The (Pre-Signing Day) Ticker

The Ticker, a mainstay of the CU at the Game Signing Day coverage, will make its debut at 6:30 a.m., MT, this Wednesday, December 21st, as we get you through Coach Prime’s first Signing Day at Colorado.

In the meantime, Buff fans have some serious internet watching to do, as multiple high school and Transfer Portal recruits will be making their preferences known. While there will be profile updates under the “Recruiting Class of 2023” or the “Transfer Portal Tracker”, as appropriate, I thought I would also give you a one-stop banner for when you only have a minute or two to catch up on the latest.

In addition, I am going to run a personal “Emotional Tracker”, my thoughts on the Class as it takes shape. Coach Prime said this weekend would be the “biggest recruiting weekend in CU history”, and that he is “a closer”.

All true? Let’s find out …

Sunday, 2:30 p.m., MT … All quiet. You’d at least think we’d get confirmation that Coach Prime has secured commitments from his two sons. Yes, it’s a given, but it would be nice to have something positive for the Buff Nation today. Hell, this weekend Arizona picked up commitments from a four-star wide receiver, a three-star wide receiver and a three-star defensive back. No doubt, this weekend CU hosted the best assemblage of recruiting talent the Buff Nation has seen in a generation. Coach Prime says he is a “great closer”. Let’s hope that proves to be the case now that he is the coach in Boulder … Emotional Meter: One Star

Sunday, 1:00 p.m., MT … Bio for new commit Kofi Taylor-Barrocks added to the “Recruiting Class of 2023” banner. A solid pickup, but not a commitment which will send shockwaves through the Pac-12. Kind of disappointed that I had time to be able to put together his bio. Sigh … Emotional Meter: One Star

Sunday, 12:30 p.m., MT … Still pretty quiet. Glad to have two commits on the board, but, if we’re being honest, these are the type of three-star commits Colorado has been receiving for the past decade. If the Buffs want to be better on the field under the new coaching staff, the Buff Nation will be hoping for better news in the hours and days to come … Emotional Meter: One Star

Sunday, 11:30 a.m., MT … Commitment from one I didn’t have on my list. Three-star 2023 linebacker Kofi Taylor-Barrocks has committed to Colorado. The 6-foot-3 recruit from the NFL Academy in London, England recently backed off his previous commitment to Jackson State. Michigan State, Ole Miss and West Virginia were other Power 5 programs that offered (I will get his bio up this afternoon).

Sunday, 11:00 a.m., MT … Okay, enough of this nonsense … Let’s get some commitments on the board! … Emotional Meter: One Star

Sunday, 10:30 a.m., MT … Guess everyone is watching the World Cup … Emotional Meter: One Star

Sunday, 10:00 a.m., MT … First commitment of the day, West Virginia defensive lineman Taijh Alston joins the Herd (see bio under “Transfer Portal Tracker”)

Sunday, 9:30 a.m., MT … Nada. And to think I stayed up late and got up early for this … Emotional Meter: One-star

Sunday, 9:00 a.m., MT … All quiet. Prospects sleeping in? Waiting to meet in person with Coach Prime? Going to make a mass announcement of commitments? Emotional Meter: One-star

Sunday, 8:30 a.m., MT … Still nothing. Coach Prime is awake and sending out tweets, but nothing from any recruits. Emotional Meter: One-star

Sunday, 8:00 a.m., MT … Crickets. There have been tweets about how decked out the Champions Center was made for the weekend, and tweets from recruits and recruiting services about the talent who are in town for the weekend, but no commitments have been announced. Shadeur and Shilo Sanders have entered the Transfer Portal, and their commitments are a given. Otherwise, we’re just waiting. Emotional Meter: One-star


Emotional Meter

  • One-star … Despondent … The hype train turned out to be just that, hype. Many quality recruits came to Boulder, but far too few will be wearing the black-and-gold next fall;
  • Two-stars … Disappointed … Some commitments. Certainly better recruits than Colorado is used to seeing, but not enough to make the Buffs competitive. Here’s hoping the Transfer Portal and the second Signing Day in February prove more fruitful;
  • Three-stars … Satisfied … A number of quality recruits are coming to Boulder. Coach Prime has shown that he can bring talent to Boulder. He will just need more than two weeks to fill out the roster;
  • Four-stars … Excited … Break out the record books, as this is going to be one of the most decorated Classes in CU Recruiting history. There were a few stars which got away, but the precedent has been set. Coach Prime is a closer, and the future is bright;
  • Five-stars … Ecstatic … Are you freakin’ kidding me? The 2023 roster will be one of the most talented in memory, and the Buffs will not only be competing next fall, but there is no limit to what this program can achieve!


15 Replies to “The (Pre-Signing Day) Ticker”

  1. Gotta like the ILB and OT transfer commits….. I am thinking at least 2 stars and if we hadn’t known we would get Shedeur as soon as Coach Prime came I would be at least a 3.

  2. If I were Hunter I’d shop around. He can probably get a bunch of offers with a lot of NIL money. CU probably has the inside track. People expecting Optimus Prime to turn 20 years of $hit around in one year are being unrealistic. I’d be happy with 7-8 wins including over the Cornholers and lambs of FoCo. And a bowl win.

  3. Wish there was more action, especially for you Stuart. I know I checked here at least 25 times yesterday
    Hoping WED is the day, but have a feel that Feb 1st will have the biggest star power.

  4. I know its early Stuart but even if all we are getting are recruits mildly better than previous, other teams have been winning with them. We will also have a serious up grade at QB…along with a huge one coaching. (I’m counting on you Lewis)

  5. Sheesh

    the 5 and 4 stars gotta have 3 stars to practice against


    This could be the year of the most silent commits ever


  6. I like the guy from England. 4.7 at Ohio State camp. 6’3” 220 as a freshman. FYI Nate ran a 4.86 at the combine and was 6’2” 238….. now a lot of Nate was his ability to read and react and I am not sure he will have that….. but still he has the physical tools…and I would expect him to get at least a smidge faster.

    1. My concern is who this guy played against in England. Wasnt England or Sweden or some place like that where Cody went to get another starting gig?

  7. There may not be much action until actual signing day. I did see a headline they have one of the top offensive line recruits in town. Hope they land him! And a handful of others.

    Go Buffs

  8. Yes, Thanks Stuart. I’m thinking the players in town have been given the tours, tours of the town, and the campus & the facilities and will be meeting with and spending time with Coach Prime today; so I’m not expecting any real news until later with most of the news coming out at the end.

    But I’ll still check back more than a few times today.

    Again Thanks Stuart.

  9. Love your commitment to CU as usual Stuart you are consistently there for Buffs near & far! Thank you for being our eyes & ears through these , hopefully rebuilding the glory days

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