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CU At The Game Podcast – May Mailbag Episode: CU v. The World

This is Stuart Whitehair, publisher and editor for the CU at the Game website, and your host for the CU at the Game podcast.

Welcome to our May Mailbag edition. I am joined for this episode by Brad Geiger, and we go through your questions about college football in general, and your Colorado Buffaloes in particular.

Included in this mailbag episode …

– An article in The Athletic took Coach Prime and CU to task for dismantling the roster they inherited, quoting unhappy players who left the program. But looking at where the castoffs landed, can an argument be made that Colorado did what was necessary, considering the status of the roster?;

– Even if the roster moves were justified, should Coach Prime and Shedeur Sanders have keep quiet, instead of instigating a firestorm on social media?;

– At every opportunity, Coach Prime indicates that he loves CU and Boulder, and has no intentions of leaving after the 2024 season. Are you convinced Deion Sanders will be CU’s head coach in 2025?;

– What are your feelings about the current state of the roster? Did CU fill the holes in the lineup along the offensive and defensive lines, and at linebacker?;

– If the House case will take some $2.7 billion dollars to settle, will CU be able to one of the programs able to withstand the financial burden of remaining in the top tier of college football?; and

– (A really good question, when you stop to think about it) … If you had the choice between being a fan of a perennial contender (e.g., Ohio State; Georgia) or a team which is usually average, but occasionally jumps into the national spotlight (e.g., CU in 2016; TCU in 2022), which program would you choose to support?

Let’s find out …

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4 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: May Mailbag – CU v. The World”

  1. The podcast misses the mark for me.
    Brad’s commentary along the lines that coaches have always been moving players out may be right. However, the bylaw that allows new coaches to cut ( for first 18th months was not on the books until the last decade, and then the waiver of incoming limits (25 + 7) happened last year, and the one-time transfer rule was dropped (even Lincoln Riley was constrained by incoming roster limit). Regarding only 14 (15 if you count Roddick) transfer to P5. What is the baserate of P5 program transfers landing in P5? It was something like 30% according to a report prior to last season. What percentage of this year’s transfers (~39) are going to land in P5 programs? One contributing factor is that the system still has eligibility surplus from COVID year. CU had tough schedule last year, but they had the strongest strength of schedule in FBS in 23. How many wins would CU have last year with the old roster this past season? CU would have optimized the roster by talent ratings had they retained 15/20 former players and cappped the incoming transfers to around 50. Bigger transfer/recruiting classes leads to higher churn on average. So now CU is having to use the portal more than they may have liked to replace attrition, and this will carry on. Fortunately , Prime ain’t hard to find and he will come out ahead in the roster churn and a more forgiving B12 schedule.

  2. I didn’t read the Athletic article as a hit piece, specifically because they compiled the stats to prove that the vast majority of players weren’t at the level needed. Few went to P4 programs, and fewer still were starters (and some of those are guys who left for other reasons). The article gave a voice to mostly one guy who was miffed enough to speak out negatively, but so what? Anyone thinking that guys don’t take essentially being cut personally aren’t paying attention. Most people, however, pick up and move on. – no use crying over spilt milk sort of thing.

  3. I don’t know if either was Prime’s choice. Obviously Edwards was a keeper, but used in less of a running back role. Maybe he wanted a pure RB position. He was a long time KSU recruit, and I’m sure they ponied up NIL money more than he made here. Hard to know how good McCaskill’s legs really were. Not everyone comes back from those injuries the same. I hope the young man has a great career and lives pain free. Just don’t want him to have a good day when he plays us, but hope for a great life for him. Same for Edwards, these are young kids making grown up choices they shouldn’t have to make at such a young age.

  4. Is every one sure McCaskill and Edward’s departure was all Prime’s decision? It wasn’t a combination of NIL, opposing coaches, et al, whispering in their ear not to trust a new O line and maybe seeing enough of Shurmur?

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