired at Colorado.

McClain’s mother tweeted on the first day of the early signing period that there would be a change of plans and McClain would wait to sign his national letter of intent. Sanders continued to pursue the No. 1 corner in the class, even getting McClain to do snow angels on a visit to Colorado.

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From CBS Sports … Five-star 2023 cornerback Cormani McClain told 247Sports’ Carl Reed on Thursday that he has commited to Colorado after being pledged to Miami for nearly two months leading up to the early signing period. With Deion Sanders in as head coach, the Buffaloes made a late push to land McClain, who is ranked as the top cornerback in the class by 247Sports.

With a rating of .9950 in the 247Sports Composite, McClain immediately becomes one of Colorado’s highest-ranked commitments of all time. He is considered the No. 9 overall player in the class by 247Sports and is ranked No. 12 in the 247Sports Composite.

Seeing Sanders have significant early success on the recruiting trail is no surprise, especially with a prospect like McClain who plays the position Sanders specialized in during his Hall of Fame career. Like Sanders, McClain also starred as an offensive weapon during his high school career.

The Buffs previously landed CB Travis Hunter, who followed Sanders from Jackson State to CU after ranking as the No. 1 overall prospect from the Class of 2022. Sanders plucked Hunter away from an expected signing with his alma mater, Florida State, in an early signing period shocker last offseason.

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From The Athletic … Cormani McClain, the top-ranked cornerback in the 2023 cycle in the 247Sports Composite and No. 12 overall recruit, flipped his commitment from Miami to Colorado on Thursday, according to multiple reports, and all indications are he’ll sign with the Buffaloes when the next signing period begins Feb. 1. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s another huge recruiting win for Deion Sanders, who flipped No. 1 overall recruit in the 2022 cycle, Travis Hunter, from Florida State when he was the coach at Jackson State. Hunter is now at Colorado with Sanders along with his son, star quarterback Shedeur Sanders.
  • McClain committed to Miami since October but delayed signing with the Hurricanes in December. Multiple Miami coaches went to visit with McClain on Friday, but he wasn’t there to greet them. He was on his way to Colorado for a secret official visit.
  • By adding McClain, the Buffaloes jumped up 10 spots to No. 29 in the 247Sports Composite high school recruiting team rankings and up three spots to No. 19 in the overall talent acquisition standings when you factor in transfers.

It’s been speculated McClain could still end up taking an official visit to Tuscaloosa before signing.

How does McClain fit in at Colorado?

The Buffaloes had one of the worst defenses in the country allowing 44.5 points per game and 7.2 yards per play against FBS opponents. So, there’s plenty of opportunity to step on the field right away in Boulder and contribute. Nikko Reed, a 13-game starter, is the most experienced cornerback still on the roster. Beyond Reed, McClain’s biggest competition for playing time will likely be Hunter and fellow Jackson State transfer Tayvion Beasley, who started two games last season as a true freshman.

In addition to bringing in those talents in the secondary, Sanders brought in HBCU All-American Cam’Ron Silmon from Jackson State and former Arkansas 14-game starter Myles Slusher at safety.

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From InsidetheU (Miami 247 Forum) …

  • Best revenge is to ignore him make him irrelevant
  • Bust…
  • No hate towards CM7. But, Deion needs to learn to stay in his lane. He’s literally a piece of dog sh*t … He needs to sit down with the bottom schools. Let the big dogs come to the big schools. F Deion and his staff.
  • Glad it’s over. Take your lying momma with yah!
  • Random flip ona. Thursday. Mario must’ve pulled the offer
  • When they go 3-9 and 4-8 and he’s been 7-17 in his career I don’t want to hear his name whether he is in the portal or not.
  • Congratulations ?? to him and Colorado. The cold ?? weather gonna humble some of the Florida kids really quick though.
  • This kid is the definition of a man with no father figure. Shy, insecure, and doesnt know how to behave like a man. He will be nothing but a drama queen. He got a room tempature iq.
  • This was as low rent as it gets. Frankly good riddance to that clown show. I don’t think the kids body will hold up anyway in power 5 football.
  • He has pulled the #1 Corner in back-to-back classes while at Jackson State & Colorado in an era of NIL, where he is at schools that can easily be out-NIL’d. Things that make you go hmmm.


January 19th

... CU in a few minutes … 

Assistant head coach Gary Harrell: “(You have to) make sure that everyone understands their next move”

From the Daily Camera … Before he conducts a single practice with his new group of running backs, Colorado assistant coach Gary Harrell wants to make sure he sets the tone in the room.

“You set the culture, set the standard of how we practice, how we move around, as far as being on time for meetings and off the field stuff,” Harrell said during an interview with Thee Pregame Show posted on YouTube.

Harrell, known as “Coach Flea,” was hired by new CU head coach Deion Sanders last month as the running backs coach. He’s also the assistant head coach, serving as Sanders’ right hand man after coaching with him at Jackson State the past three years.

One of the most experienced assistants on CU’s staff, Harrell, who turns 51 on Monday, is a former Howard University and NFL receiver. He’s been in coaching for more than 20 years, including two stints (2011-12, 2014-16) as head coach at Howard.

He brings all of that experience into his new roles with the Buffaloes.

“It’s about balance,” he told Thee Pregame Show about coaching running backs and being the assistant head coach. “Making sure that not only am I able to serve that role as an assistant head coach, I have a No. 1 responsibility to make sure that my room, my running backs, understand their responsibility in the run game, passing game, protection game and the overall scheme.”

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January 18th

… CU in a few minutes … 

The Athletic: “Colorado’s quest for Deion Sanders: A network with clout, a ‘secret weapon’ and two anxious months”

Note … If you were ever planning on getting a subscription to The Athletic, now is the time. The article is outstanding (as is the ongoing debate in the comments section). A great story detailing the hiring of Coach Prime, with a behind the scenes look at the stressful last few weeks leading up to Coach Prime’s hire … 

From The Athletic … Rick George was trying to focus on the task at hand, but he had pressing issues back home.

The Colorado athletic director was sitting in a second-floor conference room at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas, fulfilling his duties as one of 13 members of the College Football Playoff committee, piecing together the final Top 25 and helping slot bowl matchups for the New Year’s Six.

But 400 miles east, Deion Sanders was putting the finishing touches on his second consecutive Southwestern Athletic Conference title with the Jackson State Tigers. Sanders had called the Colorado athletic director earlier that week with a simple message: “I’m comin’.”

That alleviated some of George’s anxiety around his high-profile, two-months-long search for a head coach. One truth about coaching searches, and Sanders especially, remained.

“You never know if he’s coming until he’s actually coming,” George said.

… “He was somebody I had in mind from the start. He had the ‘60 Minutes’ special. Reading and seeing some things he had done, he had the energy that we were looking for, the ability to recruit. He’s got strong morals, and the person he was, I felt he would be a really good fit here, even though a lot of people would say, ‘Is that a good fit?’” George said. “From a football perspective, we were looking for someone dynamic that can relate to 18- to 23-year-olds and has the passion to recruit and to mold young men. I felt like he had all those things.”

Added Bloom: “I was convinced that he was the only guy in the country who could re-energize this program.”

The day George fired Dorrell, Bloom called George. During the Sanders-centric conversation, George asked: Do you know him?

Bloom didn’t, but he knew people who did. He immediately called retired NFL receiver Steve Smith, who had known Sanders during their playing days. Both worked for the NFL Network after retiring.

Bloom asked Smith to place a call to Sanders on his behalf, encouraging him to meet with George. He wasn’t making the case for Colorado, but pleading with Smith to help Bloom, a former alum who loved the university and wanted the Buffs to thrive again, at least make a connection.

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CU 2023 football schedule released: “Deion Sanders certainly won’t be easing into his tenure”

Confirmed that CU will have three games against ten-win teams in September … bye in mid-October … Two Friday night games (v. Stanford at home on October 13th, on the road against Washington State on November 11th) … 

From the Daily Camera … Deion Sanders certainly won’t be easing into his tenure as Colorado’s head football coach.

The Pac-12 released the 2023 football schedule on Wednesday morning, including Sanders and the Buffaloes opening conference play with back-to-back games against two of the best in the country.

CU’s non-conference schedule has been set since 2017, but Wednesday’s announcement mapped out the entire slate.

The Buffs open the season with three consecutive non-conference games, including the Sept. 2 opener against national runner-up TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. That’s followed by back-to-back home games against rivals Nebraska (Sept. 9) and Colorado State (Sept. 16).

Sanders’ first Pac-12 game will be on Sept. 23 at Oregon, which finished No. 15 in the final Associated Press rankings and will likely be a top-15 team going into next season.

A week later, the Buffs will host USC, which finished this year at No. 12 and returns Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Caleb Williams. The Trojans, like Oregon, will likely be a top-15 team going into next season.

CU’s conference schedule also includes home games against Stanford, Oregon State and Arizona and road games at Arizona State, UCLA, Washington State and Utah.

Continue reading story here

CU Press Release …

The Pac-12 Conference released its schedule Wednesday for conference football games for the 2023 season, with the University of Colorado’s final slate having four league home games along with six in all at Folsom Field to mark the stadium’s 100th season of service.

It also will be the first season of CU’s 28th full-time head football coach, Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders.

 The non-conference schedule has been set since 2017; the Buffs under Coach Prime will open on the road at College Football Playoff participant TCU on Saturday, Sept. 2.  It will be the 41st time CU opens a season on the road, but only the fourth time since 1995; Colorado opened that year with a win at Wisconsin.  The Buffs previously opened a season in the state of Texas on two occasions (1940 at Texas, 1960 at Baylor).

 Colorado will then host two long-time rivals back-to-back to open the 100th season of Folsom Field.  Nebraska will head to town on Saturday, Sept. 9; both schools left the Big 12 Conference ahead of the 2011 season and played a home-and-home series in 2018-19, with the Buffaloes winning both, 33-28 in Lincoln and 34-31 in overtime in Boulder.

 Colorado State then will make the trip 50 miles south into Boulder for a Saturday, Sept. 16 match-up, the first between the state’s rivals since 2019.  In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the final of an 11-game series that was put into place in 2009.  The two schools will play Sept. 14, 2024 in Fort Collins, and again in home-and-home games in 2029-30, 2033-34 and 2037-38. 

 The last time both Nebraska and CSU were on the Buffs’ home schedule was in 2005.

 Attention then turns to the Pac-12 Conference schedule, the last with Southern California and UCLA as members of the league before they depart for the Big Ten.

 The Buffs will open Pac-12 league play on the road for the sixth time since joining the conference in 2011, heading to Eugene, Ore., to face Oregon on Sept. 23.  This will be the second time the Buffs will open league play at the Ducks and the third time against Oregon overall.  CU won 41-38 at Oregon on Sept. 23, 2016, the conference opener in what would eventually be a Pac-12 South Championship season and one of the largest turnarounds in Pac-12 history going from 1-8 in 2015 to 8-1 in 2016. 

 CU will then host Southern California to close out September on Sept. 30 at Folsom Field, in what will be the final match-up between the two as conference foes.  Colorado is searching for its first-ever win against the Trojans.

 October will open with a trip to Tempe to take on Arizona State. Then on a short week, the Buffs will face Stanford on Friday, Oct. 13, in the game that will be played as part of Family Weekend on CU’s campus.  After a bye week, the Buffs will head to Los Angeles to face UCLA for the final time in league play on Oct. 28. 

 November will open with CU’s annual Homecoming game against Oregon State on Nov. 4 and the home finale will coincide with both Senior Day and Veterans Day with Arizona visiting Boulder on Nov. 11.  With the home schedule complete, the Buffs will have their second Friday game at Washington State on Nov. 17 followed by the regular season finale at Utah on Nov. 25, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

 The Pac-12 Championship game is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 1, or Saturday, Dec. 2, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

 California and Washington are the two conference opponents that will not appear on CU’s schedule for the 2023 season.

 “We’re excited about the home schedule we’ve put together for both the start of the Coach Prime era and the 100th season at Folsom Field,” CU Athletic Director Rick George said. “Having both Nebraska and Colorado State at home for the first time in 18 years, the final game against USC for the foreseeable future and Family Weekend, Homecoming and Senior Day games set, 2023 is shaping up to be one of our most exciting home schedules in a long time.”

 Season ticket renewals are underway and the Feb. 2 deadline is quickly approaching. 

 Television game selections and start times for the first three weeks of the season will be known in early June, with all remaining games from Sept. 23 through the final week of the regular season to be made 12 or an occasional six days in advance per contractual agreements with the Pac-12 and its television partners, ESPN, FOX and the Pac-12 Networks.



January 17th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video – Champions Center tour with Travis Hunter*

Coach Prime on Recruiting Philosophy: “Grad transfers want it now – they ain’t got time to be playing no games”

From 247 Sports … Deion Sanders has not been shy about using the transfer portal as he looks to build Colorado into a winner. The Buffaloes have one of the highest-rated hauls of experienced newcomers. While a guest recently on the Pat McAfee ShowSanders explained the benefit of targeting potential incoming transfers. Thus far, Sanders has landed 23 transfers and the No. 3-ranked class according to 247Sports.

“Grad transfers want it right now,” Sanders said when discussing the mindset of grad transfers. “They got one or two more years left and they want it right now. They ain’t got time to be playing no games, they ain’t got time to be making mistakes with their careers and their futures, they ain’t don’t have time for knucklehead kids to be running around and not doing their assignments, being where they’re supposed to be. I love it.

“Guys in the transfer portal … you got to find out ‘why.’ You gotta do your homework and due diligence. ‘Why? You’re saying they wanted this, they wanted that. Okay if I call them, what are they gonna say about you? Just tell me because I’m gonna make the call. I’d rather not make the call but tell me why, because there’s a reason you left. There’s a reason you discovered this situation or the situation divorced you.’ You gotta find out all about those guys.”

Sanders departed for Colorado after three seasons at Jackson State, where he guided the Tigers to SWAC titles and Celebration Bowl appearances each of the past two seasons.

“High school kids are a little different,” Sanders continued. “You can mold them, you can shape them, but a lot of coaches don’t have two years to build them and mold them and shape them because you’re gonna mess around and get fired trying to develop that kid. So you gotta have a perfect balance of older and younger guys and (middle) guys as well so you can have the tremendous balance. But make sure you ain’t dealing with no youngsters at center, you ain’t dealing with no youngsters at right or left tackle, you ain’t dealing with no youngsters at corner.”

Continue reading story here

Report: CU to open Pac-12 play at Oregon; at home v. USC

Note … The Pac-12 will be releasing the fall 2023 football schedules at 11:00 a.m., MT, on Wednesday …

… You would think that the Pac-12 AD’s would want to punish USC and UCLA for leaving by giving them tough schedules. Instead, they seem determined to have Colorado fail under Coach Prime … 

From John Canzano … USC will have a bye week before the Pac-12 Conference title game. Deion Sanders’ first conference game as a coach will come at Oregon. And Washington faces a rigorous test in November of next college football season.

The Pac-12 Conference athletic directors voted over the three-day weekend to approve the football schedule for next season. The conference is expected to officially release the schedule sometime this week, per sources.

What I expect:

• The schedule will include a floating Pac-12 championship game that will be played in Las Vegas on either Friday, Dec. 1 or Saturday, Dec. 2, I’m told.

• The Civil War rivalry game between Oregon and Oregon State will be played on Friday, Nov. 24. It’s the only Pac-12 game set for “Black Friday” and one of two Friday games the Beavers are scheduled to play in 2023. OSU will also play Friday, Sept. 29 at home vs. Utah. (Colorado is the only other team in the conference that currently has two Friday games on the schedule.)

• Colorado will open conference play vs. Oregon at Autzen Stadium (Sept. 23), then turn around and face USC at home the following Saturday. The Buffaloes conference schedule is front-loaded with those two games. They’ll get eyeballs.

• The AD vote on the schedule wasn’t unanimous. There were three final drafts presented to the members, I’m told. The process gave each school a chance to vote for their preferred version. Five points were awarded to each institution’s No. 1 pick, three points for the No. 2 pick, and one point for No. 3 choice.

The “A” draft won. It received a first-place vote from eight of the 12 conference athletic directors. The “B” and “C” drafts each received two first-place votes.

… Meanwhile … 

• Arizona State will play five of the first six games of the Kenny Dillingham-era at home. The schedule is built to establish some early confidence and possible bowl momentum. ASU plays a total of eight home games in 2023.

Read full story here


January 16th

… CU in a few minutes … 

*Video: First Team Meeting Under Coach Prime*

… CU assistant coaches introduce themselves to the 2023 Buff roster on campus for spring practices … 

Safety Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig: HBCU All-American coming to CU

From the Daily Camera … Safety Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig is one of 23 scholarship transfers committed to CU this winter, including seven that have followed Sanders from Jackson State.

For Silmon-Craig, the relationship with Sanders goes back several years.

A native of Birmingham, Ala., Silmon-Craig moved away from home as a high school junior to play at Trinity Christian High School in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sanders was one of the coaches at Trinity Christian, along with Kevin Mathis and Andre’ Hart, who are now on CU’s coaching staff.

When he graduated from Trinity Christian in 2021, Sanders was already the head coach at Jackson State, with Hart and Mathis also on the JSU staff. Silmon-Craig didn’t have any Power 5 offers, but Sanders wanted him at JSU.

“(Going to JSU) was going for what I know, going for what I feel,” he said. “Coach Prime was at Jackson already doing a lot of big things and I already feel comfortable with coach Mathis and coach Hart. I went back to my family and … they just felt like that was the smartest decision for us in the end.”

After two seasons at JSU, Silmon-Craig said there was no question he wanted to stay with Sanders and transfer to CU.

“His staff took a chance on taking a kid when a lot of people didn’t take a chance on me,” he said. “So I feel like this is kind of a way of me paying them back for all they did for me. Wherever they were going, I was going to go for what I know.”

Despite being a smaller safety, Silmon-Craig was a two-year starter at JSU, recording 113 tackles, 10 TFLs, 4.0 sacks, five interceptions and five pass breakups. This season, he was named an HBCU All-American and first-team All-SWAC.

“I went out every game and gave it my all and did what I had to do and we made a lot of good things happen,” he said. “We had a lot of wins. I know I can be better, but I’m pleased with what we did at Jackson.”

He said he knows he can compete in the Pac-12 because of the fact that Sanders wanted him at CU.

“He wouldn’t bring a guy in that was short-changed and wasn’t up to his standard,” Silmon-Craig said. “I hear a lot of things about the Pac-12: they’re faster, line is a little bigger. I feel like I’m already there mentally. I just know I gotta get there physically to be able to do what I gotta do.”

Continue reading story here


January 13th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Predicting the Pac-12 Recruiting Classes of 2024: “Here Comes Colorado”

From the San Jose Mercury News … Three weeks remain in the 2022-23 college football recruiting season, but the framework for next year is already established.

The Hotline asked Brandon Huffman, the Washington-based national recruiting editor for 247 Sports, to offer a few projections for the Pac-12 with the high school juniors who will sign letters of intent in the winter of 2023-24.

Will the intra-conference dynamics change with USC and UCLA bound for the Big Ten?

Will resurgent Washington challenge Oregon for Pac-12 supremacy?

How will the Deion Sanders era at Colorado change the balance of power?

Huffman provided the following predictions …

4. Here comes Colorado

“I anticipate that Colorado will have a top-five class in the Pac-12 in the 2023-24 cycle.

“The Buffaloes are already off to a strong start with three commitments — all of them since the hiring of Deion Sanders. Their class ranks No. 17 nationally right now.

Two of the three highly-rated guys are from Georgia, so it’s a matter of holding onto them. (Omar White is a four-star defensive lineman.) And let’s not forget that Sanders has ties to Georgia from his time with the Falcons and Braves.

“I anticipate the Buffaloes finishing with a top-five class whether you count USC as being in the Pac-12 or not.”

Continue reading story here


January 12th 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Andy Staples on CU ’23: “Making a bowl would be a tremendous achievement. Anything beyond that is gravy”

From The Athletic

Which first-year coach do you see being the most successful or having the biggest turnaround in their first year?

Everyone taking over a program this offseason faces a high bar set by one Daniel Dykes — bet you didn’t know Sonny’s real first name — after Dykes took TCU from 5-7 to the national title game in his first season. Can any of the newcomers put their team in the title game in 2023? Doubtful. Can some new coaches help their teams make big jumps? Absolutely.

The most obvious candidate is Deion Sanders at Colorado because Sanders is taking over a program that went 1-11 (and frankly couldn’t get much worse) and infusing it with a level of talent it hasn’t had in years. But here’s the tough part for Sanders: This could be the best and deepest Pac-12 we’ve seen since the age when Pete Carroll’s USC Trojans ruled the sport.

In another year, merely the addition of Deion’s son Shedeur Sanders at quarterback would signal a big bump. But this is a deeeeep quarterback league in 2023. USC has returning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams. Cam Rising, who has led Utah to consecutive Pac-12 titles, is back. Bo Nix returned to Oregon. Michael Penix Jr. returned to Washington. Former Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei has joined an Oregon State team that went 10-3 in 2022 and returns nearly everyone. Colorado has to play all of those teams except Washington. Plus the Buffaloes must face the aforementioned TCU on Sept. 2, and they get Nebraska on Sept. 9.

So if you’re planning on a massive jump for Colorado under Sanders in Year 1, maybe ease off the expectations. Winning some games would represent huge progress. Making a bowl would be a tremendous achievement. Anything beyond that is gravy.

Speaking of Nebraska, Matt Rhule has a chance to bring the Cornhuskers back to bowl eligibility in Year 1. As I mentioned above in reference to Colorado, expecting more than that right out of the gate could be asking too much. Georgia Tech transfer QB Jeff Sims will have a chance to take the starting job in spring practice with incumbent Casey Thompson out recovering from an injury. But as important might be the transfer portal additions of Arizona State center Ben Scott and four-year Stanford offensive line starter Walter Rouse. The Huskers need to block better, and Rhule and his staff will have to develop what they have — and maybe grab more out of the portal — to make that happen.

Nebraska hasn’t played in a bowl game since the end of Mike Riley’s second season in 2016. The six-win mark is a good goal for Nebraska.

Continue reading story here


January 11th 

… CU in a few minutes …

Report: ASU Week Zero game off (Denied by Football Oversight Committee)

A tweet from Brandon Macello, who sent out a tweet yesterday that there was an agreement for a Week Zero game between CU and Arizona State was in the works … From Source: In an interesting development, the plan for a Week 0 game between Colorado and Arizona State has been nixed after Deion Sanders leaked it to Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN. 

From Pete Thamel at ESPN … There will not be a Week 0 game between Colorado and Arizona State, as the Football Oversight Committee denied the request. Have been told the reason is that they applied for a waiver to avoid playing nine-consecutive weeks.

Death of former CU great Charles Johnson ruled a suicide

From Fox Sports … Charles Johnson, a former first-round NFL draft pick who won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2001, died in July by suicide after an apparent drug overdose, according to a report from the North Carolina’s medical examiner’s office.

Johnson was found dead in a hotel room near his home in Raleigh on July 17 and was determined to have “acute oxycodone, hydrocodone and mirtazapine toxicity” when he died, according to USA Today. Officials said Johnson had no reported medical history nor was he prescribed anything at the time.

The former wide receiver’s wife reported him missing the day before he was found dead. Officials said Johnson paid for the room on July 15, and returned home to get some items. Police found him lying on the bed of the hotel room unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to USA Today.

Johnson, 50, was serving as an assistant athletic director at Heritage High School in Wake Forest, North Carolina, according to WNCN-TV.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Johnson with the No. 17 pick in the 1994 draft out of Colorado. He would later be paired up with his college teammate Kordell Stewart for a few seasons.

Johnson played for the Steelers from 1994 to 1998. He had 247 catches for 3,400 yards and 15 touchdowns. Johnson had a breakout season in 1996 when he caught 60 passes for 1,008 yards with three touchdowns. He had seven touchdowns in 1998.

Johnson joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999 and played two seasons for them. He had 90 catches for 1,056 yards and eight touchdowns. He proved to be a reliable receiver for Donovan McNabb during his first two seasons.

Johnson joined the Patriots in 2001 and won a Super Bowl with the team at the same time quarterback Tom Brady was making his emergence in the NFL. Johnson last played for the Buffalo Bills in 2002 before stepping away from the game.

Johnson finished his career with 354 catches for 4,606 yards and 24 touchdowns.

JSU transfer kicker Alejandro Mata on following Coach Prime to CU: “I refer to him as a dad”

From the Daily Camera … Alejandro Mata’s journey to CU has been long and uncommon.

Born in Honduras, Mata and his family moved to Mexico before he turned two and he lived there for eight years. After several years in Brazil, the Matas moved to Georgia when he was in sixth grade.

“I was the only Mexican in my school at the time,” he said. “It started off rough, I’m not gonna lie. There was a little bit of a language barrier. I knew the basic stuff about English but I couldn’t maintain a full conversation, and my accent really didn’t help either.”

Mata adapted quickly, however, and in addition to going to school, he continued his love of playing soccer. There was always a curiosity about football, however.

“It all started in Brazil, really,” he said. “My dad introduced me to fantasy football and I started watching the games. … Then I started playing ‘Madden’ (video games) and started learning all the all-time legends, such as Coach Prime, Michael Strahan, Lawrence Taylor, all the big names.”

… This past season at Jackson State, Mata earned Sanders’ trust by going 51-of-52 on extra points and 12-of-13 on field goals. His only misses were blocked.

“Pretty interesting,” he said of his year at JSU. “Really blew my expectations out of the water. All the support that we got from (fans) was amazing.”

Mata said it wasn’t an easy choice to transfer this winter because of the friends and relationships he built at JSU. Then he talked to his father.

“He’s like, ‘Are you crazy? Of course you’re going to Colorado. You’re following Deion; I don’t care what you say,’” Mata said.

Continue reading story here


January 10th

… CU in a few minutes … 

DB Signing Day flip Jadn Milliner-Jones on Coach Prime: “I want to be a part of what he’s building”

From the Daily Camera … For more than six months, Jaden Milliner-Jones was committed to signing a national letter of intent with SMU.

On Dec. 21, the DeSoto (Texas) High School safety was at a signing day celebration at his school, sitting at a table decorated with four SMU balloons and an SMU hat, sitting next to his mother, who wore an SMU shirt.

Then, DeSoto head coach Claude Mathis mentioned Colorado and tried to cover it up by saying, “Where are you going to school?”

Milliner-Jones smiled and then pulled off a sweatshirt to reveal a Colorado T-shirt and his signing day surprise.

“Coach Mathis, even though he spoiled it, it was fun,” Milliner-Jones said with a laugh about surprising everyone with his choice.

Flipping Milliner-Jones from SMU was one of the signing day victories for CU and first-year head coach Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders. The three-star safety prospect from one of the top prep programs in the country had 15 other scholarship offers and actually woke up on signing day planning to sign with SMU.

“On signing day, I talked to Coach Prime and just made the decision that morning,” Milliner-Jones said.

… Milliner-Jones, who had 86 tackles, five tackles for loss and an interception as a senior, will come in ready to compete.

“I’m a hard-hitting, man coverage and box safety,” he said. “I can do everything. I played nickel, I played in the box a lot. I can make tackles, I can move, I’m versatile and I can cover.”

And, he’s a winner, having helped DeSoto to a 35-7 record the past three years, including a Class 6A state title last month. Now, he hopes to be a part of a winning culture at CU.

“I see what Coach Prime is trying to build up there; what type of team he’s trying to build and what he’s really trying to make,” he said. “He’s really trying to get a national championship and he’s trying to bring a lot of kids, so I want to be a part of what he’s building.”

Read full story here

CU v. ASU in Week Zero: Rumor Takes on a Life of Its Own

Coach Prime was a guest for ESPN’s GameDay pregame show for the national championship game Monday. When asked a question about playing TCU in the 2023 season opener, Sanders replied: “Maybe,” with a laugh. “That may change”. As they played him off, Sanders joked, “Arizona State may happen”.

The thought that CU’s Pac-12 game against Arizona State, scheduled to be a road game for the Buffs, might be moved up to a Week Zero game, soon took root. It was then restated by Kirk Herbstreit during the broadcast of the game … and since has taken on a life of its own.

In the Twitter universe …

FBSchedules … During the CFP National Championship broadcast, Kirk Herbstreit stated that Coach Prime and Colorado will open the 2023 season at Arizona State in Week Zero.

Jon Wilner in reply … If true, and if it’s a change from original plan: This could help explain the delay in the P12 schedule release

From … ESPN is putting Prime Time in prime time.

Brandon Marcello of 247Sports reported Tuesday that ESPN and the Pac-12 are in the process of moving the Arizona State-Colorado game to Week 0, thereby putting Deion Sanders’s FBS debut in a standalone broadcast window.

Networks have noticed audiences’ hunger for football in late August, and have responded by serving up an appetizer before the 5-day feast that is Labor Day weekend. Last season’s Nebraska-Northwestern game, for instance, drew a healthy 4.42 million viewers for Fox on Aug. 27, the fifth-most watched game of Week 0/1, according to Sports Media Watch.

Late August is expected to become a fixture of the FBS schedule once the new College Football Playoff contract begins in 2026.

The Pac-12 schedule has not been set yet. Senior associate commissioner for football operations Merton Hanks told the San Jose Mercury-News late last month that “there are some things we’re taking another look at.”

“We hope to get it out relatively quickly,” Hanks told the paper. “There are some things we’re taking another look at, so we’ve asked the athletic directors for more time. It’s difficult because there are so many good teams.”

*Video: Coach Prime at National Championship Game: “We gotta get here”*


January 9th

… CU in a few minutes … 

TE Coach Tim Brewster fires up recruits: “We will win. We will win NOW!”


January 8th

… CU in a few minutes … 

CU DL signee Taje McCoy named Oklahoma All-State Defensive Player of the Year

From The Oklahoman … Putnam City’s opponents throughout the 2022 season knew they’d need to be prepared for Taje McCoy.

Coming off a breakout junior year, McCoy had already proven he was one of the most talented edge rushers in the state.

If McCoy was going to have another impactful year, he understood he’d have obstacles from week to week.

“Everybody had to game plan around him,” Putnam City coach Carter Whitson said. “Everybody’s pass protection was planned towards him. They’d chip him with a tight end, they’d put a running back also on that side.”

Along with double-teaming McCoy, offenses tried to avoid him entirely by running plays to the opposite side.

But none of that stuff really mattered.

McCoy still found ways to make his presence known, and his stats at the end of the season reflected that.

The Colorado signee finished with 66 assisted tackles, 28 solo tackles, 17 sacks and two blocked kicks in Putnam City’s 11 games.

For his stellar senior season, he has been named The Oklahoman’s 110th All-State football team’s Defensive Player of the Year.

“Impact is kind of the word that comes to mind with him,” Whitson said.

McCoy’s year was filled with impressive games at defensive end, but the 6-foot-3, 230-pounder also played some offense.

Later in the season, he lined up at running back and dominated.

“It was exciting because I used to run the ball a lot in little league, so it just brought me back mentally,” said McCoy, whose first name is pronounced “tah-jay.”

“It felt natural too when I was still doing it, and it was fun just helping my team out doing whatever I needed to do.”

Continue reading story here


January 5th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Transfer OL Tyler Brown talks about what it’s like to play for Coach Prime

From DNVR Sports


142 Replies to “Colorado Daily – January, 2023”

  1. Amazing….not making Boulder the No. 1 college town…..thats a given but nailing last place too. Still a lot weird stuff going on in the middle.

  2. Ju’Juan’s statements regarding his reasons for coming to CU and how CP is more than a coach and more of a father figure too. Plus he’s been there and done that as a G.O.A.T. His statements regarding the coaching to reach his goals as being more important and part of building something as being more than nil will go a long way with other recruits.

    I have to believe that a team full of quality talent that wants to be part of a team and build something together, one that will win championships is going to do better when punched in the face than a team full of me-first-mercenaries looking for their payday today.

    1. That write up is awesome. Sounds like he has potential everywhere. If CU’s offense is a up-tempo and run oriented predicated on getting the ball to the outside JJ screams QB potential. His NFL upside may be on defense, but if he puts up another season like last year, he could be the #1 ranked DT QB, and it sounds like he can sling it from the pocket too.

  3. I just read a column by Pissla aka Kiszla about Sanders. First time I’ve read something he has written for a long time and it will be a loooooong time before I do so again.

    Of course it is typically negative and provocative. He interviewed CJ and had to mention the 5th down. Then he mentions Sanders religious faith in pejorative terms. Then proceeds to seemingly joyfully hope for these new recruits to get in trouble. He’s a sick individual who can GFH.

    1. Go watch the video of the press conference. The only negative question came from Kiszla, and he prefaced his question with … “CU has been basically irrelevant for years … “.
      I have refused to post any articles from the Post for years, and will continue that policy until Kiszla is gone …

  4. I was thinking about how CP talks to [strait up] and recruits the kids along with his “PRIME TIME” image, swagger & social media, along with being the GOAT at his position, and how funny it would be to see a everyday run-of-the-mill coach try to change his image to try and copy CP.

    A satire/comedy sketch or animation of an old established white coach trying to make a comeback by copying CP and the kids responses to him could be funny as hell. Think, College football meets South Park, but the coach is the butt of the jokes.

    1. Forgot to add: No one will be able to copy CP and everything that makes him CP, he is the one and only!

      And the players are/will see that.

  5. These “records” state in the history of CU football, but history did not start when the era of star rating of player started. It should state more like the last 30 years or since recruiting services started. I find it hard to believe that Mac wouldn’t have had some top 5 classes toward the end of his tenure. How many NFL players came out of the 1996 team?

  6. Coaches (real coaches) came to Colorado
    Players (real players) came to Colorado

    Before real coaches, not so much

    Just how it is. No coaches no players

  7. I’m glad that it seems most of CU’s AC’s from last year have found some landing spots. Does anyone have any information on where OC/Interim HC Mike Sanford ended up? Will he just be taking a year with his buyout and then figure something out as his personal wish?

    It sort of surprises me that Sanford has not landed anywhere. Sure his offense was not great, and he just won 1 game as Interim HC, but he demonstrated some good qualities to warrant interest. He was in a very difficult position at CU, our offense had limited talent and played 4 qbs. and things we really already a mess both when he arrives and then once KD was fired. I would say his biggest thing was it did not seem to do things piss off– the media, the administration, the players, the fans (except the abysmal season), etc… In the Interim HC role I thought he came across as: passionate but level headed; handing the pressure and disappointment pretty good; having good genuine relationships with many players; I would say he was competent but needed to learn more; he was good at absorbing other tasks and not freaking out; and in leaving he did not throw shade on CU, rather he wished everyone the best.

    I thought he showed enough to be OC/AHC or PC/AHC on a lower tier BCS team or a Big Sky. I give him props for accepting the Interim HC tag, as he probably knew early on both that he was not going to have any shot at staying at CU as HC or OC. He took over an 0-5 team in shambles, 0-5 and beaten by more the 23 points each game.

    1. In spite of my throwing “shade” on all the coaches of the last almost 2 decades, I have to agree its tough to do with Sanford….in spite of his apparent peter principle landing. His attitude was a rock and there is a lot to be said about that which you did well.

    2. Agreed. Howell posited that Sanford would likely take a year off to give his kids a little modicum of stability. He earned it, in my opinion. He handled the interim role as well as anyone could have. I am sure he will land on his feet.

      Go Buffs

  8. analysts
    appears to me the NCAA made a bigger carousel or even an extra carousel.
    How long have these analysts been around?
    I guess when you are getting paid millions like the HC or hundreds of thousands like the coordinators and position coaches you need help analyzing things. Maybe its mostly breaking down film. I wonder if Rob O gets paid.
    You wonder how long and how many jobs it takes getting fired from before some of these guys get permanently booted off the carousel and stay home longer than 2 years selling cars or managing a chain restaurant.
    I googled USFL coach salaries….50 to 100k. Players around 45k. The dream dies hard.

    1. It’s largely a zero sum game, my friend. Has been for decades. That’s why, or at least one reason, people will be coming for Deion. He’s new to that club. Sort of. But either way, he is primed to turn over the apple cart.

      Go Buffs

      1. is there some other point you are trying to make? Are you saying all of these guys will always have a job no matter how crappy their resume gets? None will wind up coaching at a high school or looking for dishwashers for Appleby’s? I know. I know way too many of them do. All the money at stake these days makes an AD nervous about turning to an upstart like Prime and instead turn to a fat good ol boy who has had a measure of success in the past but just got fired somewhere else.
        Prime has yet to join the club. I dont have time to vet all the coaches but it would appear Riley, Smith, Whittingham, Campbell and others have yet to ride the roundabout either.
        Seems to me backing up for 5 figures in the USFL might indicate its your last ride.

  9. The hype over Prime is over the top. Even before the season starts I know the publicity is good for the Buffs and ripples over for the entire school. I aint skeered but there is so much hype you always wonder if the results are going to come close to the hype. The comments from Hanks and others who know Prime well puts everything at ease. Listening to them and Prime himself its entirely obvious he aint no stick in the mud like the HCs of the last 15 years. Fun being a fan again

    1. My Essay for Sunday morning is entitled: “Getting Under Their Skin: Coach Prime’s Detractors”. I think you’ll like the read.

      1. And you know people will push to take shots to see what they can dig up/or have dug up by others. He and the program will definitely be under a microscope. Shouldn’t matter. Dude has lived that way for 30+ years.

        Go Buffs

  10. I do like OC Lewis’ confidence, vision, and general ideas. Any immediate up-tempo stuff worries me a little bit, as the offense install could be plagued by early mistakes/flags, which is just a learning curve; and unless the Defense is immediately great with the influx of talent, leaving them out there on the field could make for a long(er) season. I’m sure Prime will reign it in; but the O and D coordinators need to be linked-in from 1st day of Spring practice, if not before. Just don’t want a Paul Westhead run&gun, where we score a ton of points but our defense has as many or more scored against them.

    I sort of envision Lewis’ offense as somewhat like Chip Kelly’s Oregon O with more power/larger guys. With the up-tempo, I think it would take 1-2 full seasons for a good install. Plus, they may need to develop Offensive depth to run that many plays.

    Instead, if they somewhat tailor to the defensive performance and current team make-up; tempo may be something to work-in; but that wish is really dictated by the overall game situations.

    For the defense, if there is a huge TOP discrepancy/# of Plays, I think that CU only really totally outplay teams that have less overall depth. This means CU would have to build much more depth on Defense almost immediately. I love our overall top-end talent going into PAC play even if it is young and transfers (and we start @OU and home v. USC); but if CU plays track meet after track meet, it may take 2-3 years to build good defensive depth.

    1. It’s called coaching. It’s Lewis’s job to install that offense so the players don’t commit those penalties and it works effectively. I know we haven’t had good coaching for a long time around here so here’s hoping that things are changing in that regard.

      1. Totally agree… Lewis and the other OC’s will have to do it. The position groups need to do excellent work and Lewis’ has to make sure the overall install goes well. It is a progression and generally takes a year.

        With an infusion of talent, I think Offensive installs are quicker than D installs. IMO, for CU it is the Oline position group that will have impact on how well the offensive install goes. I CU can consistently run and generally protect Shedeur that will be huge. Also, if the QB + position players can win the match-up game based on talent, that is a huge plus. The position players (WR’s, TE’s) can take so much pressure off Shedeur if there are mismatches to read and then you throw into 1on1. If Shedeur has time to throw, CU has a running game, and cause match-up problems for the D; then I see the Offense make strides early.

        On the defensive side, it really takes 1-2 years even with decent players to install and refine a full scheme & be able to make adjustments on the fly. In GB’s 1st years (CU had some good players/recruits back then). But, remember that 1st CSU game–ugly, and it was just guys in the wrong spot. Fast forward to year 3, CU almost goes to the BCS Championship game. The D chased Simms during the Texas game and held on. Although he was fired by KD, I was very impressed with Tyson Summers install of his defense. It really took only one full year which had tons of lumps, but by games 8-10 you could see real progress. They did not have the greatest talent, although 3 of CU’s transfers made noise this year. IMO, Summers sort of made Nate Landman and Carson Wells such better players.

  11. The Jackson State family(s) have absorbed the Champions Center.
    Premier Prime Productions monitors all. What a show? Reality or real? Talk/Action
    The 24/7 Coach Prime news channel. Amazing


    Note: Gigglers not required/needed Sheesh. Really.

    Note 2: As Shania sang……………..”It don’t impress me much”

  12. The social media coverage of CU football is pretty nuts. Coaches meetings. Training sessions. Dudes from HCDS (can we just say that now?) group of followers suddenly sporting CU gear and doing video reviews. It almost feels like a year from now, you will be able to go pretty much anywhere in the country, and some guy will be sporting a CU buffs shirt or cap. It’s all quite incredible.

    The CU brand is happening. But it is all prelims until games start in the fall. I sincerely hope the guys that were already here mesh with the new guys, and really build a brotherhood and a team. And I hope the coaches are all that they say they are, and put a good product on the field. It’s going to be entertaining.

    1. I am
      Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ and Plannin’ and dreamin’

      Note: It is too painful to think otherwise……………….I can’t go back there again

  13. SI says Rashada, the 13 million dollar QB, has scheduled a visit to Boulder. If he decides to stay that would be insane. I wonder if UF fans heads will explode louder than Miami’s.
    Not sure if we can afford him though

    1. One of the things that I have picked up on since Prime arrived is that he has true respect from all the Florida teams and many fans. I am amazed with how close Prime is with older Miami, FSU and UF ex-players with true not fake friendships. That is not to say some of the present head coaches will like him or him flipping or taking guys out of their backyard. I just don’t see the level of vitriol from even a ton of their fans– sure some will take shots but it is way less than I would have anticipated.

  14. And people wonder why the U is hated, well there you have it…… But we should probably slow our roll, Cormani hasn’t signed(can’t) yet, and what is that about a possible visit to Tuscaloosa?!! Could still change, will be nervous until signing day

    1. You have to wonder how much is enough? In addition to all of the four- and five-star talent already on the Alabama roster, Alabama has commitments from the No. 2 cornerback in the Class of ’23 (Desmond Ricks), the No. 4 cornerback in the Class of ’23 (Jahlil Hurley), the No. 1 safety in the Class of ’23 (Caleb Downs), and the No. 5 safety in the Class of ’23 (Tony Mitchell).
      An absurd abundance of riches!

      Perhaps Coach Prime can convince his AFLAC buddy Nick Saban to lay off McClain, and give the Buffs some love!

      1. Gotta keep the talent rolling bc not all of them work out as projected, as we know all too well. Nick doesn’t like being passed up.

        A hurricane buddy of mine from childhood accused Deion’s friends of paying $2mill for cormani. He knows people close to their collective. I told him I doubt it’s true, but if so, so what?

        I wonder if the sidelines will have more bling this year. Probably so. Talent wins.

        Go Buffs

  15. Hate to use earaches overused word
    the Miami over the top sour grapes and ignorant character assassination is “hilarious.” Just underscores, emphasizes and exposes how important this was to them.
    of course he hasnt signed yet………
    still I need to stick Miami in my sh-t list along with Baylor , the cobbs and spoiled children.

  16. It’s odd to me that Pac12 ADs seem to be doing business as usual with USC and UCLA. I say make them suffer. Remove their eligibility for Pac12 football and basketball championships in 2023. Only for permanent members. Then shake their hand and say have a nice day.

    1. I would say “can we start a petition?” but it wouldn’t make any difference. I’m sure both those schools are most likely still way up there in the good ol boy pecking order

    2. Pretty sure there are contractual obligations that mostly drive the bus. Had they missed their deadlines to bolt, things would likely be different. Also, door may be ajar for ucla to stay, depending on next media deal/s.

      That’s my guess anyway.

      Go Buffs

      1. They’ll get theirs in the Big 10. Riley is a fraud and Chip can’t build a strong enough team to go into Columbus, AnnArbor, Madison, Happy (pedo) Valley or maybe even Iowa City and stand up to them. UCLA will do fine in basketball.

    3. I like the sentiment. But two things come to mind: (1) Not sure, but I think the PAC12 and AD’s are hamstrung by any existing TV commitments; although I now George K is attempting to negotiate a new TV contact. It would be punitive to them, but if it violates an existing TV contract that could be punitive against the remaining teams.

      2) Not exactly sure but if the PAC12/School commitment is in writing and it is 2 years to leave, that would be a contract. If that contract calls for 2 years to leave and USC/UCLA are not in breach, the remaining PAC12 would be exposed to litigation from USC/UCLA for breaking whatever is in place now. That would be punitive against the remaining PAC.

  17. From CBS:
    The biggest losses for TCU are seniors: QB Max Duggan, OL Steve Avila, WRs Taye Barber and Derius Davis, CB Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson. However, projected first-round wide receiver Quentin Johnston and running back Kendre Miller were All-America candidates who gave the Horned Frogs an explosive component and swung multiple games in the team’s favor. TCU has no avenue to replace those pieces, and will likely look to the transfer portal.

  18. So
    First, Oregon on the road.
    Second, USC at home.

    A perfect start for the Buffs
    In conference. Many reasons why!

    But the key games, as usual are the non-con games.
    TCU………………that’s a loss
    Kornholers …. Has to be a win for many levels
    CSU……That’s a win

    2-1 is what it needs to be
    Nice, now the prime buffs have real game experience.

    Now two pac 12 heavyweights.

    I expect the prime buffs to go 1 and 1……….
    Beat USC is what it is gonna be

    so go primebuffs eh?

    Mein Gott.

    1. they could win one early against OU or USC because they seem to lose one early in the season, but I wouldn’t bet on which, especially since USC could greatly improve on defense and the Buffs have beaten OU before. But really a split would be pretty good.

      I guess we should wait for the finial rosters for the teams.

  19. “ Arizona State will play five of the first six games of the Kenny Dillingham-era at home. The schedule is built to establish some early confidence and possible bowl momentum. ASU plays a total of eight home games in 2023”

    F’n ridiculous

    1. Yeah I don’t know if the ASU comment was personal “insight” or some narrative the P12 ADs were supporting…? Either way wtf scheduling sounds like a circus.

  20. You know I love the rah rah.
    Crowd rah rah is the very best

    Yo Stu how many seats in that little auditorium
    I knew once but i’m old.

    Florida is the best. If you don’t know you just don’t know.

    As one coach said Okay Okay Okay Okay
    Brewster. HMMMMMMMMM Oh okay. If it’s real the TE are gonna be monsters. No more whining about catches etc etc Just go do your job. Like tha.

    good cop……….?? Prime himself. Always

    Spring time in the Rockies

    can’t wait.

    Pound those little reptiles.

    Buffs Up

    1. TCU loses their QB and not sure who else. Maybe they come across the first game of the season with a sense of entitlement full of themselves and not fully focused. Dont doubt coach Prime. Not yet anyway. You are looking at very little of last year’s Buffs.
      Be interesting to see how many players the new cobb coach purges.

  21. So if Brewster is the bad cop who is the good cop? Maybe he is just the DI. (-;
    And Lewis is communicating fast. The faster the better. Gonna have to focus to stay up with him. Keeping the D on their heels will help everyone on the O especially the O line. Also help our D focus in practice.. Cant wait until the Buffs actually have an offense.

    1. You’re welcome guys 🙂
      As with any data analysis: sample size, sample size, sample size. Practice provides the coaches with that (in theory), and their view then determines how many opportunities guys get, and thus the sample size for actual data.
      So there’s that all important (and inherently fuzzy) layer of what the coaches see and think behind closed doors.

      Only time will tell. But dang fun to chew on this data!

  22. All this jinmie and joe vs x’s and o’s is really pretty stupid. Plain ol common sense that the best players are going to give you a big advantage……..provided they are well coached.
    Case in point imagine earache “coaching, administering, calling game time plays that he drew up and especially recruiting a team of 4 and five star players. All the starters would be connection oriented or have dads that were famous. It would be the HWSRN debacle all over again 100 times worse.

  23. Half a hundred to seven? Maybe those 68 blue chippers made a difference? That’s four times as many as their opponent.

    The exposure prime brings is tremendous. His challenge, one of them, is going to be filtering through the guys that are blinded by that, and those who will work through it. He knows the way. I think he’ll filter them well.

    Go Buffs

      1. Always exceptions to the rule. And a&m had a top class of …freshmen. My guess is they aren’t done yet. Wanna bet?

        You can at least mail payment to the right address this time.

        Go Buffs

        1. You could still get off your arse and get it. I told here who you were and you were going to do that.

          Jeepers earwax make the move.

  24. I wonder if it helps motivate kids when you have one of the most gifted athletes in history, who was also one of the hardest working? Let’s dispel the myth of “gamers” the Allen iversons of the world pale in comparison to the Deions, Kobes, Shaqs, bradys etc.

    Love the message Brewster is selling.

    Go Buffs

  25. I wonder how the owner, of what looks like an Aston Martin, thinks of Brewster sitting on the hood.
    On second thought the owner could easily afford the “minor” body work

    1. seems kinda grumpy. not the perfect sale………..imho………little off……….seems forced??
      probably what az sounds like ……………hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

      prime dog with relish, mustard, ketchup, and onions oh my

      1. Thought the same thing. What are the parents in the audience thinking? “Why is this guy yelling at us?” Let’s hope he can coach and recruit one on one

  26. Okay Prime has to deal with nike for2.5 years. So?

    I am convinced he will tell Nike what he wants in uniforms etc and they will do it. Either they will or they will be gone in the summer of 25.

    Now way they are not gonna design what he wants. And you bet your black and gold old fashion uniforms he is gonna prime em up.

    Go Big Prime. Take us out of the past………… all aspects.

  27. The “near misses” of top recruits is enlightening. Dare I say, unheard of, over the last 20+ years. We had no near misses of the top players. Total whiffs.

    If Deion and co show any progress on the field this year, and they will, those near misses will be a thing of the past. They will love Boulder.

    Some have to see to believe.

    Go Buffs

    1. Exactly!!! There will always be near misses but with this program last decade plus been complete whiffs. Definitely no baby steps here

      1. I heard you are afraid to visit your neighbors to pick up your cash!

        Go big prime. Redesign the uniforms please. Gets some flash like the offense is gonna be.

  28. I really like that Adam Hopkins interview. He went from a bottom team to 13-1 so he likes the challenges and the satisfaction of winning and building. Even more impressed. It’s great to see that Prime is recruiting character as well as talent.

  29. Only watched a handfull of bowl games but like what I am seeing.
    Lots of up tempo O
    lots of successful “trick” plays
    going for it a lot on 4th.
    lots of misdirection
    lotta deep passing
    lotta teams letting it all hang out for entertaining football and a number of down to the wire games.
    CU next year?

  30. “Shrout………could be a key backup if he stays.”
    Who wants to put money on that?
    No surprise though Howell and earache were his biggest fans.
    coaching might help him but for where I sit its his eye hand coordination, not his arm.
    If Straub or Weisman arent any better we could still be in deep doo doo

    1. Mornin’ captain revisionist history. I hope you had a great Christmas and were able to find some joy with friends and family.

      Was I Shrout’s biggest fan? Not really. Did I think he was a better passer than Brendon. Yes. Did I think he saw the field better than Brandon? Yes. Did I know how wildly inaccurate he was until we actually saw him play? Nope. But, it seems everyone on staff thought he was a better option, or at least a comparable option, to Brendon. Hey, on the bright side, I saw Brendon landed at Nevada. I hope a fresh start helps get his game on track. He worked his butt off for CU while he was there. It just didn’t work out. I hope Owen finds a home, too. Maddox as well.

      As to JT? Dude has an NFL arm and body. That’s about it. If he can fix his mechanics and be more accurate, he may be a great backup in Boulder. If he sticks around. He can graduate and play as a grad transfer somewhere, if he wants to. Which means, Deion probably checks his neighbors in the portal for another transfer QB.

      Now, before you get too worried about Shedeur being coach’s kid again, Straub seems pretty legit. Don’t know much about Weisman, but at least they recruited two freshmen who don’t share your nepotism fears.

      Merry New Year!

      Go Buffs

        1. Owen did? Nice! I hadn’t seen that. Yeah, he can use some time in the weight room, for sure. I won’t be a bit surprised if he is 210+ by his Sr. yr (which may be a full 50lbs heavier than he is now) w/ a better than average shot at the NFL.

          Go Buffs

  31. My new favorite activity is watching videos of Coach Sanders joyfully vacuuming. I’m inspired to maybe sweep my kitchen after dinner tonight.

  32. So let’s update the fuzzy math. VK I think you said 57 players still on the roster from 2022. New staff just added 25 new recruits, putting us at 82. Then what, maybe 15 more, mostly transfer portal and few more incoming freshman? So maybe 97 at spring practice.

  33. I’m absolutely ecstatic over Travis Hunter…Getting Kevin Coleman and more in the Christmas Stocking, or Re-Stocking would also show the world we’re in Santa’s good graces. Go Buffs!!

  34. Ok, so if the loose formula is 40% grad transfers, 40% undergrad transfers and 20% high school recruits, and they’re looking at rolling in with 40 guys? 50 guys? 60 guys? That means roughly 8-12 high school signees (call it 15 or so given they’ve got 12 or whatever we know of now) and the rest transfers. So, I guess that tells us we’re pretty close to the full load of high school signees tomorrow (and maybe a few more in February).

    The other piece to keep in mind is at this point, most of their targets are committed kids, so they’re trying to flip them and in some cases succeeding. When was the last time CU targeted well regarded, committed kids, and had a shot at flipping them, let alone actually flipping them, en masse? Been a while, seems like. Bring it on Deion.

    Go Buffs

    1. 40-40-20 Interesting concept
      I guess this year it depends a lot on how many of the current players make it.

      There were 78 scholies (including the signing class.) Now with 10 decommits and 11 entering the transfer portal It means there are 28 scholies to give
      78 -11-10 =57 still on the squad from last year with scholies.


      85 scholies
      High school 20% =17
      grad trans 40% =34
      under trans 40% =34

      Holy moly holy!

      What is coming? A massacre after spring ball?

      Sheesh !

      Pray for forgiveness

      Go big prime.

      Note: You loyal fans get your Prime gear yet? you can find it on the website
      Mens-Players-Prime. Women don’t be having no Prime gear yet.

      Note 2: I hope he jacks up the uniforms.

      1. Recruits love glitz. The athletic shoe transformation lends proof.

        GLITZ SELLS. We need some “EYE-POPPIN” COLOR GRAPHICS on those unis.

        Can you do it with black, gold, silver and white, you say ? HELL YES. I’m an old dir. of adv. chain/retail and I’ve seen some damn clever uni’s in football. We all have.


  35. only had time for about 10 minutes of the interview. Plan to watch the rest later but I was hoping Prime would ask Sharpe to be the TE coach and he accepts.
    Going back to Lewis is anyone familiar with his use of TEs at Kent? How many more years do the Buffs have to wait\ for the TEs as a receiving weapon?

    1. Prime does ask Sharpe to come in and help with practices this summer. Sharpe says he fully expects to be at some games watching and supporting Prime. The coach said he can watch from his office.

  36. “When is Travis coming? Real soon. I saw (speculation) online the other day,” Sanders said. “What do you think Travis is going to do? What is wrong with y’all? What is wrong with y’all sometimes? Some of the stuff y’all say puzzles me, puzzles the heck out of me.

    Prime Louis Trust

  37. no apologies necessary Stuart. Saw it on rivals already.
    Hunter’s phone has to be burning up. Maybe that will be annoying enough to say it is CU just to get it over with
    Not being disingenuous but wondering what constitutes a “fit?”
    Hunter already knows the coaching situation and football “philosophy” so that cant be part of the “fit” he is talking about.
    You have to wonder if race is a factor. He did spurn a lot of big time college offers to attend an HBCU…….and of course a lot of folks make a big deal out of Boulder’s whiteness.
    Hopefully CU’s curriculum should be diverse enough for him. A kid with his talent are almost looking ahead to ….um….excuse the pun….prime time in the NFL.
    If anyone asked me which college was a good “fit” for me when I was 17 I would have given him a blank stare. Looking back my parents never gave me any direction and my high school basically was a non starter for motivation as well. I just got lucky.
    Also wondering if there us any word on the Coleman kid. He made a good showing in the Cricket game

  38. It’s funny. Three weeks ago or so, there was zero chance Travis hunter would have even considered coming to CU. Now? We’re concerned he’s going to be deliberate in his decision. It’s amazing the difference one guy can make. In such a short amount of time. Go Deion.

    Go Buffs

  39. Travis hanging with his QB Shedeur at Top golf in Thornton last night seems like a really good sign. Of course he is going to look at his options. Why wouldn’t he? But only CU has Deion Sanders.

  40. Shedeur killed the audition
    unfortunately the D wasnt exactly prime
    sloppy tackling seems to be a disease lately even in some of the pro games I have seen.

      1. How many of JSU’s games did you watch in the last 2 years?
        Whoops. I almost forgot.
        You still believe some the past few coach’s resumes. You dont need no stinking audition
        And “Who is number two?
        You ask that question after your last posting about “Shrout it out?”
        He will be just fine after we get Langsdork back in here to tweak his mechanics …right?
        ai yi yi

        1. 23-3 completing about 68% of his passes over two years. I did only watch two of his games. Or parts of two of his games. But o watched every one of CU’s the last two years. Shedeur is clearly a massive upgrade, sight unseen.

          Go Buffs

  41. I have a question: What was the biggest/greatest recruiting weekend in CU football history, to date? Anyone want to make that claim?

    So, in many respects, this weekend doesn’t have a high bar to clear to be the biggest/greatest recruiting weekend in CU history.

    However, given the rumblings of attendees, it may well exceed the hyperbole in that respect. If they land some of them? It’ll be hard to argue it wasn’t.

    Then the work begins. Gotta keep ’em. And that means winning. Pretty confident this will be a pretty quick turnaround, based on the infusion of talent, alone.

    I liked Troy Taylor, but there’s no way he’d have brought the level of talent that Deion can, as quickly as Deion will. Will be interesting to watch Troy in Palo Alto, too, though. Probably a very good fit there.

    Gonna be fun to watch it all play out. Including Ryan at Perdue, and ol’ mediocre Mel at MSU.

    Following CU football’s going to be a lot more fun, either way.

    Go Buffs

  42. I am shocked someone refused the Prime offer. Shocking. So Prime shows up and someone decommits. Very interesting.

    The first crack in the dream?

    As I have stated before, some will just not to want to work as hard as Prime explained in his team meeting. I still think he screwed up with the words he used about summer practice. That may work on 2 stars but it ain’t gonna work on 4 and 5 stars. JMO

    Go Prime Buffs.

    Waiting for the weekend. Will it be as big as it is being pegged to be?

    1. Please define your expectations. How many recruits? Of what star power? In what positions?
      As we all know you will discount the commitment list regardless … let’s get you on record on what you having determined to be the definition of the weekend being “as big as it is being pegged to be”?

        1. Sounds like it already is based on number of attendees alone. If you’re talking about commitments then that is a little more subjective. But what if several 4 and/or 5 stars commit? That would be big. I dunno, seems like VK is just not down with Prime, but has never stated who he would be down with? Not saying you have to be, but the state of cu program needed something that would truly shake things up and generate excitement. Prime has done that and then some like no other hire would have remotely done.

          1. I am totally down with Prime.

            I am just not getting sucked into another “home run hire” till I see some home runs in all areas

            Go Buffs

        2. Jsu battled. To bad the te dropped the td. Regardless of a Jsu win or loss, Nccu clearly dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. I’m not against bringing in a lot of top rated skill position players. It makes football more exciting and entertaining. However, it doesn’t guarantee wins. The Coach Prime Buffs should be aiming for the reigning Pac 12 champion Utah Utes by year 2. If so we need a huge influx of Big, Tough, (mentally and physically) and “Smart” dudes who make a difference in the trenches! GO BUFFS!

        1. And several more on the list on TOS.
          I have spent a good chunk of time today – and will spend a good chunk of time tomorrow – getting bios ready to post just in case …

  43. I too will be interested in seeing how Walters fares as he moves 100 miles ENE to West Lafayette. While the Team Total Defense stats compiled by the NCAA show Illinois #2 behind Air Force, the competition level no doubt says Walters defense was the best in the country. Now he takes over a Purdue defense that ranks a very respectable 38th in Total D. It’s mind numbing to ponder at just how grinding the BIG Conference is when one considers that Purdue’s very respectable 38th rated defense is only good for 9th in their conference.

  44. Feels like an early stocking stuffer to see ‘our’ QB on Saturday…hoping Hunter plays. Anything/anyone else we should be watching?

    Peace on earth.

  45. Typing one handed for awhile due to surgery, nerve blocker in shoulder has left hand dead for day or two and the sling too after that, so cliff notes for awhile: Shoulder-to-shoulder…

    Glad players from the successful years are happy and on board w/ Deion’s hire and see/predict good things a coming, after their personal year’s of success, how on board are they?

    I can see people not wanting to throw time & resources at a program that’s been losing so long, but the admin really stepped it up on this one and it’s all hands on deck.

    Lewis’ offense sounds like it could be incredible at any program with good athletes, and was damn good at a smaller program too; just like AF’s or some other team that does more with less.

    Discipline! And execution of a fast offense and what looks like a somewhat complicated system that should be hard on defenses.

    The scheme/system (what do I know), along with the altitude could make the Buffs very dangerous at home. Learning to execute at a fast pace and the conditioning (at altitude) that goes with it too could transfer to the road games too.

    I wish Walters all the best, not an easy conference to compete in and it’s going to be a challenge in it’s self, Buff em up… Err, Boiler up?

    We’ll all be watching in support Mr. Walters!

    Well, that’s three stories in one post, you all may like my new “cliff notes” err… “Marcus Marks”? As in re-marks 😉 it’ll speed things up and save you valuable time in your day!

  46. So I wonder what the breakdown in the stadium is for season tickets? Last I heard we had like 19000 season tickets last year. The student section is about 10,000 seats, and we owe PAC12 2,000 seats a game. So that is 31,000 seats accounted for. Now they took 1400 reservations, and 2000 indications of interest. I know that some of us season tickets holders are going to add on, and of the 3400 wanting season tickets they are probably going to average out at 3 tickets per reservation? I still think this only brings us to about 40,000. I am a bit surprised they have not taken deposits for the 2000 indications of interest? I think we have a ways to go before we sell out….

    1. I don’t think CU has ever had as many as 40,000 season ticket holders, much less 50,000, and I don’t think that would be the goal here (realistic or otherwise).
      Season ticket holders have until February 2nd to renew, so everything would be on hold in terms of ticket sales or assignments until after they know how many seats they will have to work with.
      It’s a nice problem to have, but I would still be shocked if CU has more than 40,000 season tickets (including students) sold for the 2023 season.

      1. Well dag nab it, Lets get shocked.

        We are all shocked by Deon.

        Deon is gonna shock the world.


        Note: Remember Rick said: ” He wanted that stadium full of black and gold against the Kornholers. Don’t sell your tickets to them and that

  47. Not sure why you posted rooney’s late mr obvious article Stuart
    And the Pied Piper analogy is hardly appropriate. Rooney strikes again

    1. Ryan Miller, Recruiting Class of 2007 … Before that … Marcus Houston, Recruiting Class of 2000 (the highest-rated Colorado prep star ever) …

      1. If I remember Marcus transferred to fort fun and was basically a bust. Maybe not as big a bust as Darrell Scott. Wasn’t he the no 1 rated recruit in the country?

        1. Darrell Scott was the No. 6 overall national recruit for the Class of 2008 at Rivals; at 247 Sports (Scout), he was the No. 4 overall prospect.

    1. Let’s try to stay optimistic; he’s a graduate and CU may not have his post-grad focus. The DUDE played through some times with class

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