CU At The Game Podcast – Mailbag Episode: Coach Prime at the Super Bowl/Pac-12 Media Rights Debacle/Transfer Portal Rankings

Welcome to our first Mailbag of the 2023 season. As we navigate the brief respite between the end of the Recruiting cycle and the start of spring practices, I am joined by Brad Geiger to answer some of your questions (If you have a question, comment or concern, just drop me a note at

Questions for this episode:

– Coach Prime took a few moments during the NFL Awards show to “recruit”. Were his comments appropriate for the venue? Does his comment, “We don’t have no NIL money, either, by the way” come across as an admission that CU won’t be able to compete with the big boys, or is it a shrewd ploy to turn the NIL issue on its head?;

– What’s up with the Pac-12 media deal? Is the Pac-12 destined to have a disappointing payout?;

– What do you think of the possibility of San Diego State and SMU joining the Pac-12? A good deal, or a desperate move which will be mocked (trading the LA schools for two G-5 schools)?;

– Are we getting over-hyped on all the transfers? Only five of the 25 CU transfer players are blue-chip recruits, which means the other 20 are three-star players. Didn’t CU just jettison 20-25 three-star players? Is CU really that much better off?; and

– What do you make of the demand for spring game tickets (over 27,000 sold)? Why all of the hype for a glorified scrimmage? Are Buff fans getting ahead of themselves here, or is this proof that CU is a “sleeping giant”?

How would you answer these questions? Will you agree with our responses? …

… Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Mailbag Episode”

  1. The Pac 12 needs to split out basketball rights from the football rights and sell them separately. That would open up adding teams like Gonzaga that would be valuable basketball only members.
    We keep hearing over and over again about how basketball is an afterthought and is undervalued within the TV value. There is no law that says you need to sell rights to all of your sports as 1 bundle. Or even have all schools in every sport.
    Create the Pac 12 Basketball brand and now you can re-approach other media outlets like TBS and TNT, etc.

  2. Hey Guys, nice podcast. It’s not like I know anything, but I would take anything Coach Prime says about not having NIL $$ with a grain of salt. Also, spring ball will be different. Last year seemed to be about the starters recovering from or otherwise preventing injuries. This spring I think will be about trying out to make the team — and getting rid of those that don’t.

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