CU At The Game Podcast – Fixing Holes in the CU Roster: Which Units are not yet Ready for Prime Time?

This is Stuart Whitehair, publisher and editor for the CU at the Game website, and your host for the CU at the Game podcast.

I am joined for this podcast by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we are here to take a unit-by-unit look at your 2024 CU Buffs.

Tough as it may be to believe in January, what with the Transfer Portal commitments still flowing in and another Transfer Portal window coming in April, but the CU roster – as is the case for most Power Four teams – is already 80-90% complete. Yes, the CU coaching staff is still in the market for quality transfers, and yes, there will be defections at the end of spring practices, but, unlike 2023, there will not be a wholesale makeover of the roster between now and Fall Camp. What CU has right now is largely what you will see on the field this fall.

So … Which units on the CU roster can be clearly defined as having Power Four conference quality and depth? … Conversely, which units remain in serious need of upgrades? … With new transfers coming in this spring, room will have to be made on the roster to keep CU under the 85-man limit. Which units are most likely to see attrition between now and the kickoff to the season on August 31st?

Let’s find out …

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6 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Fixing Holes in the CU Roster”

    1. Agree . . . that was a little Debbie Downer. There will be more guys moving, but I like the roster build. Green was huge pick-up, as were other. I am a glass half-full guy, as I really like the guys coming in and think the roster build is definitely going to the next level. This class of transfers just has a different feel to me–bigger, more experienced, and less total unknowns. I think the recruiting staff having a year and Prime having a larger brain-trust would help with overall evaluations. HS class is small, but Seaton and the 5 others are highly ranked.

      QB–it is SS, who by looks of things is a 1st rounder. We built some depth behind him and held onto Staub for now. I like the upside of Taylor–huge guy, excellent runner, and see how he develops as a passer. He could be a swiss army knife, if they bring him in for some Wildcat or some other formations.
      Oline–a revamp with more size and better PFF rankings.
      WR– Weaver hard to replace but a ton returning, and I like the portal additions. With Russell, Miller and Sheppard coming in, they should be bigger.
      RB–we need another, but I like the 4. If Welch looks anything like Maurice Jones Drew, then look out.
      TE–we need 1-2 more, depending on Pass but if the rankings play out Meteyer should be an overall upgrade. Sounds like Smalls may be transitioning over, and per his film he has good ball skills. He was a receiver in HS!! This could be a wildcard.

      DT/Dline–I like the additions, again bigger guys with more experience. I would say it is deeper.
      OLB/Edge–we have added a ton here. Bigger and more athletic. One may go the ILB.
      ILB/LB–we probably need to find 1-2 here, but I think it will be difficult. This is a big unknown, however Kennedy and Gant were injury RS last year, and could step-up next to Bentley. Then there are the 3 RS Frosh from last year and hopefully one of them steps up.
      S/DB’s–a ton coming back and more depth/experience. McKinney is my most underrated transfer–appears that he has great tackling skills. He might shut down the slot underneath on passing downs.
      P/K. Vlasset is proven. Our FG% was not horrible last year, but it did not look good at times. We need a KO guy, unless Feeley was injured.
      PR/KR–Wester could put us on another level here in the return game.

      IMO, it is again about putting these pieces together. Prime, the OC and DC all meshing together. We do return so much more from 2022. In 247’s roster talent rankings for August 2023, we went from 63 to 36 last year. IMO, this was a little inflated last year and we were really probably in the 40’s. Also, last year was top-heavy on O (except Oline) with SS, Hunter, Horn, Weaver, Edwards, MacKaskill etc… but we return a lot of guys. I think with the final incoming group, we should be about 30 at worst, perhaps 22-25 would be an indicator of great progress. This year’s group has some nice O pieces, but is D heavy, which we needed.

      Go Buffs!!

  1. Dont like being a glass half empty
    we are going to miss Weaver.
    We are also going to miss a blocking tight end. Normally I would be shrieking about a receiving tight end but it appears coach will always be putting all his eggs in the WRs. Unless some of the youngun WRs step up….again….we will miss Weaver.
    While I am talking about blocking tight ends we do have an improvement at the O line but is it enough to keep Shedeur vertical without any help from a tight end, an absolute lack of mis direction etc etc. Last year the O line got zero help even though it was the losing elephant in the room.
    which leads me to Shurmur, who so far impresses me as a stick in the mud who the games has passed by. Maybe he will surprise me but until I’m surprised the dead beat OC’s we have been subject to since mickey mac’s fired guy from SC, Lindgren and Chev keep me skeptical.
    This is the point where earache, the coach minimizer, will break in and say “Oh what about Lindgren at OSU? Sorry that was a highly successful past QB who made that transition to head coach. I will give Lindgren a small pass while he was here because Micky Mac, a D specialist was meddling with the offense. I dont think I have to say why.
    other than that
    Get some linebackers, dammit.

      1. never was a keenum fan. He has somehow maintained a roster spot as a backup on some teams, which is hard for me to understand. Shurmur has all this NFL experience too. In language you understand, it will be “interesting” but I am not expecting much. For all Buff fans lets hope past is not prologue

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