CU At The Game Podcast – Spring Game Recap / Prime Cuts: Making Sense of CU’s Drastic Roster Overhaul

It’s been a week to remember for CU and its fans. I am joined by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we have plenty to discuss. Coach Prime and the Buffs played before a sell out crowd of 47,277 and over a half million viewers on ESPN at the CU Spring Game, giving the Buff Nation, recruits, and the college football world a two-hour infomercial promoting Colorado football.

That story would have been enough for us to cover, but Coach Prime quickly out-staged even himself as the Transfer Portal has been flooded with now former Buffs. Only a dozen or so scholarship Buffs remain from the 2022 roster, with over three dozen players entering the Transfer Portal in the span of just a few days after the Spring Game.

Did CU handle the roster overhaul properly, and did the unprecedented loss of players put a tarnish on an otherwise golden weekend for the program? … Should Buff fans have been surprised by the moves, considering this is what Coach Prime has been saying all along that this was what was coming? … Are there enough quality players in the Portal to give CU a Power Five worthy lineup come August 1st? … Or, will CU coaches come to regret cutting dozens of players from the current roster? …

… Let’s find out …

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One Reply to “CUATG Podcast: Spring Game Recap / Prime Cuts: CU’s Drastic Roster Overhaul”

  1. I wonder if Gustav or Fauria are going to take the scholarship and medically retire? I am really surprised more of these kids did not do that…. I am surprised those 2 still made the team.
    It’s clear MLC has something in the works….. He was hanging out with Sanders on one of the YouTube videos.
    I was a bit stunned by the depth of the purge. I agree Sanders said he would do this, but man the depth of it…. I really appreciate the research you have done on the transfer portal to reflect that replacing is not going to be too hard. I am a bit nervous that we’re are not getting a flood of recruits in right now but that might be Sanders showmanship coming through? Maybe they are waiting for the transfer portal to close so they make sure they are not missing out?

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