CU At The Game Podcast – The First 100 Days of the Prime Era at CU; Notes and Quotes from Spring Ball

The first 100 days of the Coach Prime era at the University of Colorado are in the books, and have already given Buff fans the most exciting off-season in memory. I am joined for this episode by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we discuss how Deion Sanders is changing the Buff program, and how he has quickly reversed the national perception of Colorado football.

We then turn our attention to the opening of spring football in Boulder. With access to practices significantly increased from years past, there is plenty of fodder for discussion. In addition to reports from the video room, there are quotes to dissect from, amongst others, Coach Prime, offensive coordinator Sean Lewis and defensive coordinator Charles Kelly.

So … Should Travis Hunter be spending time this spring as a wide receiver instead of focusing on the cornerback position? Is offensive line coach Bill O’Boyle’s pessimism cause for concern – or is it just coach speak? With Coach Prime indicating CU is far from done in the Transfer Portal, which units are most likely to be an area of focus when the Portal reopens? What will a sold out Folsom Field for the spring game mean to players who may not be on the roster come August?

… Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: The First 100 Days of the Prime Era; Notes and Quotes from Spring Ball”

  1. Stuart your podcast is informative however it is very annoying that advertisements are seemingly dropped randomly into the commentary and it is not clear if content is missed. This makes the podcast close to unlistenable. Whoever is sponsoring you is doing you and themselves a disservice because it is maddening to listen to and I won’t be buying whatever they may be selling. I recommend that you listen to the No Agenda podcast. They have a value for value model where they get donations from listeners based on what the listener values the content. It is quite successful and I’m guessing you’ll get plenty of donations with this model.

    1. Where are you listening to the podcast, 83? When I listen, I just do it here, and there are no ads, at least that I’ve ever heard. May be inserted on/by whatever platform you use?

      Go Buffs

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