CU at the Game Podcast – Signing Day: Reviewing Coach Prime’s First Recruiting Class

Signing Day, 2022, is in the books … or is it? I am joined by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we will discuss the day that was, as CU signed over 20 new Buffs into the fold. Coach Prime and his staff brought in a four-star quarterback, a four-star running back, and a four-star wide receiver, together with – literally – almost a ton of offensive line strength. On the defensive side of the ball there were pleasant surprises, including significant upgrades to the linebacker corps and the defensive backfield.

So … How will the Buff Nation receive the Recruiting Class of 2023? … Is the final grade going to be dependent upon whether other high-profile recruits sign on to the Class, or will the upgrades made – including the signing of CU’s first NFL Draft-worthy quarterback in a quarter century – be enough to show that Coach Prime and his staff are ready to make significant inroads in the 2023 season?

… Let’s find out …

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6 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Reviewing Coach Prime’s First Class”

  1. i’m just wondering what the consensus over/under is on the number of starters against Utah this year will start in 2023 against TCU. For what it’s worth I put the number under 4 on offense and about the same on defense.
    Change is coming and it can’t come soon enough

  2. Thanks guys, you nailed it. Compared to what could have happened a few short weeks ago, Prime and the Buffs get an A+. This is just the beginning of the roster changes.

  3. Good Morning Stu.
    Turn up the heat. In Florida. Currently 61 going to 75!!!!

    So I posted before I am not gonna be fooled again by a homerun hire till I see some homeruns in all areas..

    Well, I am seeing a home run in this recruiting cycle. Could turn in to being a grand slam by the time summer camp starts.

    Recruiting class rank from 247 is #29. Screw the composite crap.
    Transfer rank is #7

    Louie is a good man.

    Go Buffs.

    Note: Gotta see it on the field. But hard to doubt him.

    1. There ya go VK. Sounds a little like the warm FL weather unfroze some of the frozen earlier thoughts you had. Warm weather will always make you even more mellow than we thought. Now if you can just master that pesky Windmill Hole.

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