CUATG Podcast: Prime Numbers: Where Will Future Additions (and Subtractions) Come From on CU’s Roster? / Plus: Grading CU Assistant Coaching Hires

Welcome to the first episode of Season Four for the CU at the Game podcast! I am joined for the initial installment of the 2023 season by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we will be discussing the finalization of the CU assistant coaching lineup, as well as a unit-by-unit review of the current CU roster.

Coach Prime has his coaching staff in place for the season. Half of his assistants have followed him from Jackson State – Is that too high a total? How will the offensive and defensive schemes play out under coordinators Sean Lewis and Charles Kelly? Is it just us … or has CU made great strides in attracting quality recruiters to the coaching staff?

As to the lineup … Buff fans are excited about every new announcement of a commitment, but now they are coming at a defined cost. CU, like every other FBS school, will need to be down to 85 scholarship players come the opening of Fall Camp, and Colorado is already in the 90s in scholarship players.

With that backdrop, we review each unit on the team, and decide whether CU is “Set” at that position, or “Still Searching”, using the guideline  of projecting that any new recruit may be a good – but not necessarily great – prospect, and whether the addition will offset the loss of another good player already on the team.

Which units does CU have enough talent to compete at the Pac-12 level? … And which units are still in need of significant upgrades over the next few weeks and months?

… Let’s find out …

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Below is Episode 1 of Season 4 for the CU at the Game Podcast. You can listen to the podcast simply by clicking on the play button below, or listen it to it here at Buzzsprout, or at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio … or wherever you find your podcasts!

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