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Players Who are Coming to CU via the Transfer Portal (bios posted below) (Bold = Signed LOI received) … Italicized = Signing Day Addition

QB – Shedeur Sanders (from Jackson State)

OL – Savion Washington (from Kent State) … Landon Beebe (from Missouri State) … Tyler Brown (Jackson State)

DL – Taijh Alston (from West Virginia) … Shane Cokes (from Dartmouth)

LB – LaVonta Bentley (from Clemson)

CB – Travis Hunter (from Jackson State)


16 Commitments, by Position (bold = Signed LOI) Italicized = Signing Day Addition

QuarterbacksRyan Staub

Running BacksDylan Edwards

Wide ReceiversIsaiah HardgeJordan OnovugheAssad WaseemJacob Page … Adam Hopkins

Tight Ends

Offensive LinemenHank ZilinskasIsaiah Jatta (Junior College) … Jack Wilty (Junior College)

Defensive LinemenTaje McCoy

LinebackersVictory JohnsonKofi Taylor-Barrocks … Morgan Pearson

Defensive Backs  … Carter Stoutmire … Jaden Milliner-Jones

Recruits are from … California: 4 … Texas: 3 … Florida: 2 … Georgia: 2 … Ohio: 2 … Colorado: 1 … Iowa: 1 … Oklahoma: 1 … Alabama: 1 … Kansas: 1 … Mississippi: 1 …  North Carolina: 1 … Tennessee: 1 … Missouri: 1 … London, England: 1 …

The Ticker … Time-stamped for your convenience … 

12:00 noon, MT … Shutting down The Ticker for another Signing Day. There is always more news after noon on Signing Day, but not enough to warrant the up-to-the-minute updates. Thanks for sharing another eventful Signing Day morning with CU at the Game!

11:45 a.m., MT … Lost one … Defensive back Jordan Shaw, a three-star defensive back from Downey, California, who had been committed to Colorado since November 1st, instead signed with Indiana. Shaw was re-offered by the new staff in Boulder but he reportedly was not made a recruiting priority by Coach Prime

11:30 a.m., MT … Another one!! Three-star defensive back Jaden Milliner-Jones flips his commitment from SMU to CU on Signing Day! (Sorry, but I didn’t anticipate this one, so I don’t have a bio ready to post under “CU Class of ’23, Signed Letters of Intent” yet

11:10 a.m., MT … BOOM! Four-star wide receiver Adam Hopkins, an Auburn commit since August, commits to CU!!

10:40 a.m., MT … Looking for help in the trenches? Another JC offensive lineman signs on, 6’4″, 310-pound Jack Wilty (Iowa Central) …

10:30 a.m., MT … One CU didn’t get Malachi Coleman, a coveted four-star athlete from Lincoln, Nebraska, committed to the Cornhuskers (he had de-committed from Nebraska, and it looked for a time that CU was in the lead, but family – or NIL money – saved the day for the home town Corn) … That said, there are several announcements still to be made today, and several other star prospects announced that they were delaying their commitments, so CU’s Class of ’23 is far from complete!

10:15 a.m., MT … Wide receiver Jordan Onovughe makes it official!

10:00 a.m., MT … Another offensive line pickup, junior college offensive lineman Isaiah Jatta chooses the Buffs

9:15 a.m., MT … Quarterback Ryan Staub stays with the new coaching staff, officially becoming a Buff!

8:50 a.m., MT … Finally had time to add the bio for late comer Landon Beebe. An offensive lineman with Missouri State, Beebe comes to CU as a three-time All-Missouri Valley Conference selection, and will have one year of eligibility remaining. His bio has been posted under the “CU Class of ’23, Signed Letters of Intent” banner

8:35 a.m., MT … Linebacker Victory Johnson from San Diego has joined the Herd!

8:30 a.m., MT … Four-star running back (and former Notre Dame commit) Dylan Edwards is officially a Buff!

8:05 a.m., MT … Finally a lull in the action. Taking advantage to add official CU bios to my “CU Class of ’23, Signed Letters of Intent” bios

7:45 a.m., MT … Half of the (known) Class is in – with one de-commitment and one added Transfer offensive lineman (see below)

7:35 a.m., MT … Cherry Creek Offensive lineman Hank Zilinskas makes it official!

7:30 a.m., MT … In case you missed it, bios for all the new Buffs are being posted under “CU Class of ’23, Signed Letters of Intent” banner as soon as they become official

7:25 a.m., MT … Tennessee wide receiver Jacob Page becomes a Buff!

7:20 a.m., MT … Where have you been? Five transfers and five freshmen have sent in their LOI so far!

7:15 a.m., MT … Cornerback Carter Stoutmire, a flip from Arizona in the final days, will wear Black-and-Gold!

7:10 a.m., MT … “Three-phase playmaker” Morgan Pearson – an “athlete” who will play linebacker for CU, is a Buff!

7:05 a.m., MT … Linebacker Kofi Taylor-Barrocks joins the Herd!

7:00 a.m., MT … Welcome to wide receiver Assad Waseem from Florida and transfer linebacker LaVonta Bentley (from Clemson)

6:55 a.m., MT … The first high school LOI is in. Defensive lineman Taje McCoy from Oklahoma City is in!

6:50 a.m., MT … It’s all about transfers so far, with offensive lineman Savion Washington (Kent State) and defensive lineman Shane Cokes (Dartmouth) sending in their Letters of Intent

6:40 a.m., MT … The first surprise of the day, with CU picking up a commitment from a transfer offensive lineman Landon Beebe, a 6’3″, 301-pound offensive lineman transfer from Missouri State. Beebe is listed as a junior, and wasn’t on anyone’s transfer portal list …

6:35 a.m., MT … The first signed Letter of Intent is in, with Taijh Alston, a transfer defensive lineman from West Virginia, officially becoming a Buff

6:30 a.m., MT … We start with some odd news. Jordan Hall, an offensive line commit to Colorado on December 6th, de-committed last night.

6:30 a.m., MT … Welcome to Signing Day, 2022. It should be an interesting – and hopefully exciting – first Signing Day for Coach Prime!


37 Replies to “The Ticker …”

  1. welp i guess the day was successfully started for prime

    should be a large pop in transfers right?

    that’s the plan supposedly both graduate and undergraduate

    25 recruits with what 15 to get
    a little higher than the plan

    so what do ya figure he will have in scholarships? about 120 on scholarships and have to cut 35?


    you are going to be a busy man

    aren’t ya glad you didn’t shut down


    go buff

  2. Stu, do you have a list of who the Buffs have a chance with that haven’t signed elsewhere yet? Hard to get a clear picture of who Deion and company are targeting vs who were targeted by the previous coaches.
    How many more kids are you thinking could be added today?

    1. Here is a list of uncommitted players I had prepared bios for in anticipation of Signing Day. Some have moved on (e.g., Tease signed with Texas A&M), while others have turned out to be Buffs. We’ll see about the Jackson State crew members, as to the others …

      Adam Hopkins – WR

      Micah Tease – Ath

      Malachi Coleman – Ath

      Shedeur Sanders – QB – JSU

      Travis Hunter – CB/WR – JSU

      Denver Harris – CB

      Jimmy Horn – WR

      Savion Washington – OL

      Kasen Weisman – QB

      Vicari Swain – Ath

      Marcellus Marshall – OL

      Vonta Bentley – LB

      Shane Cokes – DL

      P.J. Williams – OL

      Ray Davis – RB

      Logan Brantley – LB/S

      Taijh Alston – DL

      Carter Stoutmire – DB

      Isaiah Jatta – OL (Junior College)

      Kole Taylor – TE

      Kevin Coleman – WR – JSU

      Shilo Sanders – DB

    1. When I checked yesterday, CU was tied with Arizona State in the “Transfer Portal Rankings”, at No. 16 in the nation. ASU had 15 transfers, CU had four.

        1. Why bother to follow these rankings on a minute by minute basis? It only matters when the process is complete. And even then it doesn’t really matter until they get on the field and play. It is fun to watch, but ultimately it only matters if there are wins, and those don’t start until September 2023.

          1. aaah earache skank hunt


            it reminds me of your hatred for Mac and your love for wackymacky

            dark and real

        2. ASU is currently 13th, with 15 commits
          CU is currently 14th, with 6 commits
          We’ll check back in a few weeks, when CU has 15 transfer commits …

  3. Wow
    We beat out Georgia, FL State and the corn cobs along with a host of others including the A&M money machine for Hopkins. So we do have some flash with him and Edwards.
    Good numbers on the O line. The JC guys are going to have to adjust but it looks considerably better than last year right now.
    I know I know….how could it look worse?

  4. Stu, you got your ears to the ground for that corner who’d committed to Miami that Deion called this morning, who now “may” delay his signing?

    Go Buffs

    1. Nothing is likely to happen today. He may not sign until February.
      Puts CU in the running for a five-star cornerback … but he’ll be getting plenty of attention until he signs.

        1. I’d love to, but two problems: 1) my pennies in the pond won’t do much, and 2) I still can’t get my head around how “sponsoring” 17-22yr olds who’ve never had to finance real estate, and probably won’t for five or ten years, is going to help my business grow. I’ve brought up the same question to NIL inquiries, and nobody’s had the answer to that yet, either, or I might give it a shot. That’s a big reason why we don’t advertise, beyond charitable type donations. Mortgage advertising is more about branding than direct response because who doesn’t know a lender already? Repeat and referral business is how we grow.

          Go Buffs

          1. as an apparent Buff fan I am shocked that you moneybags wouldnt just consider it a contribution to the progam.
            Go away Buffs
            scrooges always appear around christmas

      1. welp i guess the day was successfully started for prime

        should be a large pop in transfers right?

        that’s the plan supposedly both graduate and undergraduate

        25 recruits with what 15 to get
        a little higher than the plan

        so what do ya figure he will have in scholarships? about 120 on scholarships and have to cut 35?


        you are going to be a busy man

        aren’t ya glad you didn’t shut down


        go buff

        ranked 50 th is reality

  5. I’m thinking some may take longer than Coach Prime had time to deal with, there are a lot of things to look at and add in NIL and it could take some time to line up things for a couple of the recruits and we may see some wait until the next signing day.

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